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  1. Last night was baguette slices with butter; salad of baby arugula, tomato, shaved pecorino, bacon, and vinaigrette; and cavatappi with marinara and sausage. Tonight is leftover cauliflower and leftover pasta. Tuesday was leftover chicken soup and Cambodian noodle salad with pork from Maketto.
  2. This restaurant opened yesterday, quietly. It took quite a while for the Delaware owner(s) to navigate the DC system to get all of the boxes checked and the doors open to the public. I know three of the servers who are slated to be working here, old DC restaurant hands. That should be a good sign as far as service. I saw the pre-opening menu, which may or may not be the one on the website: steak, seafood, and pizza, with a variety of sides. The patio setup is nice, seasonal. I saw a customer sitting outside a little while ago, and the bread basket on his table looked bountiful.
  3. Thursday Eggplant Parmesan Leftover noodles and cheese Friday Leftover tuna topped with chanterelles over baby arugula Leftover noodles and cheese Saturday Toast Chicken soup with lima beans, carrots, and onion (made with homemade stock) Romaine salad, cucumber, radish, tomatoes, bacon; ranch Leftover baked beans with bacon Sunday Leftover salad Hot sausage, roasted Hatch pepper, chanterelle mushroom, and eggplant parm pizza with fresh basil Tonight will be leftover chicken soup, leftover Costco rotisserie chicken, leftover wax beans, and mustard-Parmesan roasted whole cauliflower. The eggplant parm was good repurposed as a pizza topping. It would have been better if it had been a little thinner and crisper going on, but it worked.
  4. I think the current idea is they will treat your car better if you tip when you drop it off. I'd imagine whoever brings it back (who probably wasn't even there at drop-off) will also expect a tip.
  5. Replying to this much later, but I've been going to the Gregory's at Navy Yard fairly often recently. I've liked the coffee, dark roast a little more than medium. Oddly, sometimes they will ask if you want medium vs. dark and other times they won't. At least at that location, the people working change day by day. Occasionally I'll see somebody again, but I'm wondering if they staff their DC stores centrally and send people out that way rather than having a regular assignment at one place. Everyone is always wonderfully friendly and I love the little plungers they have to fit in the open part of your sippy cup. Invaluable if you're walking any distance (which I am) and don't want to slosh coffee all over (see: clumsy). Their black iced tea is quite good, just a notch below Starbucks. (I know this is about coffee, but I've been switching among coffee, iced coffee, and iced tea in recent months. I do not like Starbucks coffee, but their iced tea is good and relatively good value.) Wine & Butter at Lincoln Park, with its Illy coffee, has become a prominent local coffee shop. They have an outside window on the patio for ordering. They also have the pastries available outside. For the shop items, you still have to go inside, and you can go inside (masked!) to get coffee if the outside line is a problem. Their iced coffee is $4.40 and fantastic. I guess Illy has a machine for that. I can't believe I'm paying this much (plus tip) for an iced coffee, but I keep doing it. The other place I've gone for excellent Illy coffee (but didn't get iced) is Lot 38 Espresso Bar at 2nd and L, SE, connected (I believe) to the Marriott Courtyard closer to the NJ Avenue side. For the first time in a while, I recently got coffee at Ebenezer Coffeehouse in NE (near Union Station), and it's still solid coffee. (I get drip almost all the time wherever I go for hot coffee.) I am fairly regularly picking up coffee at The Hill Cafe at 15th and A, NE. They have made themselves into somewhat of a diner, albeit one without much room for seating, and have succeeded where the Mia's coffee shop in the space originally could not. Really nice folks. The coffee is pretty decent. Their iced coffee I find better than Gregory's. Peregrine at Eastern Market is still doing a great job. I sometimes get an Americano, but the caffeine is quite a hit, so I usually stick with drip. Souk, on Barracks Row, while not exactly a coffee shop, has good coffee. It reminds me of tea in the way it tastes almost perfumed. I'm not sure of the exact sourcing of it or if it even stays the same, but I was getting coffee there from their outside window back even when I wasn't going into stores. And...their pastries are phenomenal. Cameo, as noted above, has excellent coffee. (They no longer sell the wonderful bread I used to go there to get, however.) Their iced tea is fairly good, though a pretty small size for the price. For iced tea, I am loving Soho Coffee and Tea on P Street, NW: 2150 P Street, right before you get to P Street Beach heading towards Georgetown. I still haven't had coffee there, but their Earl Grey iced tea is excellent and the people are lovely.
  6. Seared tuna pepper steaks Pan-roasted chanterelles Leftover noodles and cheese The tuna and chanterelles were both from Costco. One pound of the mushrooms yielded a little less than the 8 cups called for in the recipe. I'm pretty sure I've made this recipe before. I cooked them all at once figuring I could use them in different dishes. The tuna recipe used to be an old favorite. I hadn't made it in ages and forgot enough about preparing it that I cooked the tuna a bit too long. It's best when it comes out really rare. Still good.
