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  1. I don't recall seeing anything other than just the basic ones, but it's been an eternity since I've been in a Giant or Safeway. Maybe I've seen them and don't remember. When I looked at the French's (McCormick) web site, they have 3 types: original crispy, caramelized crispy, and white cheddar crispy. The background colors are different, but the packaging is otherwise basically the same. No wonder your dad got the wrong thing! What I totally didn't realize is that they sell other crispy vegetable "toppers": jalapenos, red peppers, and dill pickle (seasoning). Can't imagine buying those, e
  2. Tonight was salad (romaine, Campari tomatoes, radishes, sliced red onion, and feta vs. blue cheese); InstantPot turkey meatballs in gravy; leftover mashed potatoes; leftover mashed maple roasted squash; leftover rice with lima beans; and, steamed broccoli. There was a tiny amount of squash left, enough for one modest spoonful per plate; a little more mashed potatoes than that, enough for a large spoonful per plate; and still plenty of rice and limas, but I served only a proportional amount of that to the other starches. I made the gravy to use up a little box of the McCormick stuff I keep
  3. Romaine, Campari tomatoes, cucumber, Landaff cheese; vinaigrette Pinto bean quesadillas; sour cream Leftover cabbage, sausage, and beans Hadn't thought through the beans two ways thing. Oh, well. The second kind were cannellini. I used jack and basic orange cheddar in the quesadillas. I do love quesadillas.
  4. How would that be in something like a quesadilla? It might use a couple tablespoons.
  5. Tonight was all leftovers or combinations thereof: Rustic bread with Harbison cheese Beef vegetable-rice soup Leftover chicken and green curry Leftover buttermilk mashed potatoes Leftover haricots verts [freezer] Leftover cabbage and red onion
  6. I remember that cheese stall. I hardly ever go to Union Market and didn't know it wasn't there any more. (It's probably been gone for years...) Tonight's meal was excellent, if I do say so myself. Whole wheat naan Green salad (romaine, campari tomatoes, cucumber, radishes, carrot; mustard white wine vinaigrette) Roasted cumin lamb sirloin steaks Leftover baby limas and white rice Roasted Tetsukabuto squash with butter and apple brandy barrel aged maple syrup Lamb was Australian from D'Artagnan. There aren't many recipes for lamb sirloin steaks online, but I pieced togeth
  7. I picked up an order at Cameo the other day. Since Souk no longer has bread and I'm not baking much myself, I've been scoping out other sources. Since I was only ordering bread, I also got just a regular $3 drip coffee too. After ordering online, I arrived 30 or so minutes later. The coffee had been put out on the counter with the bread when the order was fulfilled right after I put it in, so it had been sitting a while. The upshot: their rustic bread is fantastic. The coffee, which I ordered with "a splash of milk" had exactly the right amount of milk. Since it was pretty tepid when
  8. Looking to change things up some, I ordered some cheese from Jasper Hill Farm in Vermont. (Bayley Hazen Blue is the only one of the cheeses of theirs I was familiar with, but since that is theoretically, at least, available through Whole Foods, I didn't order that one.) The cheeses arrived in good condition and the three we sampled were wonderful. Harbison is melty oozy gooey deliciousness. The Eligo comes from both cow and goat milk and is firmer but still has some softness. The hardest was Landaff, a Welsh-style cheddar, which I put out because I thought it would appeal most to my husband. I
  9. Purging because you want to is probably preferable to sand getting in through the water line and blowing out valves on the boiler during the winter and flooding the basement as a strategy­čÖâ. (I made excuses for keeping magazines I couldn't part with but they're not exactly in anything resembling mint condition now.) (Hi there, Lizzie!)
  10. I've really been liking the contributions of Aaron Hutcherson since he joined the Post food section. Tonight we had his recipe for Cabbage, Sausage, and White Bean Casserole. I went a little over on the ingredients, made more like a recipe and a half. (They brought more sausage than I needed for the recipe, the cabbage was 1/4 lb. heavier than called for, etc.). I didn't have quite enough heavy cream, so rounded it out with milk and then some because of making a larger amount. The cream was just at the point of souring, so I finished it none too soon. Will definitely make this again. Very home
  11. Ah, this is where it gets interesting. (The box was onion, sweet potato, carrots, winter radishes, turnips, red beets, green cabbage, Jerusalem artichokes, salad greens, and cremini mushrooms.) I'd had problems two weeks in a row with an item being missing from a produce box. I figured I'd order a box where I didn't have expectations and which is packed by someone before it gets to them. That's why I tried an organic box instead. I plan things out in advance too, but with winter vegetables I figure they keep a pretty long time so I don't necessarily think I'll be using them right away.
  12. No, these are huge red radishes. After not being able to make up my mind, I gambled on getting the unlabeled organic box recently, which was fine but costs more for not a huge number of items. The sheet that came with them called them "winter radishes." I had looked at the black radishes in the available boxes and it's good to know what to do with them if I get them sometime. Tonight was peanut noodles. I deviated from the recipe a bit, largely around stir-frying the mung bean sprouts for food safety reasons. Since I was doing that, I threw in some chopped garlic and ginger at the same ti
  13. Tonight was chicken and rice. Pain de Campagne and butter Radishes Deviled eggs One-Pan Coconut Milk-Braised Chicken Leftover baked sweet potato Baby lima beans and white rice The rice didn't get done all the way in the IP, so I dumped it into the lima bean pot on the stove, which had just enough water for the rice to absorb and everything to finish together nicely. I love lima beans. I prefer fordhook to baby, but these were still good. (Giant brand.) The chicken finally used the remainder of the expired jar of green curry paste in the fridge, and it tasted great. It wo
  14. I was taking a walk after lunch when he popped into my head. I was trying to remember if he was 100 or 101. I was pretty sure he was born in '19 but couldn't recall. I knew he had hit 100, though. It was odd that I just started thinking about him for no apparent reason. Then I got back home and saw on twitter that he died yesterday. So weird.
  15. Our oven is both conventional and convection. One whole side of the temperature knob has settings for convection. It is very good for getting things crispy. Some types of air fryers are effectively stovetop convection ovens, so maybe one is in your future. It's funny that we didn't find that lemon garlic chicken salty when I made it, since we both are usually pretty sensitive to a lot of salt. I may have just salted to taste when I prepared it instead of using the amount given in the recipe. That's the recipe where I saved and reused the leftover sauce a bunch of times, especially on our
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