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  1. Here are some articles about current catering in the area. These are not endorsements by me; they're merely things I found searching the internet: "Top 10 Wedding Caterers in Washington, DC (2021)" by Amanda Sven on weddingrule.com "We Scored 145 Catering Companies in Washington, DC and Picked the Top 19" on expertise.com
  2. The Wizards have traded Russell Westbrook to the Lakers, with other players, draft picks and consideration. This is a massive trade, perhaps a good trade for Washington, but it's a *great* short-term trade for Los Angeles who is clearly trying to make another title run in 2021-2022. With a team of LeBron James, Anthony Davis, and Russell Westbrook, by definition, one of those superstars must be the third-best player on the Lakers. That may not pan out in five years, but next season, I can't imagine anyone defeating them for a championship. "Reports: Lakers Agree to Russell Westbrook Trade" on nba.com
  3. "Wrist Strap Optional Extra" - the wrist strap is 1/10 of 1% of the production cost of this thing, but who dares risk throwing their pocket fisherman in the water by mistake?
  4. There are several things I need to do, but they’re small things, so please carry on and accept my apologies for the site having been offline so long. Cheers, Rocks
  5. Honestly, this is even worse than I remember - I can’t finish it. It’s like having a glass of Sine Qua Non.
  6. La Chaumiere was *packed* last night, but not at 6:25 which is when I rolled into a (free!) parking space right in front. We started by splitting a Quenelles (we meant to order one each; not pictured), and I got the ample and livery Foie de Veau. But the Coquilles St Jacques aux Tomates (or whatever they call it) was better than any dish I’ve ever had here, and I’ve been coming here for decades - they’re using really good tomatoes right now (I’m not talking about the perfunctory cherry tomato, which squirted the hell out of me, but a layer of fresh tomatoes underneath). Every time I come here, the food needs salt, but I always forget to ask for S&P. I’m pretty sure it’s because they have an older clientele.
  7. I’ve heard Yoko Ono screeching precisely once in my life. When I was young, I bought a 45 by either John Lennon or The Beatles (I can’t remember what it was), but on the B side was a song called “Touch Me,” and all it was (or at least all I remember from many decades ago) was a chord or two, followed by Yoko Ono making these primal screams. At that stage of my life - and I may still have been very young (I bought it at Waxie Maxie’s in White Oak (PS - I know Max’s son quite well)) - it was my WOAT (Worst of All-Time).
  8. Irony: I split up this thread, so each player would have his own; it's probably more interesting (for now) as a matched set. "Auger-Aliassime, Shapovolov 1st Canadian Men's Duo To Reach Quarters of a Grand-Slam" on cbc.ca
  9. The Palme d'Or is a better indicator of quality than an Oscar for Best Picture. My three favorite films of this century (in reverse-chronological order): "Shoplifters" (2018, Japan) "Amour" (2012, France) "Four Months, Three Weeks, and Two Days" (2007, Romania) (*) (Incidentally, "Moonlight" (2016, USA) just recently got bumped off this list for space reasons.) I would *love* to discuss any or all of these, each in their own threads - has anyone even heard of them? (*) I'm not sure how, or when, "The Pianist" (2002, France, UK, Germany Poland) fell off this list.
  10. DIShGo is probably the only living person who has experienced three such important things in person: * Aug 9, 1974: She was at the White House when Nixon's helicopter flew away for his final departure as U.S. President. * Jul 5, 1980: She was at the Wimbledon Final between Borg and McEnroe - the one with THE tiebreaker. * Aug, 12, 1982: She went out with DonRocks for his 21st birthday.
  11. "Portrait of Antonio Navagero" (1565) by Giovanni Battista Moroni
  12. I'd love to pay for the site.
  13. Timing has meant a lot also - Federer came first, then Nadal stymied Federer. Both men are now worn down - Federer mostly by age, and Nadal by his extreme style of playing. Djokovic is not only a bit younger, but also seems built for longevity with both his rivals now at the end of their careers. Why *not* Djokovic? I love all three of these guys, and am content for history to take me wherever it may lead. Again, I must emphasize the fact that 2 out of the 4 Grand Slams are on Djokovic's favorite surface. It's not impossible that the U.S. Open will have three 20-Grand Slam winners playing (and this doesn't even include Serena). I think it's so cool that I dined at Djokovic's (now-closed) restaurant in Monaco, Eqvita, almost surely conceived so he could fine-dine outside his doorstep with raw, vegan, gluten-free cuisine.
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