  7. Saturday Leftover salad Leftover chicken with capers and lemon Au gratin potatoes and mushrooms (gruyere; topped with cracker crumbs, butter) Sunday Leftover salad Chicken andouille sausage sandwiches (whole wheat hot dog buns) Baked beans* Leftover rice pilaf Monday Pan-fried sirloin strip steak Noodles and cheese Yellow Wax Beans and Radish Greens** Tuesday Andouille sausage sandwiches on whole wheat hot dog buns with onions roasted in bacon fat and roasted Hatch chilies*** Roasted butternut squash Leftover noodles and cheese *Rancho Gordo yellow eye beans cooked in the InstantPot with onions and garlic, then finished in a Staub cast iron cocotte on the stovetop. I cut bacon into lardons and fried it up in the cocotte, adding onion near the end to cook in the fat. Then the beans got added to that pot to cook more, along with Bulls-Eye bbq sauce. **I boiled the beans until almost done and then added to a pot (same one as used for the other beans) with chopped radish greens sauteed in olive oil with garlic. I borrowed the idea from a recipe I saw, but that didn't call for boiling the beans first. ***Quasi-sheet pan meal: Bacon fried on a sheet pan in the oven, then thinly sliced onions went onto the pan in the bacon fat after the bacon came out. Partway through that time, I pushed the cooked onions to one side of the pan and added squash cubes tossed with Penzey's Northwoods seasoning, kosher salt, and some evoo. When those were almost done, I added the sausages on top to brown.
  8. I've been to the Navy Yard spot quite a bit lately, largely because of the welcoming and expansive outdoor space. I've been quite pleased with the visits; my wallet less so. Most recently for a friend's day-after-birthday celebration, a few of us enjoyed the Friday "happy afternoon" (12-4; half-price MD and VA oysters; drink specials) at one of the outdoor lounge tables. Service was wonderful. Our server was completely unperturbed by how long we took up a prime table and just kept bringing us what we wanted. The seafood was wonderful as always, and their fries are probably my favorite in the city. One thing I'd wanted to order and had not previously was the kampachi crudo (aguachile, avocado crema, pickled red onion, green Thai chilies, micro cilantro). It was fantastic. We split it but I somehow ended up with most of the cubed fish from the small ($17) portion, and I am going to splurge on this again. We talked about dragging some of the Parker House rolls through the spicy avocado crema but I don't know that any of us ended up doing that. The Parker House Rolls (served with housemade butter; $5) were a request of the birthday girl and we let her eat half of them🙃. As I said to my friends, if I'm paying a premium to have an amazing (and calming -- I find it so calming) water view, I want the food to be as good as it here.
  9. Wednesday was a spicy cheese - mustard - thyme turnover from Souk; composed salad of romaine, sliced hard-boiled egg, yellow heirloom tomato, and poached salmon, with ranch dressing; and a couple slices of leftover pizza from All-Purpose. Thursday was a salad made from TJ's Cruciferous Crunch mix (shredded kale, brussels sprouts, and cabbages) plus craisins, feta and marcona almonds, with ranch dressing. We also had cauliflower cheese mixed with leftover salmon. This was a recipe from the BBC I'd recommend. I'd had 10 oz. of salmon starting out, so I poached all of it and used half in Wednesday's salad and the remainder in the cauliflower. Great use of leftover salmon, even if you're cooking it to use it as a leftover in this! Last night was more of that salad, the last of some pumpkin turkey chili that was still left, and a creation I was quite proud of. Was it good! 😋 We both loved it. I shall call it "Fruit and cheese plate au gratin": Toasted split almond croissant with spiced pears, Camembert, apricot preserves, and sliced almonds. I had been working my way through a day-end grab bag of pastries from Souk and the sugar-topped almond croissant was all by its lonesome at this point and getting stale. I figured straight reheating it was probably not going to be terribly successful and didn't want to make bread pudding. So, inspired by the concept of a cheese plate spread with nuts, fruit, and bread, I reassembled and baked it all. I cut the croissant in half lengthwise and put each half, cut side up, in a separate buttered Le Creuset gratin dish. I then layered each pastry with sliced pear that had been sautéed in butter with salt, pumpkin pie spice and splash of pear brandy; sliced Camembert; apricot preserves; sliced almonds; and a few dots of butter. It went into a 350F oven for 20-25 minutes. This tasted amazing and is a really great dish for fall too. It was a little sweet for the centerpiece of a dinner, but it was so wonderful, we didn't care.
  10. Last night was chicken thighs with capers, lemon, and parsley (chicken seared on the stovetop and finished in the oven), alongside leftover spaghetti squash casserole. Tonight will be turkey picadillo and rice pilaf.
  11. This time I got the Riverdale and my husband got the Marinara (no cheese except some Parm scattered over at the end--one of the deck oven pizzas). He got the Caesar salad and I had the Italian. Their salads are huge and a great value. Salt Line was completely slammed (maybe there was a Zimmerman event there?), but we probably didn't even need the AP reservation, which I stressed over as the game went longer and longer. Wait til next year or something.
  12. Last night was turkey pumpkin chili (sort of based on this recipe) and spaghetti squash casserole, which is from an old Mollie Katzen Moosewood recipe.
  13. Carmine's finally re-opened in Penn Quarter. Tom Sietsema was getting frequent questions about that for quite a stretch. Oh, and look who dined there last night:
  14. They're taking over the (cursed) restaurant space at 3rd and Massachusetts, NE, last occupied by Romeo and Juliet. Per Hill Rag. The only place that's been there that I thought was halfway decent was the Thai one 30ish years ago, but I have high hopes for this.
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