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  1. Tom Power

    The Michelin Guide

    Or a 1 star in Shanghai!
  2. I am sure he would have loved those Indian dancers!
  3. Tom Power


    Hope this is not too late. Sushi Ten is a great value with excellent sushi in a lively atmosphere. I have been there twice and much prefer it to Kyube and some other place run by an apprentice of the Sushi Giro chef. You can talk at Sushi Ten while it is almost prohibited at the super high end places. Kadawaki is always the place my wife and I eat on our last night in Tokyo. It is now 2 stars and as good as ever.
  4. Sorry about that. I do like the tomatoes chilled but there is no excuse for them not to be well seasoned.
  5. I gave up on the dress code this Summer. It was a losing battle. Everyone is welcome to dine in shorts.
  6. Tom Power

    Date Night Tomorrow with Somewhat Picky Date

    That's not all true. The faux rib eye, which is real beef, is availalabe 99% of the nights we are open.
  7. The good news is that Rare Essence will be celebrating James Funk's birthday there August 5th!
  8. Tom Power

    Fried Chicken

    Two Words: Baby Wale.
  9. Baby Wale is open tonight and will be offering some blue plate specials. Corduroy is closed. Both will be closed tomorrow.
  10. Tom Power


    Baby Wale had Sapporo style but is now serving Nagoya style ramen!