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  1. Though I was an early participant on this site, I have not been living in DC for nearly ten years now, and have not been back to this Board for a bit longer than that (holy growth, batman!). I stop by now for a hint of nostalgia and to say hello to all the folks here. I had an all-out full sensory dream last night about the $5 pork shoulder sandwich with green sauce ($8 if you added provolone and broccoli rabe) that Roberto Donna would make himself in Galileo's grill/laboratorio space a couple times of week in the mid-2000s. To this day, it is the best sandwich I've ever had. Better than any hamburger, any lobster roll, and French Dip, any of the legendary options at Darwin's in Cambridge, MA, or any at Furstenburg's Breadline. Even better than DiNic's in Philly's venerated version. Donna's bread was so flavorful and perfect-crumbed, and the green sauce so complimentary that I've never even thought about trying to re-create it despite such simple ingredients. I hope this blast from the past finds a few kindred folks here eager to reminisce about the explosion of DC's food scene around that time, even while we have so many great resources in Don's own Dining Guide to do just that. Cheers all, from the West Coast.
  2. Congrats on the new look. Haven't been back to this board in 9 years, but it brings back memories! Living out in California now, hope you all are well.
  3. Congrats, Chef Andrés, on the landslide win. I thought the rules were that you had to use the ingredient in every dish, though. Did you grind up the eyeballs in the yogurt?
  4. Mar de Plata is just up the street on 14th, three blocks I think. It's pretty good seafood, but I don't know about quickness. Right around there is Merkado, Logan Tavern, and Stoney's right across from Whole Foods.
  5. I don't think anyone's holding it up as untouchable (which, I grant you, is a marked weakness of these boards), we're just trying to find a reasonable explanation for the service. I've always had good service there; I've even had great service on a few occasions. They definitely could have had an off night, and it sounds like they may have. While I'll continue to go there, I agree with you that the prices are a little inflated. But that's a city-wide problem, not one confined to Hank's .
  6. a pan roast made with oysters and shrimp. so comforting...
  7. Anyone have any idea where one can pick up some Amer Picon? It's a bitter that's used in Picon Punch, something from my hometown Basque restaurant that I'm trying to recreate.
  8. I grew up in a rural area, and I never knew anyone who had food allergies. Some of us with some with non-European backgrounds got a little gassy with milk, but it was never "lactose intolerance," people just dealt with themselves. It wasn't until I came East that I met people with multiple allergies. I think that's a little weird, and it makes me think that a lot of allergies are blown out of proportion.
  9. We now return you to today's episode of DonRocks High, already in progress...
  10. But does Johnny's count as new, since it's just a change in location? It seems like a restaurant who has staff already trained and ready to go would need less time.
  11. <bump> Time to get on the train or in the car, folks. See you there!
  12. Cancelling a 12:45 lunch reservation tomorrow at vidalia for 2 in t-minus 15 minutes...
  13. I liked the old bread because you could bite through it without cutting the crap out of the inside of your mouth. The new bread is basically a large dinner roll, the kind with the charred and tough crust with the slightly gummy crumb. Maybe the one I had was sitting too close to the falmes, but it was a little on the rough side of rustic. I did like that there was less of the onion/pepper mix on it, which made it a little less greasy.
  14. Quick and dirty: No hot dog, no pizza. Today's pork was overdone, the roll is hard, not as tasty, smaller, and the sandwich is harder to eat. Today was a miss
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