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  1. damn. definitely my thai restaurant of choice without leaving the immediate area. gonna miss it as I already miss Bombay Curry Company.
  2. Bakerman

    What Are You Drinking Right Now?

    le chouffe tripel next is a homemade barley wine at just under 14% it is almost hallucinogenic, but damn is it good, made it about this time last year.
  3. Bakerman

    Gluten Free Resources And Ideas

    In about a week or two The Grape and Bean in Old Town will be offering a gluten free bread. I know there is no good source for it and they have had a lot of demand for it so.... check with them soon.
  4. Bakerman


    The best coffee for me is between Cafe Pronto in Annapolis, or Caffe Ibis in Logan, Ut. I order beans online and grind daily. Very good coffee as well as farmer friendly companies.