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  1. Anybody have recommendations on good Andouille sausage available around DC/suburban MD?
  2. Ren's and Daikaya source their ramen from the same company, Nishiyama Seimen Company, Sapporo, Japan.
  3. Just received an e-mail from Ren's Ramen. They're reopening in Wheaton on Wednesday, June 1. New location: 11403 Amherst Ave., Wheaton, MD 20902 Business hours: Mon - Sat 11:30am - 3:00pm ( Lunch) 3:00pm - 10:00pm ( Dinner) Sun 11:30am - 3:00pm ( Lunch) 3:00pm - 9:30pm ( Dinner) Closed every second and third Tuesday of the month.
  4. The wife and I stopped by for dinner last night. Split an Insalata Mista -- good but nothing special. Ordered two pizzas: a Marco and an Americana. Both had a nice char on the their flavorful crusts and were topped with high quality ingredients, especially the tomato sauce. Service was great but that was possibly due to the folks seated at the two-top next to us -- Tom Sietsema and Mark Furstenberg. All in all, a nice meal, especially with the pies at half price. We'll be back.
  5. About $10 for a basic bowl of ramen. With optional add-ons--extra pork, egg, corn, butter, etc,--you're looking at $15+ for a bowl.
  6. The ONLY decent place in D.C. and environs for a steaming, hot bowl of goodness is Ren's Ramen inside Daruma Market in Bethesda. It's a bit pricey, though. One thing -- stay away from the roasted pork. It's a little on the tough side. Instead, opt for the stewed fatty pork.
  7. The wait for good ramen in D.C. and environs has finally ended: Ren's Ramen has opened inside of Daruma Japanese Market in Bethesda, serving up steaming hot bowls of Hokkaido style goodness. Ren's has taken over Daruma's seating area and, it looks like, part of its kitchen. The wife, Japanese, had the miso ramen, which she declared very good. I tried the pork shio ramen, including extra pork, which had a very good, rich broth. The pork was a little disappointing, though -- not too tender. They also have vegetable shio ramen and shoyu ramen, as well as gyoza. The noodles are fresh -- froz
  8. My wife -- Japanese -- and I have been searching for the past three years with no success. The closest decent ramen is in Edgewater, NJ, at Santouka Ramen, in the Mitsuwa Market Place food court. Daruma's ramen blows, as does Temari's.
  9. I walked by the location about a week ago. Still no where close to opening.
  10. A B&Js opened in Reston Town Center a little over a year ago.
  11. Opinions, please, from the peanut gallery on Old Hickory Grille in Burtonsville. Any standouts? What should I avoid? Thanks.
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