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  1. Last night was the last of some chicken noodle soup from the freezer, chicken breasts baked in pesto and topped with tomato slices and mozzarella, steamed broccoli, and baby sweet potatoes.
  2. Last night was leftover stir-fry and a salad of quinoa, tomato, broccoli, and chickpeas dressed with the rest of the rice vinegar/peanut oil/lime dressing used for the cabbage slaw.
  3. The only leftovers I had that got repurposed were the turkey meatballs. I had baked them ahead of time and kept them warm in the crockpot in boxed turkey bone broth until later in the day when the rest of the meal was done. This had the added (and intended) benefit of making sure they were moist. I made soup with some sauteed vegetables, leftover meatballs, and a diluted version of the broth, which had been very concentrated to start. It was good not to have tons of leftovers to find things to do something with, but I did kind of miss it all the same.
  4. Steak and eggs Cheddar quesadilla with guacamole The steak was filet mignon rescued from the freezer and the eggs were scrambled.
  5. Last night was turkey meatball soup and a stir-fry of tofu, onion, snow peas, yellow and green bell pepper, cremini mushrooms, and rice noodles. Tonight was a napa cabbage slaw and a bunch of leftovers: pumpkin mac and cheese; roasted cauliflower; turnip puree; and, chicken, greens, and rice.
  6. Pumpkin mac and cheese with broccoli mixed in Skillet casserole of greens, rice, and chicken Nothing with Thanksgiving leftovers last night but lots of carbs. I don't usually make a meal with substantial amounts of both rice and pasta, but I was trying to utilize bits and pieces of things that needed to be used: the last of the pumpkin puree from when I made the pumpkin bread; excess cooked broccoli; milk that had expired; chicken breasts that came out too dry when cooked for a recipe; greens that weren't in as great shape as I thought when I bought them; miscellaneous bits of onion, garlic, and celery left from other recipes; and the remaining homemade chicken stock I had defrosted to make something for Thanksgiving. Both dishes came out well. I put the sliced chicken breasts into the skillet near the end of the rice cooking time and buried them in there so they heated and stayed moist. I think the chicken was actually more moist than the first time around.
  7. I have changed the menu I originally came up with a couple months ago. What I'm doing is somewhat similar but a little less work. I pushed the sweet potato gnocchi with sage butter to Christmas Eve. I'm getting ready to make the chocolate pumpkin bread for dessert so I don't have to do that tomorrow. The rest of dessert is from my dwindling stash of Trickling Springs ice cream. The mashed turnips are from Molly O'Neill's A Well-Seasoned Appetite. The cauliflower is a Food Network recipe that we loved last time I made it. The sauce for the meatballs is from the NYT recipe for the turkey breast that I was originally going to make. I've only had two crises so far: the parsley I grabbed at the store turned out to be cilantro. Should have double-checked instead of trusting the shelf label ☹️. I was able to find curly parsley at a nearby corner store that is reliable for fresh produce. The recipe that requires the most of it doesn't even specify type, so okay...The turnips only use a little of it and I think I might substitute (or combine with) the remaining fresh tarragon I have. My baking powder had expired 🤨, but I tested it and it fizzed like crazy, so I'm forging ahead! Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Roasted Baby Beets with Feta and Toasted Walnuts on a Bed of Baby Kale Turkey Meatballs in Cranberry-Wine Sauce Mustard-Parmesan Whole Roasted Cauliflower Mashed Turnips with Crispy Shallots Chocolate Pumpkin Bread Salted Caramel Ice Cream
  8. Back to leftovers. More salad, building on what was left from the previous night: additional radicchio and iceberg, tomatoes, and bacon. Leftover gruyere and potato frittata from the freezer, and 7 grain lentil blend from an expired Whole Foods packet. The grains tasted a little flat. Some hot sauce might have helped, but oh well. Otherwise, fine. And more sourdough bread and butter.
