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  1. Leftover lentil - tomato soup Whole wheat naan Leftover meatloaf Leftover peas with butter and mint Roasted tiny potatoes and orange bell pepper strips
  2. Just watched the episode. Pretty uneventful for this show. They usually play up the emotional angle a lot, bonus points for an owner cursing and walking out in anger. This wasn't bad at all. (The overly emotional stuff is just too much and I turn some of them off.) Funniest thing was I recognized the sign and outside of the restaurant and realized I've eaten here. It was more than a decade ago. I met an acquaintance who was in town, staying nearby, and liked the restaurant. It was at brunch on Easter. All I recall was sitting on the outside patio and having an okay salad. When I looked at the menu, I saw the three dishes that Irvine demoed for them listed: the coconut shrimp mentioned above, pork saltimbocca, and Parmesan chicken. I'm not sure how different the chicken was from the one they already had, though. Some of the components are different from what he was showing, so maybe it didn't change much at all.
  3. Fun with leftovers last night. Lentil - tomato soup Roasted yellow and baby red beet salad with avocado, fresh mandarin sections, fresh mint, Marcona almonds, and feta; mimosa vinaigrette Tiny lamb meatballs and spinach Yogurt sauce TJ's cauliflower tabbouleh Plus, whole wheat naan and butter I was particularly impressed with the salad I put together. It looked beautiful plated.
  4. This made a nice plate: Baked rainbow trout with garlic and lemon Roasted fennel with Parmesan Roasted yellow beets Du Puy lentils with carrots, mushrooms, onions, and garlic; cooked in vegetable broth Chopped avocado Fennel frond garnish The fennel was a Giada DeLaurenttis recipe that came out great. (The recipe says to slice them horizontally, but the video clearly indicates vertically, as does the photo evidence.) I sort of followed a basic NYT recipe for the lentils but added mushrooms and scaled the amounts in the recipe back. I used vegetable broth for the liquid. The lentils were surprisingly delicious.
  5. My husband dubbed last night's dinner “Accidental Thanksgiving in January.” I had to admit he was right. The only part that was intentional was the cranberry sauce. I realized I still had some from making a portobello mushroom dish earlier in the month, so I pulled that out to serve with the turkey cutlets I was breading. The meal was great...and reminiscent of Thanksgiving 🦃. Turkey scallopini Leftover whole berry cranberry sauce Steamed broccoli Leftover English peas with butter and mint Maple spiced mashed sweet potatoes
  6. I had bought habareno lime tortillas at Trader Joe's on something of a whim and wasn't sure what to make with them. At first I thought burritos, then tacos, then stacked enchiladas, and finally I settled on a dish I called encharitos, burritos enchilada style. Mostly that means that, instead of tightly rolling filled tortillas in a casserole, I made tight bundles. I also used refried beans, which I almost always use in burritos but don't usually use in enchiladas. Since I hadn't exactly planned what I was doing and had to get a meal made, I meandered through a process of figuring out what to do as I was doing it. It came out pretty well. I poached a couple large skinless boneless chicken breasts in water with bay, cracked peppercorns, and dehydrated onion. Then I further simmered the chicken on very low for a while in a big jar of salsa verde and some strained poaching liquid until it was easily shreddable. After I took out the chicken, I cooked down the liquid a little more until it was closer to the original salsa consistency. I poured a thin coating of the salsa on the bottom of a casserole big enough to hold ten filled tortillas and used the same sauce to warm and coat the individual tortillas before filling. The layered filling was shredded chicken, green sauce, refried beans, shredded monterey jack, and a few fresh cilantro leaves. I folded them burrito style and they filled the casserole dish exactly full. For the top, I decided to use a red(dish) sauce and so diluted what I called "tomato base" that I had left if the refrigerator from straining tomato soup. The tomatoes were somewhat spent after their previous work, so I pumped them up with extra sriracha (which had been part of the original soup). I diluted this with more of the chicken poaching liquid until it was a saucy consistency. I drizzled this over the casserole and then topped with shredded cheese. After they came out of the oven, I scattered a few more handfuls of cheese and some cilantro leaves. The cheese melted handily before we dug into the meal. I served these with extra lime for squeezing over and that really brought out the lime in the tortillas. The rest of the meal was the remaining salad from the night before and the last of the leftover brown rice and za'atar roasted cauliflower.
