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  1. No clue, but Fabio is not staying with BR Guest, apparently.
  2. While I can't speak to clubbing, I do stay at the Setai when in Miami (three trips last year, one coming up next month). The bar at the Setai will be much more sedate than the Shore Club, and less crowded. I think that the atmosphere is "swankier" (for lack of a better term) than the Shore Club, which will be louder and more of a party scene. The two are very close together, so if one doesn't suit, just walk down two blocks (or up, if at the SC) to the other.
  3. I'll be in Montreal this Saturday (for Caps / Habs). I'm thinking of Au Pied for dinner post game, but is there anything else I should consider? Thanks.
  4. I had dinner in the lab on four occassions, spread out over several years. I always enjoyed the experience, and agree that it merited four stars. I don't think many have disputed that. The fact remains that the "restaurant" portion of Galileo had "very real" problems, including inconsistent food, and the worst service of any restaurant of its caliber in Washington. I think everyone on this board has a healthy respect for Chef Donna's talent - however there does seem to be a pattern of difficulty with regard to service, etc. when not in the Lab.
  5. Some short notes on meals up here in NYC over the past month or so... Convivio - Client dinner. Convivio is in the former L'Impero space, and was PACKED. Literally, wall to wall people. Our group ordered several dishes, standouts were the garganelli ragu, and their bistecca, which was split among our group (three orders). Pecorino potatoes were also good. Combined with a magnum of '93 Mascarello Barolo, one of the better client dinners to this point. Of note: when we left at around 11pm, people were still coming in for dinner. One side effect of the crowds was our wine service - the wine was
  6. How about Murray's? They do a cheese of the month club.Murray's
  7. That is Hubert Keller's restaurant, not Trotter's., no?
  8. Article on Rocco in today's New York Times Rocco's publicist must work overtime. My favorite part of the article - 'the “Rocco Gets Real” book (Meredith, $19.95) features recipes that often hinge on brand-name ingredients like a can of Progresso lentil soup, a jar of Heinz pork gravy or a cup of Splenda. " Ugh.
  9. Madison Bistro, 37th and Madison. Smaller than Artisanal, but excellent.
  10. Or as an argument in favor of an "Ignore User" button... Were I to open an establishment in DC (restaurant or bar), I would absolutely do so in Ward 6 or 7. These are underserved areas in my opinion (ward 6 is still underserved, I think), and currently support several independently owned establishments. As a Ward 6 resident when not in NYC, I'd personally like the idea of having a business in my own community. The Joe Englert H Street model is a good one. Additionally, cost per sq. foot has to be lower than the surrounding areas in DC.
  11. Grand Mart has been known to carry them, as does Union Meat at Eastern Market, or Wagshal's. There is also a butcher in McLean (the organic butcher, maybe) that carries them.
  12. Mark and Orlando's? Not as far as 15Ria or Nage, I don't think.
  13. That's the opinion of some of my friends, not me. Anyway - the pessimist in me says that there's no chance that the city will be able to handle the crowds - much less the clean-up required each day. But, hope springs eternal.
  14. I agree that it's our duty to shake these people down. This council decision has inspired a huge email chain among my friends, 99% of whom live in the district. So far opinions seem to be in one of three camps - "we have to deal with suburban a-holes all weekend and now this" (adams morgan / Logan Circle, mostly), "wow, cool, whatever" (all other areas of the city represented), and "sweet! bender!" (also all other areas of the city). Me, I'm just sad to miss it!
  15. Bummer. Hopefully some kinks will have been worked out by Dec. 11th - back in DC for a night and the Jockey Club was selected for a group dinner...
  16. The show wasn't awful...I saw one episode (the one shot on an island in Maine), only because we spend summers at the location and it was nice to see familiar faces. That said, I would like to see actual chefs like Chef Simon on the Food Network more often than not. That guy is too close to the caricatures that are Guy Fieri, Sandra Lee, and RR for me to stomach.
  17. I don't think that very many of the misfits that "won" the Next Food Network Star have made it onto the Food Network, but they are bringing back the guy from Dinner:Impossible. Ridiculous. Click
  18. Since I'm still up here in NYC I haven't been yet, but my neighbors on the Hill have enjoyed it. It's at 11th and H. Taylor Website (In Progress) It's distinctly Philly themed, I'm told.
  19. Definitely no seating. Just a storefront, with MPD cars triple parked out front - that's the best way to determine if they are open. Sandwiches are ok - decent meatball sub. Not worth a special trip, IMO.
  20. That's good to hear. We've been to a few places in the past week or so ( iTrulli x2, Park Ave. Autumn, Quality Meats) and all have been packed. I hope this trend continues in DC (as well as up here in NYC)!
  21. Yes. I'm guessing that the pinot grigio was $13/glass or so? Ugh.Note, I don't have any problem paying $13/glass of wine that I enjoy, is unique, or otherwise different, but the "modestly appointed" line in your first post leads me to believe that you're getting a pretty standard wine.
  22. Maybe, but have you seen prior seasons? The prior winners and finalists (excepting Ilan) had / have serious chops and are excellent chefs.
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