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  1. If your there in the evening or weekend, try the Prime Rib, damn good!
  2. I've been Smoking, then cooling, then thick slicing and frying Pork Belly for over a year...it's extremely popular here. I also do a Mac and Cheese with Pork Belly and a grilled Cheese and Pork Belly on Mac and Cheese sandwich.
  3. We have a very odd way to order/pay for "to go" here...You order at the front counter, the waitstaffer who took your order, gets it together, you pay her, she makes change, gives you your order, you leave. I know it's very confusing, but it's been working for years! My picky daughter likes the new McLean locations food!
  4. This week we will feature a "Burnt Ends" French onion soup, yes, it is good!
  5. Tried the Frederick location recently. Easily as good as Pizza Hut or Papa John's, in other words, totally awful.
  6. I'd rather eat canned Cat food, than Papa John's Pizza, absolutely the worst crap ever! Papa John's is to good Pizza, as dog doo is to expensive Perfume!
  7. I will put our 1/2 lb. locally raised and butchered 80/20 Angus, up against any burger in DC. I'm not trying to be a smartass, I just listen to the customer comments on them, and I eat a couple of them myself, every week. Come on up, find out, If not in the top 5 IYHO, no charge!
  8. For those of you who want to take a nice ride up this way, we now have a killer Pastrami. I'll put it head to head with any Pastrami I've had in New York and certainly DC. Not bragging, simply stating the facts. Mention dr.com and you get 25% off the Pastrami. 1/2 lb sandwich with either our twice fried homemade FF, cole slaw, potato salad or homemade potato chips, $10.99 before discount.
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