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  1. I enjoy the show but personally find Phil a bit painful. But then again I never liked Everybody Loves Raymond either.
  2. I stopped by the Corned Beef King truck a few weekends ago in Potomac. Was quite satisfying. Prefer it to DGS and others. But it is super thin sliced pastrami and corned beef.
  3. So many good choices in both locales. Here are some recs for BA. Remember, pay cash and Dolar Blue is your friend. High-end: Chila. Best restaurant in BA. Superb, expensive but compared to the US, very cheap. Experimental Cuisine: Aramburu - great cutting edge items; great value for what it is Closed-Door Restaurants - BA has lots of these. I particularly enjoy Ocho Once - superb value. About $30 pp for multi course meal and wine. Other options: Hernan Gioppini "“ great food and great value Alvear Palace "“ Afternoon tea "“ this is posh, no need to dress up though really. Shar
  4. Couldn't find a thread on this restaurant but surprised there have been no postings (or i'm bad at searching). Thai Pad opened in Van Ness a few months ago in the old Quiznos space at 4481 Connecticut Ave. I've been there a few times now including this past weekend. I must say, this is by far, in my view, the best thai restaurant in DC (maybe even the metro area). I am slowly working my way through the menu but so far have found everything to be well balanced and everything is very fresh. This past weekend I had a Massaman Curry which was quite delicious. If you are in the area or cravin
  5. I really like my Napolean which is working on 5 years. Very similar quality and features to the Weber and was quite a bit cheaper. Very satisfied.
  6. We bought a reconditioned one. No problems with it at all. Looked to be brand new.
  7. Been watching a few episodes so far. So far, agree it is quite good. It has inspired us to plan a trip to Modena. They do a really nice job showcasing the various famous dishes each of these chefs makes.
  8. I really like my Napoleon grill. Quality is similar to Weber and the price was quite a bit less. Make sure you get the one's made in Canada though. Supposedly they hold up much better.
  9. Agreed. If you can track down his sparkling wine, it is quite nice and I like his Chardonnay quite a lot as well.
  10. Just got back from Tokyo for a quick trip to dine at Noma and did a few days in Osaka and Kyoto. Here is my quick run-down. If you ever get the chance to go to Japan, go. Food is amazing. It is clean. It is safe. The people are very friendly. TOKYO Sushi Yasuda "“ I'm honestly not sure why I booked this place. I think it was the combination of the lower price point and the possibility to have a conversation with a Sushi Chef who is fluent in English. In hindsight I should have skipped this. The Sushi bar clientele was all American. We did the omakase. I think it was 15 or so pieces a
  11. Eucalyptus was quite good. Had a very nice tagine there. Recommended it to some neighbors who enjoyed it a few weeks ago as well.
  12. Having been in London the past few months, I have to say, nearly every single restaurant here requires a credit card and I have yet to find a "better" restaurant that would take a cancellation less than 72 hours without a substantial fee. I personally have no issue providing a credit card or agreeing to a cancellation policy several days out. I will also note that nearly ever restaurant in London has limits on how long you can dine. 2-2.5 hours and you are out - whether it is the pub around the corner with terrible food or The Ledbury. Someone asked if I cared if a restaurant overbooked t
  13. I bet they did still serve two people in my seats. It reloaded the seats on their online reservation system instantly and they were gone quickly. I sort of contemplated sending my assistant over there to make sure the seats sat empty. In one sense, I paid for them. Frankly David Chang doesn't seem like the type of guy who would refund my money even if he did fill those seats. Regarding the ethical issues of multiple reservations, I see none. I routinely make multiple reservations for hotels and transportation and car rentals and figure it out all later. I don't view a reservation as a
  14. For what it is worth, we have multiple open table accounts and actually do this quite often. Do we want Rasika or CityZen Friday? Let's book both on Monday and decide on Wednesday (or whatever the cancellation policy is). For trips it is worse, we often have 4 reservations at different places simultaneously on multiple days so we can build an itinerary depending on when we can get hard to get tables. We do eventually cancel the ones we don't want. We don't no show though. We always cancel as early as possible. I think I've only been stung once for a cancellation fee - Momofuku Ko. Wife
  15. Yes. Two dishes featured ants. One was a Beef tartare with ants and the other was a smoked baby cucumber that was coated in ants and then you dipped it into scallop "butter". Both were quite delicious. The ants gave some good crunch and a hit of acidity.
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