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  1. I *just* went in there today after returning from National Harbor (I overheard the cashier say they've been open about three weeks) - it's on the southeast corner of Route 1 and King Street. Today's booty:
  2. Not much, other than that: *Parasite won the Palme d'Or the year after Shoplifters *Shoplifters is Japanese; Parasite is South Korean, both being subtitled *Parasite starts off so identically to Shoplifters that you might feel one "influenced" the other Because of the above, I feel it's imperative to watch "Shoplifters" before "Parasite." Numerous people are saying "Parasite" is the "Film of the Decade"; I'm saying that "Shoplifters" may be a Top 10 Film of my lifetime. I saw Parasite here, and it was the first of two films I saw there that weekend - hint, hint, hint:
  3. Breakfast today at Sauciety in the Marriott Westin Hotel - its biggest asset is that it overlooks the harbor and the ferris wheel. This was very much of a "typical" mid-upscale hotel breakfast, with not much to remember, good or bad. Corned Beef Hash ($14) with an Extra Egg ($2.50), "potatoes and onions with two [three] cage-free your way [over-easy] with your choice of toast [English muffin]" Thin-Sliced Smoked Salmon and Bagel ($14), "Chesapeake Smoke House Faroe Island Salmon [good and smokey], Beefsteak tomatoes [tasteless], capers, onions, egg [hard-boiled], and cream cheese" Breakfast is served weekdays until 11 AM - service was courteous and efficient - a perfectly fine, uneventful American breakfast.
  4. Maybe this will get people up to New Haven in order to try the real thing. In that sense, it would be a great success, as it would inspire headquarters to get their best pizzaiolos down to where the greatest demand is.
  5. Thank you so much, sandynva - this is a wonderful perspective from someone who comes across as an Indian-American (are you)?
  6. [I love my job.] Watch "Shoplifters" and chime in if you disagree with me.
  7. I've been friends with Sara Damelio, founder of Skincando, for over a decade, though I haven't seen her in probably almost ten years. And I've been a loyal customer of Skincando "Combat Ready" Balm, which was originally designed with our troops overseas in mind. I recently got an email from the company, advertising a 40%-off discount - with free shipping - so I wrote and ordered two 8-ounce jars. I also quipped, "Please have Sara make a fresh batch." She wrote back, said she'd love a mention on this website, and when I asked her what she'd like me to say, she told me this: "Skincando.com is DC's first organic skincare company started in '09. Now thru 12/10 get 40% off your purchase with code HOLIDAY40." She also told me that going forward, Skincando products will only be on sale up to two-times a year, and they will be no more than 20% off. I'm hardly an expert in skin-care products, but DIShGo is, and she loves it - I would not be writing this if I didn't wholeheartedly believe in the product. I cannot imagine a more-pure skin balm than this is: Sara used to literally drive to Whole Foods, purchase organic fruits, vegetables, and what-not, and make this in her living room - I couldn't believe what it sounded like she was putting herself through. So, you have until December 10th to get 40%-off your order, with free shipping. Just to let you know this is no BS:
  8. [I think Bart is correct - nobody here is brain dead - that's for sure - but I do think there's been a bit of tone-deafness and puerile humor which missed the mark, and that the fuzzy line of personal insult was crossed. Maybe we can all agree to agree on this one, and let it die a quiet death?] Peace, Rocks
  9. I do believe it's open in Alexandria - I drove by yesterday, and it sure *looked* open, right on Route 1.
  10. If you've seen director Bong Joon-ho's Palme d'Or-winning "Parasite" (2019), I suggest the possibility of *not* seeing his earlier film, "Snowpiercer" (2014), mainly because it might serve to lower your opinion of "Parasite." If anyone here has seen both, and wishes to discuss, chime in; otherwise, consider following my advice here. "Snowpiercer" isn't a bad film; it's just showing the reactionary side of a director who apparently needed a few more years to mature.
  11. Hmm, maybe I didn't pay enough attention to Melo in his youth - I see Nick Kyrgios, and I see massive athleticism, combined with a complete lack of discipline; I see Carmelo Anthony, and I see a 10-15-foot-range shooter who is getting old and out-of-shape. In my mind, the two couldn't be more different. What am I missing?
  12. Who holds the major league record for "Most Home Runs in 6 Games?" Mouse over for the answer: Frank Howard with 10 in 1968 - he did this in only 20 at-bats!
  13. It's a funny article: "And yet, if you’re actually mad that Carmelo Anthony won an award that you didn’t care about before the announcement and for which you couldn’t not name last week’s winner, the joke’s on you." One thing I've always had trouble reconciling is the massive respect Anthony gets from his peers.
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