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  1. I think that GoFundMe is the best platform. A friend of mine started a GoFundMe for a valued member of our community and it really took off...as you can see: https://www.gofundme.com/f/sam-coleman
  2. I've been to Luger's countless times over the years and agree on the decline, which seemed particularly steep post-2005 or so. I think that there are three factors at play here - first, the experience is no longer singular. Plenty of spots in Manhattan offering similar approaches to the Porterhouse, if not the atmosphere. Second, the steakhouse has evolved significantly over the years - remember Charlie Palmer Steak when Bryan Voltaggio was there? Steak wasn't even the main draw, arguably. As Bob stated, fish is a huge focus in steakhouses now, as are more interesting, less indifferently cooke
  3. I tried one during the first run. It was pretty good for a fast food chicken sandwich. I've only had chic fil a once, so can't really compare the two, though.
  4. Great atmosphere over the past three games... the results, not so much. Saw a lot that I've never seen before in my section - two women were removed for flashing Gerritt Cole, some Maga guys got into an argument with veterans on two consecutive nights (different veterans), and few of the usual suspects in my section in attendance. I was really impressed with the Delta Club service for the series - my first beer each night was given in a commemorative cup. They were happy to provide other commemorative cups if asked, as well. Some may figure it's the least they can do given several years with t
  5. I was there. Halfway up Section C. Incredible game. Looking forward to the Series, and was very happy to see Mark Lerner acknowledge the DeWitt family from the podium after the game. Very nice to call out one of the best families in baseball. Also interesting that the Nats won the penant right before Bryce's Birthday...
  6. Bourdain's property being auctioned to support scholarships at CIA... https://www.igavelauctions.com/auctions/property-from-the-collection-of-anthony-bourdain
  7. Far below market for an MVP- level third baseman, as the Arenado contract shows. At least the deferrals were mimimal - credit to the Nats for that. The only team more interested in deferring money than the Nats was the NY Mets...how has that worked out?
  8. The omission of 2 Amy's in the sense that it merits a *? Don't follow that, and 2 Amy's is one of my favorite restaurants. Bib Gourmand, for sure though.
  9. Leaving politics aside, I can say that as a former patron of Mirabelle when Chef Ruta was there, and a current patron under the new regime, I am unlikely to return based on what I've read thus far, though am open to hearing more about what sounds like a potentially nuanced situation. I've no axe to grind with Hakhan Ilhan, but this makes two of his places I won't patronize (the other being Al Dente, for obvious reasons).
  10. Specific to Northern VA:, and in no particular order: DC Prime (Ashburn) Randy's Prime (Tysons) - new, and GAR so will have it's proponents... and detractors Capital Grille (Tysons) - hit or miss for me, but good service Palm (Tysons) - maybe the "best" of the bunch - in particular, Smitty is a great bartender and the bar is always lively/ fun. Eddie V's (Tysons) - sleeper. Good Ohio based chain.
  11. An Ovi retirement will definitely be interesting. The Caps have had franchise-defining players before (Langway, Oates, Kolzig, etc), but never a generational talent, or best player in the game until Ovi. I could see there being a short-term hit to ticket sales - how much depends on how many Caps fans are hockey fans, or Ovi fans exclusively. I'd bet on the former though admittedly hadn't considered it until your post. The reasonable assessment of Rendon's contract status and responsible parties is much appreciated.
  12. Well, he's an agent who has to try and get his clients the most money possible over a finite career, so... Boras isn't driving MLB attendance, stadium/ tv revenue, or doing anything than representing his players to a set of owners/ GM's. Did Scott Boras also somehow create Prince Fielder's degenerative neck injury? Is it somehow Boras's fault that MLB contracts are guaranteed (though insurance picks up Prince's salary now)? Would you prefer a system like the NFL's, where a player can be cut and have remaining contract years voided for nearly any reason - including injury? Sur
  13. You mean just like Boras did with Stephen Strasburg? Assuming you've paid no attention to Anthony Rendon's actions in the community throughout his tenure with the Nats - if you had you'd realize that he's deeply committed to fans, the game, and the DC area - all with Boras as his agent. Shocking, eh? I think most understand the need to maximize their earnings, regardless of occupation. Would love to see an example of a player who has suffered reputation damage solely from their choice of agent (in baseball - pretty clear that Ricky Williams suffered for having Master P as his agent).
  14. Wow - that's a lot of travel! I peaked at 210 nights in 2016, which I do not hope to repeat. Had several 100 night + years as well, but the initial invitation was based on revenue. I hear you re: Ambassador - I got use out of the Ambassador with two things - issues with billing, stays and point credit, and for family travel - primarily pre-booking connecting rooms/ suites. Of the two, I found delegating the follow-up items most useful. Since I switched to Four Seasons I have found that they have a similar program with enough nights/ revenue..
  15. The 3% covered/ created the Ambassador program back in the SPG days, which existed for at least three years prior to being published with stay criteria. There are a slew of 100-200 night customers, but the ones in NY, SF, LA, etc really drive revenue. A back of the envelope calc on my highest travel year in those days put me at around $90k in room revenue, pre taxes. I was in the second Ambassador invite wave when unpublished and continued until the merger. Are you still Lifetime Titanium, or back to lifetime platinum? I grandfathered into Lifetime Titanium but seems as though it's now just li
  16. www.envoyerfinewines.com I wouldn't ship now, though. Best to wait for (much) cooler weather. That said, I'm sure the you can also treat yourself at Schneider's, Bassin's (MacArthur), or Weygandt in Cleveland Park.
  17. This whole “bonvoy member” thing is misplaced - joining a free program doesn’t get you much, and shouldn’t. IIRC, More than 50% of Marriott’s earnings are driven by the top 3% of customers - that’s who they cater to. SPG was marginally better, but regardless the deck is stacked toward those who spend many nights at affiliated properties.
  18. Doesn’t matter at all. Hotel chains don’t care about points - chains care about nights at their brand. If you travel frequently, stick to one hotel chain.
  19. Sorry, but I lol’ed - this is sad, and probably happens all the time. Bonvoy Gold can request late check out (best to do so at check in) and Bonvoy Platinums are guaranteed late check out. Otherwise you can be SOL depending on the property.
  20. Effective 9/14, point redemptions will now be grouped into three categories - low, mid, and high season. The devaluation continues. After close to 1000 nights in Starwood brands, it’s a bit surprising to me how little I miss them. Zero time to be Bonvoyed.
  21. I was at the bar again last night. Cacio e Pepe and sirloin were great and the ‘01 Marcarini Brunate was both fantastic and an incredible deal. Be back next week!
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