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  1. Thanks, Jake. I knew you'd come through for me. Also good to know that I can try to swap tequila and mezcal. I love the smokey flavour in drinks.
  2. Mmmmm....another reason to love DC. I miss Oyamel. I also remember the great mezcal based cocktails at Sidebar.So does anyone have cocktail recipes for mezcal based drinks they could share? I found some interesting ones at the Imbibe website but I'd rather get recommendations from the people on this board.
  3. DCist posted this article about the soon to open Columbia Heights eatery. Many know that I fawned endlessly over Sidebar (while never having eaten at Jackie's - what's up with that?). And I consider Gordon a friend. So take this with whatever grain of salt you feel necessary. But I think these guys are going to open a kick ass neighbourhood joint. Please - if you live in the area - give these guys your business. I cannot imagine that you'll be sorry. Please post reviews, pictures, and any other food porn you can imagine once this place opens up. I will enjoy it vicariously through y'all. Now....back to eating stale Zingerman's bagels with bologna and processed cheese slices.
  4. Wow. Well, ML really nailed it. I was reading about this for the first time after Tim Carman tweeted about it. I had no idea that this was going on. As someone who has been asked more than once if I'm a "dot Indian" or a "woo woo Indian", I often get tired by these sad characterizations and depiction, yet I also understand stereotypes exist for a reason. So my initial thought on Fojol Bros is that it's probably not mean spirited racism but ignorant, stupid, and in poor taste. And (as ML points out), doesn't pretty much everything that is ignorant, stupid and in poor taste get rewarded in our pop culture? So let's direct our outrage where it truly belongs and quietly ignore the Fojol Bros - both their cultural parodies and the products they sell.
  5. You promised you'd never tell anyone about that tatoo. So much for the sanctity of pillow talk.
  6. So we're gone. We left DC for the Midwest. For a variety of reasons but family was at the heart of it. I'd be remiss not to say THANKS!! to Don for creating this family that took us in when we first moved here more than a decade ago. So many of the dearest friends we've made since then have been through this amazing community. We had multiple "going away" parties and all of them involved people we've met here. Scott and Claudia sent us off in amazing style, and who could forget that mind destroying night at The Passenger (actually, I don't remember much and I blame the Brown brothers and my dr.com compatriots for that). And of course Michael Landrum's cohorts at RtC made sure I would never forget DC. The point is....none of this would be possible without what Don started. So, thank you Don. You've always got a home in Ann Arbor (though I question why you'd EVER want to visit this foresaken place!). I miss all of you terribly and hope that I can crash the picnics and other gatherings when I get homesick. Until then, I raise my glass to all of you. We may bicker and differ on various culinary points, but at the end of it, this is a wonderful group of people and Lisa, Spawn and I will miss all of you.
  7. yeah - I noticed that last week. Frankly, I wasn't surprised. We loved the food there, but the wait time was incredibly long. We kept giving it a chance, hoping they'd get things running smoothly. But we gave up after it took 1.5 hrs to do a two item breakfast order. It's a shame - they were nice people who made good food.
  8. Yup - I went there yesterday morning to get some pupusas and sopa de mondongo and there are signs instructing locksmiths not to open the doors. DIsappointing. Dean - what's your suggestion for an alternative in area? Got to have good lengua and mondongo.
  9. Hrmmm....maybe. I'm going to the Caps game at the Verizon Centre (and then playing my own game afterwards) but a few drinks beforehand might be fun.
  10. Speedy recovery, RJ! I just put down a down payment on season tickets for the Red Wings. You'll have to make a point of seeing the Winter Classic with us next year (at the Big House, nonetheless!). All the best.
  11. I went here for lunch with some of my co-workers based on the good comments here. Really enjoyed my taco platter (though the lengua was a little drier than I like). My colleagues who got the burritos and tortas were quite impressed. I have to admit - the torta looked damn tasty. Wish I had gotten that. So this is a nice, tasty local alternative to the strip mall hell in G'burg.
  12. I recently purchased Brad Thomas Parson's excellent book, Bitters. I used the recipes in this book to make aromatic, grapefruit, and charred cedar bitters. So far, the aromatic bitters are the first that I've bottled and DAMN they're good in a Manhattan or even just in soda water. Less clove and more citrus than, say, Angostura. The grapefruit and charred cedar bitters will be bottled tomorrow. So - my question is - does anyone have any good ideas for culinary uses of bitters? There are a few recipes in Parson's book and the one that seems the most obvious is using bitters in a vinaigrette. I've often heard of people folding bitters into whipped cream for desserts. Any other good ideas?
  13. Hanger steak poutine? That has potential to be the most awesome thing in the world, or complete crap. I worry about a restaurant trying to be so many different things. But the hanger steak poutine is good enough to bring in for at least one visit.
  14. Yes, definitely. We frequently get takeout from here. The noodles and toppings are packaged separately from the broth.
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