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  1. "Acorn Park" on silverspringdowntown.com - this tiny sliver of a park is what's left of Francis Blair's original estate, "Silver Spring." Amazingly, even though my parents bought their house in Silver Spring in 1955, and as many times as I've driven by Acorn Park, I've never actually gotten out of the car and seen it. Acorn Park on wikipedia.com / Francis Preston Blair on wikipedia.com
  2. Wishing everyone the best of luck, but could they have picked a worse name?
  3. James Beard Award-winning Chef Frank Ruta is actively seeking a lasting, rewarding position as Chef de Cuisine. I've been talking with Frank, and he specifically gave me permission to mention this here. To any and all restaurateurs out there: Frank is ready, willing, and able - you just need to reach out to him. Frank Ruta is absolutely a Top 5 Chef in the Washington, DC area. If not higher. If anyone wants to write me, I can put you in touch with him - there's nothing in this for me; I'm just trying to help a friend.
  4. DonRocks

    Traveling Round-Trip, NY <-> DC

    Midwest? How about Charlotte. I moved to NYC in 1985, and was dumped off at the Port Authority with baggage, and was just standing there, dazed and confused.
  5. DonRocks

    Wine Bars

    Some newer wine bars: Postino Heights, Amici Wine Bistro, Cellar 7, Cueva, Sable Gate Winery. Apr 17, 2018 - "Houston's 5 Newest Wine Bars, with an Urban Winery and Bistro Fare" on abc13.com
  6. DonRocks

    Chicago, IL

    "The Party Is Over" by John Kessler on chicagomag.com
  7. DonRocks

    The Trite Food List

    Sorry to switch from cuisine to basketball, but the use of "big" as a noun is endlessly trite. "Michael Wang Hauls In Weekly Honors after Offensive Explosions against Miami, La Salle" by Sam Mitchell on thedp.com "Wang didn’t just light up the scoreboard in an incredibly efficient manner; the forward proved to Quakers’ fans that, given the opportunity, he can be so much more than a pure-scoring big." Oh, Lord this is annoying.
  8. DonRocks


    I just this minute walked in the door from having tahini at Chloe. 😲
  9. DonRocks

    Vacation Ideas

    There's less of it to see!
  10. Nov 7, 2017 - "National Gallery of Art Celebrates 25-Year Anniversary of Director Earl A. Powell III; 2019 Retirement Announced" on nga.gov Thank you to Rusty Powell, and congratulations to Kaywin Feldman, who comes in Mar, 2019, from the Minneapolis Institute of Art. "National Gallery of Art Picks Kaywin Feldman as Next Director" on artnews.com
  11. DonRocks

    Traveling Round-Trip, NY <-> DC

    And it's so much fun using the restroom, too!