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  1. So long as they are better at bagels than they are at business, I guess it's worthwhile to keep patronizing them. That's what I decided about the place I was having issues with.
  2. Per Popville: Sold to a like-minded small businessman and will become Dawson's Market, retaining the same employees.
  3. Salad (romaine, cucumber, radishes, mushrooms, roasted yellow beets, hard-boiled egg; ranch) Pumpernickel bread and butter Leftover chicken and mushroom sauce Leftover mac and cheese Buttered peas Miso - roasted asparagus with sesame seeds The asparagus was a Jose Andres recipe from the Post. A pound of trimmed asparagus tossed with a mixture of 1/4 cup hot water whisked with 2 Tbsp. sugar and then 1/4 cup miso (it called for white or yellow but I used red because it's what I had). Broiled for 6 minutes. I sprinkled with sesame seeds as soon as it came out of the oven. Magnific
  4. Planned for tonight: Air fryer skinless boneless chicken breasts topped with provolone Mushroom - basil cream sauce (mushrooms, garlic, red onion, cream, white wine, basil) Roasted cauliflower (evoo, rojan josh seasoning + powdered fenugreek; pretzel salt) Roasted yellow beets ((thyme, coarsely ground black pepper, kosher salt, thyme, evoo) Friday night: Homemade cream of potato soup (carrot, celery, garlic, red onion, thyme, poussin & poussin stock) Mixed grill (lamb, pork, D’Artagnan chicken & wild mushroom sausages) Leftover couscous Leftover lentils Saturd
  5. This sure sounds very frustrating. I'd certainly complain and get a refund. Is this a place you go to often enough to know if this is an aberration? If so, the holiday would go a long way to explaining it. I've found some business e-commerce sites work a lot better than others, even ones that use the same platforms. There is one shop I patronize because I like their food and have been trying to be supportive during the pandemic, and their e-commerce site is a hot mess. It looks fine, but they sell me items they don't have and tell me to pick things up at times when they're not available.
  6. I've been making my way through lots of leftovers and some stuff from the freezer. This pesto-stuffed portobello recipe from the NYT is really good. I had a Costco- sized pack of the mushrooms and subsequently made some stuffed with leftover mashed potatoes and spinach. Sprinkled Parm on top. Made a bunch more of the Pioneer Woman salmon burgers with lemon caper sauce. Those are good. Some on ciabatta rolls. Some on English muffins. At some point, I acquired mozzarella balls and basil and made Caprese salads with my assorted tomatoes. Then I branched out from there. I also discovered
  7. The rustic sourdough continues to be fantastic. (Didn't get coffee this time.) This loaf was even bigger than the last one. The coloring and crust make me wonder if they bake them in the pizza oven for the nearby slice spot at the Roost. It's a worthwhile $9.
  8. Signs are up at the old location in Eastern Market for a steakhouse , Harvest Tide. This is the website. They are from Delaware. This from Eater says it's also taking over the Harold Black space upstairs.
  9. Rye and ginger. George Dickel Rye (1 oz.) over 3/4 rocks glass of crushed ice, topped with Diet Canada Dry; finished with a Stonewall Kitchen Bourbon Bada Bing bourbon cherry. This is really good. The cherries don't have much bourbon flavor. It's the last ingredient. I also used them making Dry Manhattans a little while ago. That was Old Overholt Rye 2:1 to Dollin dry vermouth, and a cherry. My dad always liked rye. As a bread grain, I love it. For booze, I think I prefer the Dickel to the Old Overholt. The Dickel is almost gone, which is why I figured I'd use it with the ginger. Si
  10. Last night: Baby arugula salad (radishes, cucumber, tomato, goat cheese; vinaigrette) Slow roasted salmon with citrus and herb salad (Adapted from an Alison Roman recipe from Dining In; also at NYT) Leftover warm Yukon gold pesto potato salad Buttered peas Tonight: Baby arugula salad with salmon, cucumber, goat cheese, and fresh dill; vinaigrette Rigatoni in marinara sauce with pesto, chicken and caramelized onions Sliced pork loin chop over bed of sautéed veg (baby spinach, onion, garlic, mushroom, green bell pepper) The pork chop was marinated all day and then cooked on
  11. I second this, except I don't know the exit number. I used to get off at Bel Air/Edgewood. Since I have no family up there any more, I haven't made the trip in a while, but the back roads are lovely. It really doesn't add that much time. My restaurant knowledge in that area is way out of date and, with a pandemic and closings, even more so. There's got to be stuff open in Media, which I think of as closer to the Gardens than West Chester, but that's probably my geographical bias. One idea would be to ask the Philadelphia Inquirer's restaurant critic in his live chat.
  12. We had what was left of the cheese - bacon bread I didn't freeze, along with salad (baby arugula, Campari tomato, watermelon radish, cucumber; ranch), steamed broccoli, and rigatoni with sausage, tomatoes, and cream. The pasta was really good.
  13. Tonight was more of the savory cheese & bacon bread and a vegan Panang tofu curry over brown rice. 🙃 I had all the ingredients for the curry (kale, sweet potato, open coconut milk that needed to be finished, cashews, etc.) so I made it tonight even though the bread pairing was a little odd with a vegan main course.
  14. Last night was patty melts and fries along with a completely incongruous (but tasty) cauliflower-two-ways preparation I found to use a cauliflower that absolutely had to be used (fried with spices and garlic over puree). The patty melts were conventional, with a twist. I made oval hamburgers, genuine takes-an-hour-to make properly caramelized onions, and used sliced Swiss cheese and seeded rye bread. The twist: I spread some jalapeno cheddar cream cheese from Call Your Mother on the inside of the bread slices. It amped up the flavor and cheesiness, but fairly subtly. Saturday: Cheese
  15. Last night I made a pizza using TJ's dough. Toppings: Italian sausage, pepperoni, banana peppers, roasted mushrooms; mozzarella, Parmesan. Served with salad. Tonight I baked some flounder fillets I found in the freezer. I soaked them in some milk that was just about to go over to the other side and then dredged them in homemade bread crumbs I also pulled out of the freezer, mixed with chopped fresh dill and garlic salt. The crumbs didn't stick too well, so I just patted them on top to cover everything. I dotted the whole pan full of fish with butter and poured some of the soaking milk aro
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