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  1. Her opinion of Chez Panisse is spot on. Alice Waters was running a coffee house until Jeremiah Tower came to town. Of course, she plagiarized everything he did, but somehow that fact has been lost to time...
  2. Great meal at the bar last night. Enjoyed an '84 Laurel Glen cab with the meatballs, crab fettuccine, and an order of burrata. Was thinking of ordering a main but the half portion of pasta was pretty darn big! Was very pleased to see an almost completely full bar. May head in again tonight if the Nats are rained out! Sad we didn't get to the Grotto more often.
  3. Funny enough, I was at the Grill last Monday with a couple of clients. The room remains beautiful, and was about 3/4 full at 8 on a Monday (in August), which is a pretty solid turnout in my estimation. I didn't experience any of the service issues that Eric did above, thankfully, but do wonder if the waiter who said "Ya Good" came from Carbone, where things are a bit more shtick-y. Our group had crab gumbo to start (x3) - our waiter talked me into it, as I'd planned on the scallop and snail fricassee. My clients loved the gumbo - I thought the seasoning was too assertive (which I realize
  4. Well said. There is a free app called Splitwise that will easily split a check any number of ways. May prove useful in this instance.
  5. Oh my God - 30 separate checks and notoriously cheap coworkers!?!?!? Best of luck. Seriously, how about Masala Art? Mi Vida?
  6. Yep! Shriver was saying that she was glad that a woman was chosen to serve as chair umpire as a woman would better understand the emotions expressed on court. Huh?!?!
  7. That was a very nice and gracious interview. Really appreciated it. I did find Pam Shriver’s commentary on the chair umpire selection odd, though.
  8. I also had bet on Halep, but didn’t expect essentially a flawless performance. 3 unforced errors all match. 3! Amazing.
  9. Don't know about everyone else, but I still think about it every so often. Was an interesting spot, for sure. Was also thinking about Signatures the other day!
  10. As I was saying... https://www.espn.com/tennis/story/_/id/27147192/halep-halts-gauff-wimbledon-run-4th-round There are levels to this - but absolutely no shame in not being ready for the top level at 15! Coco performed so well and has a ton to be proud of.
  11. Me too. Being called a “pusher” was one of the highest insults you could face back in the day. Wonder if that’s still the case? A brilliant strategy would have been to either drop Hercog and draw her into net, where she was visibly uncomfortable, or loop forehand or backhands deep (not overhitting) and coming in behind a few of them. Instead they played like 3.0s do. I played my weekly doubles round robin this am. It’s a rotating group but this week included two D-1 singles players, two open level players (one 40 and one 50ish), two club pros, me and a buddy. The unanimous consensus
  12. 377 weeks at no 1 and 8 Wimbledon titles (7 singles, 1 doubles), for a start... The issue for me was that Hercog wasn’t getting backhands sliced deep into the corners - at least not consistently. The vast majority of ground strokes were bouncing within a foot of the service line. Gauff could have hit an approach, or rolled over a two handed backhand into the opposite corner, pushing Hercog back. She did neither, so instead we saw back and forth chips for 30 shots in a row. Again, the match was riveting, but if anyone came away thinking that was high level tennis they saw a vastly dif
  13. Both players had a lot to lose by definition - it’s a grand slam. The match was riveting, but poorly played. Simple chip forehand returns went unchallenged. Long backhand slice to backhand slice rallies where balls floated as if a 3.5 hit them (nothing wicked at all), and a general fear of taking an angle or coming to net, though that was Hercog. And then there were the slice forehands from both, which were the same quality you’d see in a good high school or college match. Not approach shots, mind you, but generic floating slices. Hercog has a good forehand and a serve, but
  14. Enjoying the Gauff/ Hercog match for the competition, but honestly can’t remember a lesser quality of play in the third round of a grand slam. ETA: what an impressive young woman. Really appreciated her signing autographs, engaging with fans etc. after the match.
  15. Was just thinking about Joe H. Where did he go? Didn't always agree with him, but he always had an interesting opinion.
  16. I wonder if they have changed the waiting list reservation policy. We have been on the waiting list for several dates and have had emails letting us know a time had opened up, but alas have never been successful in getting through early enough to snag the table. Anyway, glad you had a great experience and we will keep trying! Apparently I am not alone in my plight!
  17. At Le Bernardin, the tasting menu includes cheese or dessert at $225 (chef's tasting) or $187 (regular tasting). Wine parings round up to $370 (chef's) and $282 (regular). I think the food and service are better than the inn. Of course, like Charleston, Le Bernardin is nowhere near the Inn, and is a fundamentally different restaurant, so...
  18. I'm 5-10 years older than you and would say that maybe the inn isn't to your taste, and that's fine. You aren't missing anything if you can find experiences that you are interested in and value more - which is a good thing! FWIW, I enjoy the inn - though the decor in the dining room is a bit much for me - I wouldn't necessarily call it dated - just a very defined point of view that isn't my own. The Claiborne House, as Don mentioned, is more my speed of interior design, and quite a bit lighter. I'm interested in traditional fine dining, and have done Noma, among others in that vein.
  19. She makes it difficult. Her talent is undeniable, but she's a supreme front-runner, with a rapidly deteriorating attitude. The NCAA's were on last week. Watching the men and women play for their schools was a study in sportsmanship, for the most part. Serena could learn a lot by watching them and their attitudes (and by watching the men - anyone in the round of 16 would beat her pretty handily and most won't crack the ATP top 250).
  20. I hear you - I still remember being offered still or sparkling water at Il Laboratorio and being annoyed at a rather arbitrary water charge at the end of the evening (all bottles were shared among tables - I guess the charge was split?). Last month we could pick however many cheeses. Would be a bummer if that's changed, or not consistently applied. Cameron was much less engaging on our last trip, though. Maybe having an off night.
  21. Should have gone to La Casita last night. Had a serviceable half smoke from Ben's instead. I do love the fact that apple pay has become so prevalent at the stadium - I think concession lines are noticeably faster.
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