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  1. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is now owned by the Unification Church, if I am not mistaken. The LDS Church has moved to a cozy establishment north of the Beltway. Perhaps you have seen it? I have found a web-site with some pictures of Mt. Pleasant churches. "Fossils in the Architecture of Washington, DC" on dcfossils.org The least theological I could find.
  2. Recognizing the birthday of Johann Sebastian Bach!
  3. Agree with many recommendations upthread. Adams Morgan has many places,inexpensive, classic, with love/hate reviews: - So's Your Mom (sp?) sandwich, bagel - Pho 14 - Vietnamese (that is a tough tendon!) - Super Taco (Tex-Mex ish) - Madame's Organ (for fried chicken?) It is a legend . Sooner or later, maybe years from now, someone will say "You went to Madame's Organ? Tell us about it." - Lapis Bistro, fairly new, French and Afghani(!), getting mostly good reviews.
  4. I am naturally paranoid, but I think hotels do sometimes save "rooms that are going to have trouble" and sell them on the internet sites. Anticipated parties. Room overlooking construction site. Even room above trash dumpster.
  5. Slightly off topic: something very badly done: sweetbreads. It is enough to make me hit head against table and sob ever so slightly.
  6. For those with nothing better to do on Black Friday, shop a liquor store sale. (from NBC News) http://nbc4dc.com/mzbLWOi
  7. "it is difficult to find white truffles, therefore a good year for wine" . Any truth to this?
  8. Happy Birthday to all whose Birthday is August 12. Yes, FB reminded me. have a great day. All of you.
  9. Twice in recent weeks I have heard references to Ossabaw pigs, and the more specific Ossabaw pork. Please don't get interested in finding Ossabaw pork. Ossabaw pigs have survived because they are much too fatty and tasty for modern palates. They are fatty,feral and fierce. Just stick the supermarket product. Thank you.
  10. Thank you , Lovehockey, for the tour. So much to see, so little time.
  11. Somewhat off topic, 18th Street is changing. In addition to Meskerem, New Orleans Cafe is closed. A big restaurant space is going to be a bicycle store. Ethiopian restaurants, in particular move where the rents are reasonable. For years, Meskerem was the first choice for out of town visitors wanting the Ethiopian restaurant experience. Now there are many more choices.
  12. Really, just trying to cope with winter insanity. Someone said they missed the informality and fun of the picnics. At this point, the when and if of the DRSP (Don Rockwell Spring Picnic) is just a mirage, a dream , a fantasy. I would like to see someone try to do another Ventworm Cake. That was amazing. The winter Picnic was great, featuring warm drinks in tankards and a selection of snack foods from Trader Joes. Also, someone cooked beef on the Barbeque. In the snow. Wonderful. (If the title of this thread was changed, wouldn't mind.)
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