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  1. Last night: Cranberry nut bread Salad with bacon, tomato, cucumber, pepperoncini, feta or blue cheese; vinaigrette Leftover orzo, reheated in the oven and topped with Parmesan & parsley Leftover chard baked with cottage cheese Steamed broccoli Tonight: Cranberry nut bread Sausage-and cheese-stuffed mushrooms Leftover turkey reheated in turkey broth Leftover pilaf Leftover garlic and ginger green beans
  2. Thanksgiving Dinner: Cranberry fruit-nut bread Boulevard's Staff Turkey Breast Boxed McCormick turkey gravy Rice Pilaf Green beans with ginger and garlic Rainbow chard with raisins and balsamic reduction This year I learned that it is possible to brine a frozen turkey. I'd ordered a bone-in turkey breast from South Mountain Creamery instead of getting a whole turkey the way I usually do. I've gotten a couple turkey breasts from them over time but never really thought about if they arrived fresh or frozen. Their whole turkeys come fresh. My plan had been to make a brined breas
  3. Baking this cranberry-nut quick bread to go with dinner.
  4. We had soup and sandwiches today. The soup was mushroom and the sandwiches ham and swiss with banana peppers. (Mine also had hot mustard.) I hadn't made that soup recipe before. I often wing it on mushroom soup but mostly followed this one, except for halving it. I also added a splash of sherry early on and one of sherry vinegar right near the end. I think the recipe was either halved or doubled at some point because the version on the website calls for 16 oz./1 cup water, kind of an oops. (I used the latter.) It's a good hearty soup. I used mostly cremini for the fresh mushrooms and
  5. Buttermilk biscuits and butter Leftover lamb shanks and orzo Green beans (butter, lemon juice & zest, s & p) Mashed baked butternut squash That lamb...wow. Still great. I had blanched a lot of haricots verts (2 lb. Costco bag past its date and showing it) for a recipe I'm making tomorrow. I decided we're not going to eat all of them in one meal anyway, so I quickly finished off some of them in a skillet last night. Got the lemon just right. Adding the bit of zest did it, I think. I should really take the extra minute to do that more often. The squash we've had sitting o
  6. We finally finished off the cottage pie. I also roasted some vegetables and there was more of the spicy slaw. New Veggies: Roasted broccoli (evoo, bacon fat, gochugaru & vampire salt; grated hard-boiled egg garnish) Roasted brussels sprouts (in bacon fat) with bacon and blue cheese; balsamic glaze There was something really mellow and sweet about the seasoning combo on the broccoli. And there was a decent amount of bacon involved in it all.❤️
  7. Mostly leftovers again tonight, plus I made a quick spicy slaw from some Napa cabbage and carrots. The rest of the meal was leftover shrimp and spinach in cream sauce over linguine and leftover cottage pie. So, that's kind of a pasta course and a meat course and a salad course. Sort of.
  8. Salad (romaine, Campari tomatoes, feta or blue cheese; vinaigrette) Lamb shanks with orzo Leftover honey and cinnamon roasted sweet potatoes The lamb was an Ina Garten recipe, and--not surprisingly--it was delicious. Highly recommended. I would totally make it again. I had 2 shanks instead of the 4 called for, so I went a little short on many of the other measurements (i.e., 1 1/2 onions, 1 gigantenormous carrot, 2 ribs of celery, and 1 cup each of broth and wine). I went a little scant on the 2 cups of orzo but essentially used the full amount. We each only ate half a shank and
  9. I have not tried either of those recipes. Filing away. I know I've tried a Pepin recipe and this one from Aida Mollenkamp, among others. I haven't kept great track, but I think that Mollenkamp recipe on chowhound is the one that came out best. Last night was a freezer meal: Chicken vegetable rice soup with dill onion crackers and cottage cheese Italian chicken sausages Zucchini lasagna The soup, sausages, and lasagna were all from a freezer unpacking. The lasagna was only from September, so it was relatively new as far as my freezer scavenging goes. It was good with the sausage
  10. I made cottage pie for lunch today. The very bottom was defrosted frozen mixed veggies I keep on hand for soup; then a layer of leftover cauliflower and ground beef; next, leftover spinach mashed potatoes plus excess sauteed mushrooms from the balsamic chicken; and then shredded colby jack to finish it off the top. I put it in the oven for about 25 minutes. Pumpernickel bagel from the freezer + cream cheese as well.
  11. Gougeres sound like a good addition to Thanksgiving. The first time I ever made gougeres they came out great. I've had mixed levels of success in subsequent attempts, but none came out as well as the first. I guess that's why it's called beginner's luck . I'm once again trying to clear freezer space so last night I finished the bag of shrimp I'd opened recently for paella. I made this recipe, which also finished the last of a clamshell of baby spinach. I didn't follow the recipe exactly. I used both heavy cream and half and half but not the full total amount called for. Served it over li
  12. Tonight we had sauteed chicken thighs, onions, and mushrooms finished with a balsamic reduction and spinach mashed potatoes. Really good and the potatoes went nicely with the chicken.
  13. Salad with tarragon vinaigrette (romaine, napa cabbage, tomato, cucumber) Leftover tortellini in brodo plus homemade chicken broth and chicken Leftover veggie tarts + pepperoni Leftover cheesy cauliflower and ground beef skillet I had a couple extra skinless boneless chicken thighs beyond what I need for the dish I'm making tonight, so yesterday I poached them and used the broth and chicken to supplement what was left of the tortellini in brodo. I undersalted the broth a bit but, otherwise, it worked nicely. I had picked up a packet of parsley at TJ's without really looking at
  14. We split some leftovers last night and I made one new thing. Since he's not super fond of seafood, and especially not reheated seafood, I had the remaining squid and shrimp from the paella, while my husband had the rice, topped with red beans and black pepper tofu. He had leftover tortellini soup, while I had the last of the pork chili. And we both had roasted sweet potatoes with honey and cinnamon, a Tyler Florence recipe I found at the Food Network site. It called for 4 sweet potatoes and I used 3 pretty big ones (the only remaining one I had beyond that was enormous), and I should have
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