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  1. Has there been an industry-wide move towards earlier checkout times? I've noticed recently (in the past year or so) that hotels seem to have become more-and-more aggressive in enforcing 11 AM checkouts. Example: I just called the front desk at a Marriott, and asked what time checkout was (11 AM), and when I requested a late checkout, I was advised that anything after 12:30 PM would result in an additional charge (and I'm a Bonvoy member). It also seems that Housekeeping is charged with being the first-line of enforcement, rapping on your door at 11:30 AM regardless of whether or not there's a "Do Not Disturb" sign.
  2. Yardbird, a well-known (and previously quite good) restaurant, now a chain, based in Miami, has signed a lease in the former Acadiana space, and is scheduled to open in the Spring of 2020. Here's a mini-review from 2012 (quite prescient if I do say so myself).
  3. gena712, I know this is coming as a bomb-drop, but splitting a check 30-ways within a restaurant is taboo - you had no way to know this, of course, but please just take it as gospel that it is wrong in every possible way. Sometimes, you need to hear something explained one time before you understand it - you were perfectly justified in asking this question, and if you still don't understand the "why," I hope you at least understand the "if." Please feel free to write me privately, and we can discuss this. Thank you for posing your question here, and please let us know how things work out. Kind regards, Rocks
  4. [As long as we're on the topic, it's as good a time as any to say that this website will *never* violate people's privacy, in any way - I can't control what internet browsers do, but I can promise that I will never make a dime by violating our members' trust. I dream of a MacArthur Grant walking into my front door one day, but I'll never campaign for it, and I won't care if it doesn't arrive. In other words: All that stuff I promised in 2005? It still applies.]
  5. I sense that this could be something of a big deal, and may not be forgotten easily; still, the entire relationship between Israel and the United States has always seemed to be one between two strange bedfellows. "A Toxic Rift Opens between Democrats and Israel after the Nation Refuses Entry to Two Members of Congress" by Matt Viser and Rachael Bade on washingtonpost.com
  6. No; you got the first letter of the first word right. (If these aren't the best chicken wings in the area, I don't know whose are - Bombay Curry Company's were up there, too, but now they've closed.)
  7. While I’m at it, are there any tips for South Philly Barbacoa? (I’ll move these into correct topics when I’m off my cell phone.)
  8. [I just wanted to chime in and say that this is the best dialogue we have going in this community right now; the only thing that worries me is that great minds are teetering on sniping at one-another, and that would be a shame because this is such a good conversation - it hasn't happened yet (please don't let it?) Carry on ... Rocks]
  9. Here are President Grover Cleveland and First Lady Frances Folsom Cleveland. President Alexander knew Ms. Folsom since birth, and became administrator of her estate when she was 11 after her father was killed in a carriage accident. They married in the White House when she was 21.
  10. About Loujain al-Hathloul and the corrupt Saudi Arabian Crown Prince (and assassin of Jamal Khashoggi), Mohammed bin Salman. "Saudi Authorities Said She'd Go Free If She Denied Being Tortured. She Refused." on washingtonpost.com
  11. The bar at Corduroy is $30 for 3 courses, and it is absolutely child-friendly (if a bit "grown-up").
  12. Himitsu Co-owner and Executive Chef Kevin Tien to leave Himitsu to open a new restaurant concept in the acclaimed Capitol Hill neighborhood this September. Washington, D.C. (August 12, 2019) - We are pleased to announce that critically acclaimed chef Kevin Tien will soon be opening a new restaurant, Emilie’s, in the heart of Capitol Hill. The new 5,175-square-foot restaurant is scheduled to open in September 2019. Chef Tien will be leaving Himitsu later this month to focus on Emilie’s opening. “I can’t thank our loyal guests and the Himitsu family enough for making Himitsu the incredible success that it is today,” remarked Tien. “While this was a very difficult decision to make, I’m looking forward to writing the next chapter and sharing my passion with the community on a larger scale and a different service style.” Chef Tien’s final service at Himitsu will be September 15th. Himitsu will subsequently continue to operate under current co-owner Carlie Steiner. Chef Amanda Moll, former executive sous chef of Doi Moi, will be taking over as Himitsu’s new executive chef. “I am confident that Himitsu will continue to deliver the exceptional experience that our guests have enjoyed over the last 2 ½ years,” said Tien. “While everyone will always have a table at Emilie’s, I would love to see all our guests at Himitsu for one last service prepared by me before my departure.” Chef Tien’s new concept, Emilie’s, will focus on seasonally inspired and local ingredients and will feature large family-style plates and a small a la carte menu. Guests can anticipate their dining experiences to be further elevated by small plates circulating the room on carts. The idea behind this style of “tableside” dining is to facilitate Tien’s mission of promoting and supporting the local community of producers, farmers, and ranchers. In addition, the circulating carts will give guests the opportunity to sample a variety of dishes as Tien’s team demonstrates their creativity in the kitchen. The restaurant plans to initially provide dinner service and later expand into lunch and brunch soon after its opening. Emilie’s will seat approximately 100 guests in the main dining room and at the bar.
  13. Yes, but is "the majority" singular or plural? You voiced it in the plural. "The majority is in favor of ...." "The majority of people are in favor of ...." Hmm ...
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