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  1. Those sandwiches had better be outrageously good at $18-22 a pop (significantly more than, e.g., the $14 for Huntley Skinker's delicious concoctions at Reveler's Hour). They do look yummy, though.
  2. Nope. That local Silvery Spring paper misreported it: Eater's "rankings" are not quality-based but north-to-south. There are 14 restaurants cited--basically all those you'd expect. https://dc.eater.com/maps/best-ethiopian-restaurants-dc-map
  3. I don't think it's necessary to bash Jeni's ("crap"? really?) in order to exclaim the virtues of Happy Gyro's extraordinary desserts. I think some Jeni's flavors are very good, albeit overpriced. For $10 (rather than $15), I'd almost always opt for Reveler's Hour or 2 Amys ice creams, but Jeni's is easier to find at many retail shops.
  4. Last night: White pizza with cotechino-spiced kabocha squash, arugula & egg; Lamb souvlaki; Fig salad; Sweet potato, orzo & corn Salad; grilled kabocha squash with lime yogurt, hazelnut-garum vinaigrette, scallions, anchovy, nuts and dairy; Sesame ice cream with shortbread & sungold honey; Beeswax ice cream & cashew brittle. All great. The grilled squash was the biggest surprise.
  5. Reveler's is now offering for carry-out ice cream/sorbet/gelato made by pastry chef Annie Coleman. They're truly scrumptious. Now you have (at least) three options for great restaurant ice cream: Reveler's, 2 Amys and Happy Gyro! It's the only upside of what COVID has wrought.
  6. You mean if smokey actually makes the 1400-mile round trip to grab some potstickers and spicy cukes--only then should she write to Debbie w/her appreciation? 😉
  7. Taro is reopened for carry-out only and ... well, it's far better sushi than any other I've had during COVID. Not cheap, of course, but not absurd (or NYC-level) prices, either. We had both the Bara Chirashi ($24) and Jo Chirashi ($38). The latter has better and more important cuts (a rich tuna/uni), but the Bara has considerably more food, and it's as great as it's always been (somewhere upthread above I've raved that it's one of my favorite DC lunches). There's a lot to experiment with on the menu, too.
  8. Just to be clear: That's Alinea, not Makan.
  9. Not having made it to Albi before COVID, we finally got carry-out last night--the whole bass dinner. Absolutely delicious. And a very generous series of dishes for the price ($35/person plus 30% tip & tax). The Levantine Old-Fashioned was also fantastic--and a good deal ($20 for what amounted to three drinks). GRILLED BLACK BASS-- MD crab + blistered tomato + corn butter --wood-fired pitabeiruti-style hummus pea-hini + harissa + grilled onions tomato + melon fattoush -- sumac + smoky labne tabouli -- heirloom tomato + a lot of parsley & mint burnt cinnamon cookies -- brown butter + sea salt lebanese olive oil cake -- blueberries + lemon + mint oil (there was a light cucumber dish in there, too)
  10. Head's up: RH reopening Friday for service -- prix fixe ($45 plus tax and 22% service fee + beverages for choice of three options for each course). If anyone is going to be able to pull this off safely, responsibly and deliciously, Jill, Jon and Bill surely will. Check out their plan on the website.
  11. Interesting, thanks. I've never been (too far) but am tempted. After tonight they're moving to a few indoor seatings and a $48 bento-ish takeout.
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