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  1. Say hi next time! Not vegetarian. Interesting. All these ingredients are common in West Africa - I wonder if this dish originated from there.
  2. From the article: "Its locations in Dupont Circle and Spring Valley Village remain open for dine-in, takeout and delivery. The location in Hyattsville, Maryland, also remains open for dine in pickup and delivery. Its Georgetown location is open for takeout and delivery."
  3. Clare & Don's is run by the affable David and Rebecca Tax - I used to go for their "Grouper Tuesdays," and get a Grouper Sub - it was really good, and it may have been fresh fish, but in general, I would expect frozen seafood from this friendly watering hole (I haven't been here in many years, so I may be wrong about that). If you want "fried, fresh oysters," make sure you go somewhere that specifically says "fresh" or at least "local" on the menu. A lot of this depends on whether you want them by themselves, in a Po Boy, etc. - I find there's a huge difference having fried oyste
  4. Jesu Cristo. The irony of Paw Paw being famous for two things, and two things only: melons and a tunnel.
  5. If you have to explain a joke, it's no longer funny.
  6. "Palestine Quits Arab League Role in Protest over Israel Deals" on aljazeera.com
  7. One of my rustic escapes has been Cacapon State Park. They have a lodge (which is open, I believe, for breakfast and dinner), and also cabins (I only stayed at the lodge when I went with my mom, but have gotten coffee there more than once). They do have high-speed internet, but I can't remember if it reaches the cabins. You'll either drive 8-10 miles to Berkeley Springs, or use the grill outside (or fireplace (or 1950s range) inside) to cook your meals - bring all groceries with you because the store(s?) nearby are of ill repute. The hiking is great, the fireplaces are wonderful, and ther
  8. Did you know: That Paolo's opened in 1987? That Paolo's used to be Maison des Crêpes? That Maison des Crêpes was the brainchild of Jacques Vivien, and opened in 1967 as "La Crêpe?" Sep 27, 2016 - "Now and a Long Time Ago: Maison des Crepes" That Jacques Vivien opened a branch of Whisky à Go-Go in Georgetown in 1966? That Whisky à Go-Go was (I think) in the J. Paul's space at 3218 M St NW? (I pieced that together using this and this.) That Milton Kronheim opened a liquor store at that same address in 1902?
  9. After being largely imprisoned for 6+ months, I just took a 5-night vacation: Virginia Beach, Chincoteaque, and Philadelphia (after a brief visit to Ocean City, MD - I can't believe Sportland and Playland are still open!) - I just got back yesterday, and will let you know if I come down with an ailment. With the exception of the oceanfront Virginia Beach hotel (which was fine, but it was still a well-worn beach hotel, not quite as meticulously deep-cleaned as the other places), I felt quite safe. The number of people dining out in Philadelphia this past weekend was remarkable, but just about e
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