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  1. A vegetarian stir-fry kind of meal for last night: baby bok choy, tofu, shiitake and button mushrooms, broccoli, and brown rice-millet ramen noodles.
  2. Sounds about right. Maybe add the word "pop-up" in there somewhere. Don, also note that the chef for Yang's is James Wozniuk.
  3. The way that article is written, it sounds like Bruner-Yang is a partner in Impala and they're trying the new concept out there for the winter: Perhaps the website is still up because the old concept might be brought back?
  4. Pat

    When Sweet Potatoes Go South

    Bizarrely enough, I have had this happen twice in the past couple of weeks. They weren't sweet potatoes that had just been bought; they'd been in the potato part of the bin in my pantry for a while. I certainly have regular potatoes that start to sprout if I've had them too long, but I've never, ever encountered sweet potatoes that have turned liquid in their skins before. This is really strange.
  5. Last night was baked chicken drumsticks, baked sweet potatoes, and a side dish of orzo, roasted tomatoes, peas, feta, and parsley. The chicken and orzo both had a hit of Tabasco too. Orzo Full plate
  6. Last night I made this vegetarian recipe from the Post for Black Beans and Greens With Avocado and Za'atar. It was pretty quick to make, though not really a mid-December recipe. I bought the cherry tomatoes at Trader Joe's. My husband ate two big servings, with a toasted multigrain English muffin on the side. There was a little of the topping guacamole left, which doesn't keep well. I think I'd just make half of that next time, but since I had the two avocados, I made the whole batch.
  7. Oyster stew Spinach pie (feta, Parmesan, eggs, Merguez sausage, nicoise olives)
  8. BBQ pulled pork sandwiches Napa cabbage and radicchio slaw Baked beans
  9. Last night was cheesesteaks and frozen Trader Joe's french fries. The steak was leftover London Broil. The cheese was provolone mixed with the last of some pepper Gouda. Caramelized onions and sauteed green bell pepper, plus pickled banana pepper slices. I used Trader Joe's hoagie rolls.
  10. More of the chicken soup last night, plus London Broil, and roasted cauliflower and brussels sprouts. I'm glad I've rediscovered London Broil. It's made with a relatively inexpensive cut and can still be made rather quickly. The tabasco that James Beard calls for seems to be the secret ingredient, in terms of tenderizing the meat while the broiler heats. (Kosher salt and pepper are the only other two seasonings for the meat.) I sprinkled za' atar on the vegetables, plus some olive oil, before roasting. I'd had the sprouts for some time and they were pretty bitter, even for me, when I tested them after roasting. My husband is not that fond of them to begin with, so I attempted a quick fix. I whisked together some balsamic vinegar, the dregs of a jug of maple syrup, some honey, and a few squirts of sriracha and dressed the roasted vegetables with that. (I'd roasted the vegetables before switching to broil mode. I seasoned the steak before heating the oven for the roasting part.) The dressing did a good job of evening out the bitterness of the sprouts and was also great with the cauliflower.
  11. For people who drive to the Wharf, where do you park?
  12. Last night was soup (chicken, rice, and bean, made from a roasted chicken carcass and leftover rice and beans) and tuna melts on multigrain English muffins.
  13. Link to the post I made in the Frankly Pizza thread on the documentary featuring both restaurants.
  14. We watched the documentary "New Chefs on the Block" last night. Frank Linn and Aaron Silverman are the "new chefs" of the title. The film chronicles the build out of Frankly Pizza and Rose's Luxury (and to a lesser extent, P&P). It's a pretty fascinating film. The coverage starts in 2013 and goes through 2016. The film came out this year. I was unaware of it until I saw it pop up on Amazon Prime when we were looking for something to watch last night. It was interesting to see the roles both sets of parents played in getting the restaurants off the ground. Also fascinating: the projected expenses for opening vs. actual. Rose's budget was much bigger, but as a percentage they went over much less than Frankly (which was working with an existing restaurant space). The way each handled staffing was also interesting to see. Since there was quite a gap between when work on the film began and when it was wrapped up, there were some interview bits that otherwise wouldn't have been jarring but were. The most bittersweet part of the film was the segments featuring Michel Richard (who gets an "in memoriam" at the end) talking about food and restaurants. Then there were the segments with Mike Isabella talking about running restaurants. Oh my. In any case, I haven't been to Kensington in years, but it was cool to see the evolution of Rose's, a restaurant I've been to quite a number of times.
  15. We had two proteins tonight. One was a salad I improvised using halibut. The other was a Mark Bittman recipe for deviled chicken thighs, which I made cautiously, as it involved cooking skin-on chicken under the broiler. Served with dill mashed potatoes and the salad.