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  1. BBQ chicken sandwiches with caramelized onions, pickles and peppers Corn on the cob Sliced tomato plate Red potato salad with dill, scallions, and hard-boiled egg
  2. BBQ Chicken Nachos Roasted peach and avocado salsa Hotdogs and baked beans Red potato salad with dill, scallions, grated onion, celery, bacon, and hard-boiled egg Corn on the cob
  3. Sounds good. We've got nachos on the dinner menu. It's been there for days and I've been looking forward to it. Given that I'll mostly eat nachos, I'm probably making too much other food
  4. Orange and baby beet arugula salad, walnuts, dill-garlic chèvre, pimento-stuffed olives; peach-orange vinaigrette Jalapeno poppers with bacon Leftover bbq chicken nuggets Broccoli- and scallion-flecked brown rice
  5. Sliced hard-boiled eggs with nicoise dressing Leftover yogurt chicken thighs and drumsticks with mango chutney yogurt sauce Steamed cauliflower Leftover saffron couscous with zucchini and herbs The nicoise dressing, a creamy, mustard-forward French vinaigrette, was leftover from our Little Pearl takeout. The little bit remaining was the perfect complement to two sliced eggs. The chutney yogurt sauce (which is pretty spicy, since I used Patak's hot mango chutney) was great on the cauliflower, as I had hoped. The mostly leftover meal came together really well.
  6. Shutting down after 6 years, per Popville. They will still be selling their frozen biscuits in stores, and it sounds like they have more frozen products coming.
  7. I had a great cheeseburger there but long enough ago it may not be the same preparation that they've been offering more recently.
  8. The few restaurant meals we've gotten since quarantine have been delivery, but today I picked up our dinner at Little Pearl. The current featured theme is French Bistro Classics. While the quality of the meals we've ordered from the few places we've patronized has been high and the execution flawless or close to it, this one shone even by those high standards. Little Pearl is also the second-to-last in-restaurant meal we ate, back in mid-November of last year, so it seemed time to revisit them. (See above .) Dinner started with an excellent vichyssoise and salad nicoise (with shrimp). There were fluffy milk bread rolls with herb butter, and the main course was chicken paillard and roasted radicchio with a lemon caper sauce and ratatouille. We haven't had the dessert yet (apple tarte tatin with lemon creme fraiche) and that may have to wait for tomorrow because we're pretty full. My husband's comment was that the meal came together really well. Everything fit with everything else. It's been the best of the meals in terms of an easy transition to eating it at home with our own dishes and cutlery, well-designed for that. It was a bountiful but not overwhelming amount of food and it was all delicious. Because it felt like a celebratory occasion somehow -- We made it to July! It's Bobby Bonilla Day! Canada Day! -- I got the add on of a cocktail: Hemingway Daiquiris. This is not a drink we typically consume but here's to branching out. They have the logistics down for contactless pick-up. Everything is well thought out and works smoothly. They will start patio dining tomorrow, and that will surely require adjustments to what they've been doing, but I'm sure they'll manage just fine. The French Bistro Classics menu runs for for two more days. I don't know if they'll extend it beyond July 3rd, but the mailings I get from them indicate that they often run these specials for multiple two-week periods. https://www.exploretock.com/littlepearldc/
  9. Salad (romaine, tomato, cucumber, radishes; buttermilk ranch) Cheese and chile quesadillas; sour cream Leftover lemon apricot cinnamon chicken with orzo I'd begun to think I'd lost my touch for making quesadillas. They just hadn't been coming out right. Last night's, however, were perfect. I tend to try to put too much into them, so I went more minimal, using just shredded cheddar and mozzarella, and some jarred pickled jalapeno slices. Perfection.
  10. Yesterday was brie and Carr's rosemary crackers, chicken noodle soup, and chicken Waldorf salad on a bed of romaine.
  11. Charred sumac - oregano chicken wings; carrot and celery sticks; homemade buttermilk ranch dressing Leftover saffron couscous with zucchini and herbs, plus green and orange bell pepper The yogurt marinade on the chicken wings, followed by a dual cooking method (charring on grill pans and then finishing in the oven) makes these wings incredibly moist. The chicken for this was somewhat irregularly sized this time, which meant a little more guesswork than usual on timing. So good. The couscous was already very pretty but I decided to add more color by sauteeing some chopped bell pepper to add into the leftovers.
  12. Romaine, sliced tomatoes, and deviled eggs; vinaigrette Orecchiette with onions, pork sausage, and Parmesan Broccoli with lemon
  13. We had a kind of indoor cookout meal last night: Crostini Chopped tomato salad Deviled eggs BBQ chicken nuggets Baked sweet potatoes Corn on the cob
  14. Yesterday's lunch was baguette slices and fontina cheese plus baked penne rigate in tomato sauce with Parmesan. I had a small amount of a box of the penne hanging around and decided it would be a good way to use some spaghetti sauce and extra canned tomato sauce I had in the fridge. I made a Le Creuset individual gratin dish of this for my husband, topped with shredded mozzarella (bottomless Costco bag) and grated Parmesan. I had my fair share of bread and cheese. Today was a chimichurri pasta and grain salad using the remaining cooked penne and leftover chimichurri I had in the fridge plus leftover roasted carrots, peas, farro, and pine nuts. It made an excellent pasta salad. We also had grilled cheese sandwiches on whole wheat (Swiss and more Costco shredded mozzarella) and Cape Cod potato chips. Chimichurri pasta salad is going into the files. Will definitely try that one again.
  15. Last night was Lemon and Apricot Cinnamon Chicken (from Turkish Delights, which is a cookbook I really like) and steamed broccoli, plus baguette slices and brie. Tonight, more chicken: Yogurt Chicken with Chutney Yogurt Sauce and Saffron, Zucchini, and Herb Couscous. If I have the energy, I'll make a romaine and tomato salad with some kind of vinaigrette. The main course is a recipe from a blog I found online. I need to use an open jar of mango chutney in the refrigerator. The second is from Ina Garten (though I'm switching herbs). Last night's chicken was breasts. Tonight's dinner is a mix of drumsticks and thighs.
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