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  1. Or Artisanal - if a bistro will pass muster. The original Bobby Van's is just down Park in the Helmsley building, although I don't recommend it.
  2. We had an excellent meal at Proof this past saturday. Highlights included an excellent cheese course - with a staff member taking the time to determine which cheeses were pasteurized and which were not, at the request of a pregnant friend. The staff apparently had not had the "pasteurized" question asked before, which is completely understandable, and went out of their way to be accomodating. We also had the burrata and speck dish along with the other cheeses - the only comment here was that the flavor of the speck overpowered the burrata. First courses were tuna tartare, gnocchi, and meatb
  3. I've been remiss about posting, but two weeks ago I had the pleasure of eating at Citronelle twice in 48 hours. Highlights from the spring menu were: Softshell crab tempura - the crab is stuffed with lump crabmeat - outstanding. Also Paella, without rice (ground calamari substitutes instead), and an amazing mosaic appetizer of seafood (hamachi - I think, scallop, and one other fish - then some beef carpaccio to round things out). While not new to the menu, the duck entree has one of the most amazing side dishes I've had all year - bascially duck confit mashed potatoes. And, as always, incredib
  4. Generally, I look at beef, wine service, sides, and service - roughly in that order. For me, Charlie Palmer Steak and BLT come out on top for DC, Rays by a landslide in VA. I think that the three above are the best combinations of quality beef, a non-corporate / offensive wine list (see Ruth's Chris / Morton's / Palm / Cap Grille). Of the chains (and I realize that BLT and CPS have more than one local), I guess I would take Cap Grille, but there is no uniqueness there whatsoever.
  5. I don't know that the words dramatic and Harold belong in the same sentence - I think he's clearly the most talented chef of the two seasons to this point, and likely the most mature as well. I actually think Lee Ann would have fared better in season two - no doubt she would have beaten Andy Nusser Jr. (oops, Ilan) and Marcel...Ilan has no range whatsoever, as shown in the reunion challenge.
  6. Having driven by Granville Moore's recently, I can tell you that mid-June seems very optimistic for an opening date. That strip of H street is getting better all the time, though - especially now that the Pug, Palace of Wonders, and Red&Black are all open.
  7. As nice as this might be, times have changed, the cost of space has risen, as has the amount of competition. As much as I was always annoyed with the hordes descending upon Eastern Market on the weekend from other neighborhoods (and -gasp- Maryland and Virginia) from a crowd perspective - those folks keep the market going too, and are no less a part of the landscape than we Hill residents. If more people want to check out how neat Eastern Market was, and will be again, I think that's wonderful. Crowds, illegal parking, confused driving and all.
  8. Fair enough, but so long as the outside vendors (who took up the majority of those parking spots on 7th street anyway) were given space to load in their goods and trucks (as discussed last night), I'm guessing that the real impact in terms of parking spots for folks driving in would be minimal. Of course, there's always the metro...
  9. The NY times has an article today about Eastern Market: NY Times on Eastern Market
  10. Hearing a ton of sirens last night, we walked outside to see what was going on. To say that the loss of Eastern Market is a horrible one for Hill residents is an understatment. Eastern Market would not be what it is without all of the wonderful proprietors that we have come to know and trust over the years, Mel and his family and the Canales first among them. We'll be hoping for a quick rebuild, and of course for our friends the proprietors to make it through. To me, Eastern Market was/is the best thing about living on the Hill as opposed to another less connected community.
  11. NY Times (registration required) Speaking of causes, today's New York times has an article on another individual contributing to "agricultural education" (not childhood obesity), presumably without screeching and horrendous acronyms.
  12. I had the same experience as your mom on opening day, but in my visits since then (4) the lines have been manageable. The food court has been open only sporadically due to the cold weather, though.
  13. Joe, I think that everyone will acknowledge that Roberto is an amazingly talented chef. I still remember meals we had at Laboratorio practically course for course, even ones several years ago now. However, there is a distinction between being a great chef and a great restauranteur. For all of the great meals I had at Laboratorio, I was never impressed with Galileo, and have not been impressed with Bebo, by and large. It's extremely frustrating to see so much potential in a restaurant, but have the same issues repeated over and over (service was also an issue at Galileo). With a chef of Roberto
  14. Hopefully they made an exception for both her and Sandra Lee and called the program something other than a "chefography", but I doubt it.
  15. Just returning from Philadelphia, where we ate our faces off for several days, in order to escape some home renovations. We hit Marigold, Matyson (Lunch), Morimoto, Le Bec Fin, and Tony Luke's. Marigold was excellent - we had the five course tasting menu, which I thought was a good deal at $50. Highlights included escargot, turbot in saffron sauce, and roast pork wraped in grape leaves. Having heard that Marigold has been inconsistent lately, I am happy to report that our dishes were well-executed. Our service was semi-aloof, but got the job done, wine opened and decanted, etc. Matyson: Lunc
  16. That's about the name I would expect - not much of a step up from "Sammies" and "EVOO" - blech.
  17. Greggory Hill was definitely in the kitchen when we were there on Wednesday, he came out to ask patrons how the dogs were. I'm assuming he was making sausages that day, but didn't think to ask him...
  18. Went on Wednesday afternoon, and really enjoyed the place. As to price, I found that for two people, the price ended up the same as Ben's Chili Bowl ($25.00 or so for two dogs (one uptown), two cheese fries, and two sodas). Given the nature of the 'dogs at each place, I came away thinking that M'Dawg was fairly priced, especially given the location. The hot italian sausage could have used some more heat, however.
  19. At around $40 a bottle, mailing list, I don't think that these KB's are too pricey. Either way, I'm happy with the 18 or so I am allocated. I realize that the wine may not be to everyone's style, and it is a departure from the Burgundies I also enjoy. However, KB makes a great bottle of wine, at a reasonable price. I won't stop buying wines locally and switch to all mailing list purchases - I enjoy working with wine shops to find new things I might enjoy. I think mailers serve their purpose - to distribute small production wines amongst those who most enjoy them, not as a replacement for retai
  20. I agree completely re: markup on KB when you see it at retail in DC - although it is on the list at Sonoma and Charlie Palmer Steak for a resonable amount. WesMar is available at Schneider's, FYI.I have the following allocations that I am able to share, if there is interest send me a PM: Kosta Browne Radio Coteau Copain Kutch Loring Carlisle
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