  9. After a couple of nights of leftovers, I cooked again last night. Radicchio and iceberg salad, cucumber, red bell pepper, tomato, dried cranberries, sweet and spicy pecans; honey - mustard vinaigrette Beef chili with beans; shredded cheddar and creme fraiche to serve TJ's sourdough bread and butter I used the chili as a vessel for a lot of items I had to use up in the refrigerator: an open can of beer, one lonely tomatillo, an aged red bell pepper, 1 1 /2 chipotles and their adobo, a handful of chickpeas (supplementing the kidney beans I used for the most part). The other liquid was a can of tomato sauce and part of a box of beef stock (the rest of which now sits in the fridge...). I tinkered with spicing, using a mix of premade chili powder, some ancho powder and some chipotle powder as well, rounded out with a sprinkling of cayenne and black pepper. There was also half of a large fresh jalapeno in there, a white onion, and a fat clove of garlic. It simmered a good long time, and the flavor and the heat were just right. I'm sure I'll never make chili exactly this way again but it was quite good
  10. The past couple of nights have been largely things from the freezer and pantry. Thursday, it was two chicken legs and some pork ribs that I defrosted and reheated in the oven. I also made a side dish of red quinoa I pulled out of the freezer with the remnants of a couple of bags of frozen peas and corn. We had more of the green bean salad along with this. Last night I decided to make stuffing to go with sliced cooked pork tenderloin I'd found during the previous day's excavation. I'd also roasted a couple dozen chestnuts I'd bought at Eastern Market a while ago that I really needed to use before they got too old. Unfortunately, some old rye bread I'd pulled out to use for my anticipated stuffing had gotten too freezer burned to be used, so I stopped at TJ's and bought a box of cornbread stuffing mix. It had been a long time since I'd bought boxed stuffing but this was certainly the right time of year to need to look for it! Back at home, I unwrapped the pork and discovered it was only 3 small slices -- very well wrapped, though, which is why it looked like more. I heated them quickly in a cast iron skillet to refresh them and put some color on them and cut them into pieces. The cooled pieces of pork went into my stuffing, along with the chopped chestnuts and some sweet and spicy pecans I'd also picked up at the store. I also added parsley and I heated it all up as a casserole. Being mixed in with all of the moist ingredients also kept the pork from being too dry after three rounds of cooking. We had this with more of the green bean salad and more of the quinoa and vegetables, which I spiced up this time around with some minced habanero pepper.
  11. Marinated green bean salad with sun-dried tomatoes and toasted walnuts Ham and split pea soup [restaurant takeout] Noodle and cheese casserole
  12. We went the Italian Thanksgiving Feast at Little Pearl last night. It runs Tuesday through Thursday this week. The food was excellent. The pacing for the main part of the meal was good but there were notably long lags after the first two courses, which were antipasti, and before the last two, which were the entree and dessert. The last two were the only courses that weren't laid out to be shared. The garlic knots which accompanied the entree of "Turkey & All The Fixings" were an awesome garlicky take on Parker House rolls. The server said that the chef had been working on perfecting his recipe, and I'd say he succeeded. The remainder of that dish was turkey roulade with marsala gravy, celery root puree, and broccoli rabe. This was a well-executed encapsulation of a Thanksgiving meal. The opening rounds were described ahead of time as "snacks," and included the antipasti of citrus marinated white anchovies and fried casterlvetrano olives stuffed with mozzarella and Italian sausage. The anchovies were were a well-balanced couple of bites but the deep-fried stuffed olives knocked it out of the park. Next came Warm Brussel Salad, with bits of sprouts, almonds, calabrian chili puree & preserved lemon. (I presume this was the second snack course based on the way it had been laid out ahead of time.) Next came two small plates, one seafood pasta and one meat. Lobster Pasta was ;probably my husband's favorite of the meal. This featured gomiti pasta in white wine cream sauce, mustard greens, and grana padano. I had to google gomiti after the fact to confirm what I thought: they are also called pipe rigate. I thought this was delicious but didn't love it as much as my husband did. My favorite of this part of the menu was the "Meatballs!" of veal and pork with marinara. Really basic. Really good. The dessert was a riff on apple crisp, "Baked Apple & Pecorino," with puff pastry squares and mascarpone ice cream. The crisp had a wonderful balance of apple, cheese, and pastry and the ultra-creamy ice cream was delicious alongside. The meal was $75 per person plus tax, so $165 billed ahead of time via Tock for two people. It was not clear if gratuity was included or not. The two beers to accompany the meal totaled $18 (or $19.80 with tax). The $165 was credited on the bill and then gratuity was to be added for both sets of charges on the final bill. This was kind of confusing, and I have no idea how they would handle this if someone just ordered plain water with the meal. When I asked the server about including the gratuity in the charge, she said that sometimes they do but this time they didn't. That seems unnecessarily confusing, but we figured it out and it was a fine meal I'm glad that we indulged ourselves in approaching the holidays.
  13. Don merged the 2019 thread into this one: https://www.donrockwell.com/topic/1607-us-thanksgiving-dinner-1621-celebrating-and-giving-thanks-for-the-good-harvest-in-plymouth-massachusetts/
  14. I felt so bad for Haskins, pleading with the offensive line -- what do they need from him to succeed -- and they're totally disinterested. He got drafted by a nightmare team. This is about as far from the Nationals 2019 team chemistry as is humanly possible. And then there's the Nicholson thing. Unbelievable that he started the game! He's had two bad character off-field experiences in less than a calendar year and one happened in the week leading up to this game. It's a different sport and I sometimes take issue with Rizzo's handling of personnel on things he takes issue with, but there is no way that would have happened with the Nats. No way.
  15. Leftover lemon honey chicken Saffron couscous with mushrooms and chopped chicken breast Kind of redundant on the chicken, but one was dark meat and the other white...
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