  7. Iceberg lettuce and radicchio, radishes, tomato, white onion rings, and green bell pepper; vinaigrette Baked eggplant, potato, and tomato casserole with fresh mint, feta, garlic bread crumbs, and mozzarella Mini spiced lamb meatballs served over sauteed onions, green pepper, and spinach Lemon, mint, and garlic yogurt sauce Trader Joe's cauliflower tabbouli The casserole was the last rearrangement of the moussaka that didn't quite work out as written. I was originally going to add the lamb to it but decided against in case it was a fail. It worked out fine, and the lamb and spinach were great on the side.
  8. Where did you get the Aji Amarillo paste? In the past, I've bought it at Shopper's Food, but now that they've closed (or are closing), I don't know where else to get it next time I need some.
  9. My husband got a meatloaf sandwich on pumpernickel toast (with sriracha mayo, iceberg lettuce, bacon, tomato, thinly sliced white onion, banana pepper rings, and roasted red pepper strips), while I had an open-faced blt + a slice of Swiss cheese on the same toast, also with sriracha mayo.
  10. Assorted leftovers last night: tofu, brown rice, broccoli, cauliflower, and chicken. I made a (very) quick peanut sauce to accompany by whisking ponzu sauce with peanut butter and a splash of water.
  11. Last night was old-fashioned meatloaf like Mom used to make, barded with bacon and basted with tomato juice during cooking. We also had buttered peas with fresh dill and pepper, roasted za'atar cauliflower, and brown rice.
  12. More big salad and pumpernickel Eggplant, tomato, pepper, and potato stew I made the stew from half of the leftovers of the moussaka from the other night. The recipe for the moussaka didn't work too well as moussaka, but with a little creative effort, it transformed into a pretty good stew. Don't know what I'm going to do with the other half of the leftovers. The recipe made a lot. The inspiration for the stew came from a recipe in The San Francisco Chronicle Cookbook Volume II: Cianfotta Lucana. I doubt I would have come up with the stew without seeing that recipe. I'm keeping track of it to make in its own right some other day. The main difference would be the broth in mine derived from what was left of the original sauces on the moussaka. (The sauces never properly thickened.)
  13. Big salad (iceberg, radicchio, radishes, cucumbers, chickpeas, tomato, green bell pepper; mustard - anchovy vinaigrette) Pumpernickel bread and butter Sauteed kale agrodolce with raisins and pine nuts Baked chicken breasts en papillote with pesto, sun-dried tomatoes, and kalamata olives The kale was from a Bobby Flay recipe. I substituted honey for the sugar called for in the agrodolce component. The chicken idea came from skimming through one of the more recent editions of Joy of Cooking. I keep going back to my cookbooks to try to make better use of them and justify the space they take up.
  14. Dinner last night was really good but it sure generated a lot dishes, pots, and pans to wash... 🤨 Spicy Tomato Blue Cheese Soup Cheesy Mixed Pasta Casserole with Mushrooms I was craving tomato soup and remembered this Michael Symon recipe I've made a few times before, so dug it out. In order to give my husband soup without blue cheese, this time around I made it without cheese and gave him crumbled feta to add at the table, and I added blue cheese to mine before eating. Doing it this way, it made absolutely no sense (I realized at the table) to have gone to the trouble of straining the soup through a fine mesh strainer so it was completely smooth. The strained soup is absolutely wonderful, though. I'd never made the Food and Wine recipe before and liked it quite a bit. The cheese is primarily Fontina (some Parmesan is sprinkled on the top), and it's not a huge amount. I followed it more or less to the letter, except instead of using a pound total of mixed pasta shapes, I used a box of tricolor rotini. I don't like rotini all that much and like the mixed colored kind even less, but for some reason I buy some periodically to make pasta salad. This summer I got the pasta and never made the salad. It worked perfectly in this. The three kinds of mushrooms were what really made the dish.
  15. Sauteed marinated extra firm tofu Brown rice Steamed broccoli Whole wheat pita and baba ganoush Based on some idea that lodged in my head from a cooking competition show (I don't even recall which), I marinated the tofu in sriracha, soy sauce, and liquid smoke. I also added some garlic powder and onion powder. I figured it would be a pretty quick meal because there was a time constraint in whatever the show was, though he might have used white rice. I started marinating the tofu, then put the rice on and prepped the broccoli and garnishes. When the rice was finished and I turned it off to rest for 10 minutes, I started cooking the tofu. Right near the end, I steamed the broccoli in the microwave. It looked nice plated, with the rice on the bottom, planks of tofu arranged on top and broccoli florets strewn over the plate. I garnished both the rice and the whole plate with scallion greens and chopped roasted peanuts. I think I'll go with chipotle seasoning next time for the smoke instead of the liquid smoke. It came through enough that I was regretting that inclusion. Possibly I used too much, though it was just a few shakes of the bottle.
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