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  1. Salad (baby spring mix and tomatoes) Leftover lasagna roll-ups (filled with cheese and baked with marinara) plus new lasagna roll-ups, stuffed with spinach artichoke dip and baked with heavy cream and bread crumbs Garlic bread
  2. Chicken noodle soup Toasted baguette slices Leftover spinach-artichoke dip Seared leftover filet mignon Baked potatoes; sour cream; bacon; jarlsberg I managed to reheat the steak without overcooking it, which was a win. It was rare enough that a really quick sear in a scorching hot cast iron grill pan got it heated without cooking it a whole lot more -- to medium-rare. We each left about half of our filet the first go-round, so I guess we could have just shared one. The soup was the last of the chicken meat from a previously roasted chicken; broth from the carcass + a little left from a box of broth used for black bean soup; chopped carrot; onion and garlic powders; salt and pepper; and, broken vermicelli.
  3. Salad of napa cabbage, baby arugula, baby romaine, and radishes; ranch Leftover black bean soup Chicken sandwiches (avocado, tomato) on focaccia
  4. Black bean soup with sour cream and cilantro House of Blues spinach - artichoke dip Rosemary focaccia with Maldon sea salt flakes Filet Mignon topped with baby arugula and Easter radish salad Chocolate shortbread hearts
  5. Green leaf lettuce, Campari tomatoes, toasted pine nuts, and champagne vinaigrette Baguette slices and butter Lasagna roll-ups
  6. Leftover lamb meatballs and potatoes with tahini sauce and pine nuts Roasted chicken legs and wings* Yesterday was just a weird day... *We also had an impromptu stuffing with this. I had roasted the whole chicken over a sliced onion and scattered the last of some homemade croutons I had made under and around the bird. The long-cooked onions and bread broke down nicely (I basted a little during cooking) and made "stuffing."
  7. Pot roast with potatoes, carrot, onions, and garlic Trader Joe's Italian style rosemary crackers I started the pot roast on top of the stove in a dutch oven and then put it in the oven at 300-325 for several hours before turning the oven off while I went out for a couple hours. It stayed warm in the Le Creuset in the oven until dinner time. The braising liquid was red wine and beef stock and the flavors built up really nicely over all that time. The meat was delicious. Bread to sop up the gravy instead of crackers would have been better, but oh well.
  8. Trader Joe's chicken soup dumplings Red leaf lettuce, cucumber, and tomato salad with ranch dressing Pan-roasted pork chops with prunes and pine nuts I deglazed the pan for the pork chops with a little white wine and some apple cider I'd soaked the prunes in for a while. The soup was absent from the dumplings. i may have erred somehow in my steaming and caused it to evaporate. Not sure. I'd never bought these before but they intrigued me. The dumplings themselves were fine for what they were.
  9. Last night was lamb kofte baked over potatoes and served with tahini sauce and pine nuts, plus the leftover blueberry-pistachio tabbouleh. Friday night was cheese toasts and leftover creamy tomato penne.
  10. Fish tacos made with the leftover sea bass Toppings: guacamole, chopped tomato, napa cabbage, homemade ranch/crema Leftover rice plus black beans Leftover asparagus
  11. Miso-glazed Chilean sea bass Blueberry-Pistachio Tabbouleh Steamed asparagus with lemon, butter, s + p This was a good meal! I made the fish with a glaze I improvised for rockfish (not even trying to figure out if they are the same) years ago. The original fish had Dogfish Head Fort Raspberry Ale, red miso, and some other things in the glaze. That ale may not be produced any more (couldn't find it), so I used Troeg's Blackberry Tizzy Pennsylvania Sour Ale. I figured that would go with the blueberries in the tabbouleh from Joy the Baker (in her brunch cookbook Over Easy). I've posted somewhere here about how I haven't been able to find the regular old bulgur I used to make for tabbouleh and that Bob's Red Mill bulgur never works right, regardless if I'm using a separate recipe or the directions on the package. The bulgur I bought from the bulk bins at Whole Foods (which they often don't have) worked absolutely perfectly according to Joy's directions. I still have no idea what the issue is with Bob's, but I feel some redemption in the bulk stuff being absolutely perfect--in a recipe I have never made before! I didn't use that much of the ale in the mixture for the fish, and I also drank some. I like it better than the raspberry ale from years ago. It's 7.8%ABV, and between the recipe and maybe 4-5 oz. in a glass, I have a decent amount left to try to preserve. The fish is a once in a blue moon thing. The asparagus I make a fair amount during the spring, and I'm going to be making this tabbouleh a lot...if I can find the right bulgur.
  12. Last night was a stir-fry (pork, tofu, broccoli, onion, cremini mushrooms) with rice. I wilted some baby spinach in oil separately and mixed that into the hot rice in the pot prior to serving.
  13. I guess so. I'd been looking at a Pioneer Woman recipe for Chicken Spaghetti, except I barely did anything the recipe called for. It is the reason I put the bell peppers in, though . I kept the spaghetti in long strands, made mushroom sauce instead of using canned soup, used leftover thighs I'd baked days before, omitted the chicken broth, put leftover fromage fort plus shredded Parmesan directly into the sauce instead of grated cheddar on top, and was running really late so did not bake it as a casserole at all. I did give it a little crunch by adding breadcrumbs on top I'd previously toasted and buttered. So, other than providing a general inspiration--and chopped peppers--her recipe had nothing to do with this. But she may have been thinking of chicken a la king when she came up with her recipe.
  14. Making lots of pasta lately. Tonight was spaghetti with a creamy cheesy mushroom sauce, chopped chicken (from leftover thighs), and sauteed chopped red and green bell peppers. I topped this with toasted homemade bread crumbs to serve.