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  1. The Oxo thing is good in that is shows all measurement units, metric and standard. But I find it a awkward to use. You should go to Cocktail; Kingdom and buy a pair of properly graduated shot glasses. Buy the one that has 1/2 ox paired with 3/4 oz and the 1 oz paired with the 2 oz. Get the Japanese style, which is longer, not squat like the alternative. A great book on technique to get you started was published last Fall. Look for "The Bar Book" by Jeffery Morganthaler. No recipes, all about technique, and how to do it right. For all of this and recipes, too, look for Gary Regan's "The Joy
  2. The Cherry Heering web site is still active. It is available at the Vienna ABC store.
  3. Buffet. And a very small one for a large house. There were four serving stations, one with all of the proteins, another with salads. A third with sausage, bacon and an omelette/pancake station. Deserts were at another. As I said, this made for long lines.
  4. We did the brunch yesterday, and we won't be back. Long lines for skimpy portions of proteins. Expensive and mediocre.
  5. Very funny video runs about 2:00. "Super-High People Taste-Test Coffee And The Results Are Hilarious" by Sativa von Teese on hightimes.com
  6. Thunder Grill is on the opposite side of the terminal from America. Center Cafe might have been part of America, perhaps they shared the same kitchen.
  7. I miss "Louisiana Express on Bethesda Avenue". Then you should check it out after it relocated to Cordell Ave. many years ago. Its still very good, and a good value.
  8. I am fond of Rittenhouse. Good strength, being bonded, good flavor and good value.
  9. We were surprised to find the Red, Hot and Blue in Falls Church closed about a month ago. I had not heard anything about it, and we were psyched for their bar-B-que. We found the place empty with a space available sign in the window. I hope they are not leaving the area, I like what they do,
  10. Agreed, the hard roll is the only way to go. The Milano is the go to sandwich there, for me. And get a freshly made one, not those they make a head fro the lunch crush. Most of those are soft roll, anyway.
  11. Is he is going to review every new instance of every chain. Seems like waste of time to me, both to write and to read.
  12. It was good I decided to give them another chance. This is my first review for the board. I am only giving my impressions of my dinner. It is not any kind of overall review of the restaurant. I had the fois gras, the lobster pasta, and Baked Alaska. My wife had the mushroom soup (which I did not try), and the pasta as well. She didn't have any desert. The fois gras was grilled perfectly, and tasted wonderful. It was served with apples poached in a Cabernet reduction. It was served in a bowl, and the sauce was quite liquid. I would have preferred it reduced to much longer to a less fluid
  13. Thanks for all of the responses. This is why this is such a great web site. I decided to go with 2941, and give them another chance. I know they have had a few good reviews here lately. I am going in with my eyes open. The dish is exactly what I had in mind, and they offer it in half and full portions. Even if I am disappointed with the quantity of lobster meat, they serve fois gras, and that will cover it for me. They still had space available for us tonight, even booking at noon. I'll check back tomorrow with how it went.
  14. 2941 is a good thought, but I don't trust them. The last time I went there was a wine event where it was arranged so that there were long lines at all of the tables so that you could not take advantage of the food offered. I think it was over $100/ head, and got very little in practice. I was so angry, I swore i would never go there again. But, the menu looks good. I think the problem is a greedy owner, not the chef. Have you experienced the dish first hand? I thinking I am afraid of getting the lobster named dish with only a brief glance at actual lobster meat I am trying to avoid. Thanks
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