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  1. Hai Duong's Cha Ca Thang Long/La Vong is amazing. The Bahn Xeo there is imo the best in Eden Center. Mark K and Haidar walked me through the menus of almost every place there except for Hai Duong, we were on a mission to find a really good local version of Cha Ca La Vong. Imagine a 6'7" giant wandering into one of those kitchens with his phone in his hand pointing a picture of yellow fish, saying "can you make this", while Haidar and I looked straight down to the bottom of our Saigons at the table.
  2. Monday - Friday position.Salary/bonus/commission commensurate with experience. Send résumés to mark@proofdc.com.
  3. Do you need the cart? If you just need the block, the best way is to make one. Its easy, cost effective and the best way to get a custom size. You just need lumber: Maple or Walnut(both can be found at the hardwood section of HDespot, do not use oak:bacteria)glue, clamps, saw(you can have them cut it for you at the store), sandpaper 220grit and butchers block oil. Tons of tutorials online. I've assembled them in my apartment.
  4. Flamed? No. I will make an argument for it though. My mentor told me the trick to developing a good drink was creating something that a guest would order a second time around immediately after having the first. He taught me more about the business than anyone however I completely disagree with him on that point. I have had the BLT and considered it to be one of the 5 best drinks I've ever tasted. Would I order two back to back? No. It's not that type of drink. I would like to think that it served another purpose. While we obviously disagree on how we perceived the taste profile, I think it's important to realize that this drink and several others that they make challenge the idea of what we see as cocktails.
  5. I repeat this to my staff almost daily. What the OP did not mention is that the bartender that was working night was trying to give him a heads up on where the next available seat would be opening up and trying to direct him to that general area. OP also indicated that we didn't have a list because we don't want to "start any fights". That's not exactly what I said but I did indicate that sometimes it's more off-putting to remove someone from a chair that has secured it than it is to work with a guest who is trying to get one. Perception is reality. There was a two year period where I ate at 2 Amys once a week. In that time I only sat in the dining room once. Every other time I have dined at the bar . Scott, Debbie and Sarah all know me and what I do for a living but it gave me no competetive edge. They have never told a guest to move or that I have been waiting "longer" than them; they do let me know when someone is paying up or finishing dessert. That is hospitality. There is no sign that says "Check in with the person behind the bar" at their restaurant, so the expectation is: It's up to me to find a seat. I believe(and this is my own belief) that a waitlist at the bar is pretentious, having said that I do think that it is up to the bartender to do what they can to help the guest...without compromising any other experience in the restaurant.
  6. Gin Milk Punch is a crowd pleaser and unique enough that everyone will be wowed.
  7. Madeira is crucial, after that you can use either bourbon or rum to supplement the alcohol content.
  8. that's a steal. perfect size/price for punch bowls during the upcoming holidays.
  9. I absolutely agree. I've personally been taught by two of the top dogs in the industry that using Cointreau is paramount when making Sidecars, Cosmos and Margaritas. It has a viscosity that lends the drink body. Luxardo is good but very different. It's bright and a little thin. It's good for mixing but not if you are looking to make the classics as they were intended. Right again, the only rule is V.S. or older.
  10. Dave is absolutely correct on this. Sugar content is critical on this drink. As far as a sugar rim goes, Degroff suggests freezing the glass after rimming it.
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