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  1. Last night was salad (romaine, cucumber, radishes, yellow bell pepper, ranch dressing) and leftover chicken cacciatore over fettuccine with a side of sauteed mushrooms and kale.
  2. Pat


    This post from foodrepublic.com has Elizabeth Faulkner's recipe adapted for home bakers. The author of the post describes bialy texture as "its outside is matte, not shiny, and it doesn’t have that pull-away crust. Large puffy bubbles characterize the bialy’s innards."
  3. Tuesday was garlic bread and chicken cacciatore over fettuccine. Last night was sheet pan chicken and broccoli with peanut sauce. The latter is from Molly Gilbert's Sheet Pan Suppers. It's the only recipe from the book that I have had any issues with. I used mature broccoli instead of baby broccoli but otherwise I basically followed the recipe. It calls for creamy peanut butter and I what I had was Smucker's natural kind. I really need to get some Skippy for things like this. I find it hard to mix a peanut sauce from the natural stuff. It's just too thick. I ended up having to add more liquid to get any reasonable texture. The ingredients get mixed together and go on the sheet pan, which goes under the broiler. The broccoli is supposed to char, which it did but before the chicken was cooked. The peanut sauce on the chicken charred too. I took the opportunity when I removed the broccoli (to keep it from incinerating) to flip the chicken over. I put some reserved peanut sauce on the other side and put it back in the oven for another 3 minutes. The recipe calls for either cutlets or thin breasts, and I pounded the skinless boneless breasts I had fairly well with a meat mallet to get them thinner. Perhaps everything would have finished at the same time with cutlets. I'm not really sure why the recipe calls for reserving 1/4 cup of the sauce for serving at the table. We didn't use any, but it's good I had the excess for the chicken flipping exercise. It will also be useful when I repurpose the leftover chicken. The payoff to this whole post: the chicken turned out exceptionally moist, between the high temperature of the broiler and the coating in sauce. It's hard to get skinless boneless breasts that moist. So I'll tweak this recipe beaded on experience and make it again.
  4. Pat

    Mario Batali - Sexual Misconduct

    April Bloomfield spoke at length to The New York Times about harassment at her restaurants. Link.
  5. I've liked this simple tomato soup made with coconut milk. You can omit the meatballs.
  6. Tarragon chicken salad sandwiches Roasted delicata squash salad
  7. Pat


    They have them at both locations. Also available via Doordash.
  8. Pat


    Bullfrog Bagels has them. I haven't had a bialy from there in a while but recall them being good.
  9. More French onion soup last night, plus this Asparagus Linguine recipe from Jamie Oliver. I don't usually buy asparagus out of season, but they had it on sale at Giant for $1.77/lb., and I had just seen this recipe, so I went for it. It came out really well. I don't make many of his recipes, but I can't recall having a bad experience with any of them.
  10. Last night: French onion soup Pan-seared strip steak Brown and wild rice mix with baby spinach and corn Friday: Baguette slices with butter or evoo Skillet meal of leftover chile-spiced ground chicken, leftover steamed broccoli, sauteed cremini mushrooms, scallions, cilantro, soy sauce, chicken broth, and Thip Khao chile-fish sauce over Chinese egg noodles, topped with cilantro, scallions, and radishes
  11. Pat

    Cal Ripken

    At some point, we can write something about his baseball career. Cal Jr. remarries.
  12. I made tacos out of the leftover laab from Thip Khao, on flour tortillas, with shredded lettuce, sliced radishes, scallions, and cilantro. I also had ground chicken I needed to use so that got cooked with scallions, chili powder, cumin, s + p, and a little sauce from a can of chipotles I'd opened recently and went into some more tacos. Served with the leftover white rice and purple sticky rice. I had no idea what to do with leftover fried pig ears but was moderately successful cutting them into about 1" pieces and throwing into a braise of escarole and shallots. I had forgotten I had the escarole and really needed to use it. The porkiness went well. I splashed in a small amuont of balsamic vinegar near the end.
  13. A couple of friends and I went here for dinner last night. The food and service were both good, but we were more focused on socializing than eating. The Khao Poon was excellent but impractical for sharing. I was the one who really wanted it, but knowing we were sharing everything, something with a major liquid component was not a brilliant choice from that vantage point. We started with the pig's ears, which one friend really loves. I'm so-so on them but enjoyed the few I had. A whole order was too many for us. The dipping sauce with them is fantastic, though. We also had a laab with shrimp and another dish from the salad section of the menu that I think was Naem Khao Thadeau, but I didn't take notes. That was the spicier of the two salads. I hadn't been here for quite a while. The menu seems shorter. We weren't asked about a heat preference and didn't express one. There was variation in the levels of heat among dishes. Nothing was insanely hot and nothing seemed to be begging for additional seasoning either.
  14. "Somm Scandal: Revelations of Cheating at Master Sommelier Examination Lead to the Invalidation of 23 New Certifications" by Esther Mobley on sfchronicle.com A master from the Court of Master Sommeliers released detailed information about the wines in the blind-tasting portion of the exam in advance, so 23 of the 24 individuals in the class of 2018 had their diplomas revoked and will have to retake that portion of the exam. All 54 people who took the blind-tasting this year will have their results invalidated. (The only person whose diploma wasn't revoked had completed the blind-tasting portion last year and wasn't affected.) This is being done to preserve the integrity of the process and the value of the title. I can't imagine how unhappy those folks must be. 😧