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  1. Excited to announce we have a new pop up in the alley behind Corduroy and Baby Wale. "Clos Du Roy"! The walled in patio is open each night at 5 PM and taking reservations until 8:30 as all patrons must leave by 10 to keep our neighbors happy. We are open 7 nights a week weather permitting. Haven't watched the weather like this in a long time. Just received some beautiful Tuna today- fatty and fresh.
  2. Liquid Liquidation Is Back! (that's for the old school) Corduroy quietly reopened for takeout last week. This is more than a pivot, it's a brand new business with a lot of resources not going to use. I have a lot of beer, wine and spirits on the shelf that might as well find a good home. We have takeout, a virtual farmers market and super discounted adult beverages. You can pick up dinner, produce and cheap drinks in one stop curbside pick-up. All alcohol purchases must be made with the purchase of a prepared food item. Here is the To Go wine list that will be on line tomorrow.
  3. The dishwasher who was interested in drinking unfinished drinks had to take the trash out
  4. I have never heard of cat fishing either. I have heard of the bus bucket buffet though. I worked at one place where the manager insisted all liquids left in customers glasses got shaken out into the trash. That accomplished 2 things - minimized how much he could drink out of those glasses AND it made the garbage; that he would have to take out at the end of the night, EXTRA heavy!
  5. The shape of the fish is all Michel. He loved to make things perfectly round. I never saw sushi rice, hijiki or lotus root in any of Michel's kitchens.
  6. We can make the larger (original version) of the goat cheese in crispy potato for you. Just give us 2 days notice as we do not always have the cheese on hand.
  7. Hope this is not too late. Sushi Ten is a great value with excellent sushi in a lively atmosphere. I have been there twice and much prefer it to Kyube and some other place run by an apprentice of the Sushi Giro chef. You can talk at Sushi Ten while it is almost prohibited at the super high end places. Kadawaki is always the place my wife and I eat on our last night in Tokyo. It is now 2 stars and as good as ever.
  8. Sorry about that. I do like the tomatoes chilled but there is no excuse for them not to be well seasoned.
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