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  1. Iceberg lettuce, sliced tomatoes, and sesame-soy-ginger vinaigrette Spaghetti with meat sauce and shredded Parmesan The vinaigrette is a bottled standby from Trader Joe's. I keep it on hand for marinades, for which it is excellent, but sometimes deploy it as a salad dressing. The pasta sauce was pretty bare bones: canned diced tomatoes, about half a small can of tomato paste, the remaining cup or so of tomato-soaking water, the dregs of some boxed red wine, onion, garlic, s+p. hot pepper flakes, dried basil/thyme/oregano, and about 1/4 tsp. of superfine sugar.. I had pre-made the sauce earlier and refrigerated it. Late in the day I picked up 1/2 lb. of butcher's blend from Union Meats. While I boiled the pasta, I cooked the meat in the pan the sauce had been made in, added back in the sauce, and a little pasta cooking water. Dinner was ready quickly.
  2. It was. They seem to have made a change. The old bar menu (not special, summer, etc.) was $150, but the price has gone up (I believe) twice since then. So they must have added back a $150 menu with fewer courses.
  3. Last night we finished the gazpacho (topped with some feta) and the WF cold noodles. I had made a frittata (mushrooms, spinach, sun-dried tomatoes, onion, garlic, parsley, basil, feta) earlier in the day and we had wedges of that as well, with the last of the tzatziki. The gazpacho had thickened in the fridge, so I thinned it out with some of the water I rehydrated the tomatoes in.
  4. I added the bread, torn into smallish pieces, after I'd broken the tomatoes down in the blender and then added everything else. I didn't toast it. Last night was salad (red leaf lettuce, baby spinach, tomato, bacon, avocado, corn, and basil) and leftover "lucky pasta."
  5. Last night I used the last of the Asiago pesto bread. I hadn't wanted to keep it around long because it was day old when I bought it and bread doesn't keep well in this weather. (And, no, Spring Mill doesn't discount its day-old bread. On the other hand, they only have it several days a week and if the previous day's had sold out, I couldn't have bought it at all.) Some of it went into a batch of gazpacho and the rest was toasted for Chicken Avocado BLTs. I think having the pesto and cheese in the bread contributed something extra to the gazpacho, which wasn't really a recipe. I used about 2 lbs. of tomatoes, a cucumber, half of a huge green bell pepper, half a medium red onion, a couple of cloves of garlic, a glug or two of Worcestershire, the juice of a lemon, kosher salt, black pepper, and some red wine vinegar.
  6. Hoping for better times (or nostalgic for them), I made this last night: http://www.dinneralovestory.com/potuss-lucky-pasta/ It and the background story are reprinted from Sam Kass's cookbook Eat a Little Better. I made the chicken for it early in the day and toasted the nuts for the pesto. It's simple and satisfying. (After being so organized ahead of time, I ran late actually starting dinner and it still came together fairly quickly. I did not use all the spinach called for, about half of that.) I toasted some slices of Asiago pesto bread from Spring Mill Breads to go with it. It was a good match.
  7. Congratulations! Have fun packing. Since I'm here and I've pre-made dinner: Brown rice and salmon salad with corn, peas, and red onions; lemon vinaigrette Pork and beef kofta Tzatziki
  8. "Hot smoked" salmon, cream cheese, capers, and Italian rosemary crackers Cold poached sockeye salmon Cold Asian noodles With the exception of the cream cheese (Giant) and the salt-brined capers (???), everything was from TJ's (smoked salmon and crackers) or Whole Foods. I have really gotten to like the cold Asian noodles from the prepared foods case at WF. The container is expensive ($7.99) but is 24 oz., and it goes a pretty long way.
  9. Monday: hush puppy fried chicken legs; leftover roasted potatoes fried in bacon fat plus leftover spinach, mushrooms, garlic, and bacon Last night: leftover fried chicken, salad platter: (red leaf lettuce, sliced turkey, sliced tomatoes, bacon, basil; balsamic vinaigrette); and summer squash au gratin
  10. Rigatoni with hot pepper vodka sauce
  11. Yesterday was roasted chicken breast halves, roasted potatoes, and sautéed baby spinach, mushrooms, and garlic with bacon. Thursday: Leftover 3 Bean Salad Leftover sweet potato dip and veggies Tortilla chips and guacamole Steak tacos
  12. Pat

    DR Summer picnic -7/29/18 Noon to 5ish

    I put this on the Events calendar months ago. Last I looked it was there.
  13. I haven't been cooking a whole lot with the extreme heat. I haven't turned the oven on in quite some time and have been using the stovetop, sparingly, and the microwave. Over the weekend, Saturday was Green leaf lettuce, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, crumbled bacon, hard-boiled eggs, avocado, and radishes; sesame-soy-ginger vinaigrette Pipe rigate pasta with hot Italian turkey sausage, tomatoes, broccoli, mushrooms, and Parmesan And Sunday was Leftover salad rounded out with extra lettuce Cold Asian noodles (Whole Foods prepared foods section) Deviled eggs with bacon Monday: More leftover green salad Egg salad on poppy seed kaiser rolls Sweet potato tahini dip and vegetables (carrots, celery, peppers) Last night: Thai red curry marinated steak over cold Asian noodles Cold steamed broccoli with hot pepper sesame oil 3 Bean salad Leftover sweet potato dip and veggies
  14. Bingo. The dish in the foreground is red coconut beef curry and turmeric rice. It was fabulous. Huge portion.
  15. This should be pretty easy, even with my bad lighting/photography.