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  1. Unless you go to the World Series (and I hope you do, and *even* if you do), this was probably the "best" baseball game you'll ever see in your life, in terms of importance and satisfaction - I mean, you were *there* when the Nats won the pennant! Curious, who else was there? I don't want you making this claim ten-years from now, so speak up and get on-record! I was at the 1969 All-Star game - that's the best I can do. (It was 50-years ago - I was 7-years old!)
  2. Ask and ye shall receive. I know that Houston is supposed to be the better team, but for the Nats' very first World Series, doesn't playing the "New York Yankees" have a nice ring to it? I mean, you think 'Houston Astros,' you think Jeff Bagwell, Lance Berkman, Craig Biggio, maybe Nolan Ryan; you think 'New York Yankees,' you think Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Joe DiMaggio, and Mickey Mantle. People know those names in, like, Burkina Faso.
  3. I've been here probably 5-10 times in my life (including on my 30th birthday) - it has ranged from "very good and extremely pleasant" to "disturbingly mediocre and extremely pleasant" - in particular, I remember one time when a dish with beets (not uncommon in Alsace) came with canned beets that tasted like they were Aunt Millie's: They were perfectly circular, had that sweet marinade, and were so mushy that there was no resistance when cutting them with a fork. Still, I've had some really nice fish dishes here, and their soufflés have been good (if I recall) without exception - it's worth ordering them. I've been meaning to get back there this year - thanks for the reminder. That said, wasn't this ranked #1 by the readers of Washingtonian for something like 20-consecutive years? The internet is destructive just as often as it is useful, but this is one situation where it has been useful.
  4. That sounds about right - the broth wasn't thick at all; the flavors just reminded me of Ma Po Tofu; I didn't even think about Dan Dan Noodles, but you're correct - this must have been paying homage to that. By the way, we needed to have a Fried Chicken Plate ($12) for the Nats game last night - having gotten an order of dark meat (3 pieces) and white meat (1 huge piece), I would recommend the white meat, as the deepest breast meat is still moist and flavorful - the breading is fantastic; just make sure it doesn't co-mingle with the sweet pickles and white bread (which, perversely, work well - I guess it's like a picnic). This is really good fried chicken, and even though the menu says "Nashville Hot," they toned it down for their customers - I would call it "slightly zesty" at most.
  5. I'm not sure if anyone is watching the game, but after one inning, the Nationals are ahead 7-0. 😮
  6. Drinks with an order of Gyoza ($6). The only "flaw" in this meal - and this is a nitpick - is that the sauce on the Gyoza is a bit on the thick side, but this didn't affect the taste at all. The Miso Ramen ($13) is very mild, but extremely flavorful, with intense flavors of both chicken and corn. The "Seasonal Special" Tantanmen ($13.75) is a fascinating ramen-riff on Ma Po Tofu. While extremely well-flavored and assertive, it's also on the mild side (as Ma Po Tofu tends to go). There are two types of eggs, and I highly recommend the Onsen Egg ($1, poached in shell) - the server will gladly crack it for you at the table, so there's no need to fear it (the two pictures above are with the Onsen Egg as-served, and after it was cracked into the ramen. I'd have to flip a coin to pick a favorite between the Miso and the Tantanmen - both were exceptional (albeit very different), and Bantam King may be my favorite ramen in the city right now.
  7. "Trump's Blunder in Syria Is Irreparable" by The Editorial Board on washingtonpost.com Polls are still open ...
  8. Of note: "Linda's Film on Menstruation" (1974) aired the year after Roe v. Wade was decided (1973).
  9. I’m sure this is common knowledge, but Surfside Glover Park is moving to Tenleytown - I wonder if this will affect Pearson’s (I suspect Pearson's owns their building, so my guess is 'no').
  10. Home Page (This has links to everything you could possibly need, including the links below) --- The Permanent Collection - Upcoming Projects Self-Guided Tours Rosslyn-Ballston Corridor Tour Virginia Square - Pentagon City - Route 1 - Columbia Pike Tour
  11. "Sub-2 Hour Marathon! Eliud Kipchoge Etches Name in History" by Adam Ruggiero on gearjunkie.com "Eliud Kipchoge Breaks Two-Hour Marathon Barrier" by Andrew Key on nytimes.com "Kenya's Eliud Kipchoge Smashes Two-Hour Marathon Barrier" by Blanca Britton on edition.cnn.com "Eliud Kipchoge Smashes Running's 'Last Great Barrier' with sub-2-Hour Marathon" by Joshua Robinson on wsj.com
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