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  1. After making the ricotta I'm now almost completely out of dairy milk. I wonder how coconut cream is in coffee. This idea might make good iced coffee. A beverage does look like a good way to go. Ah! A beverage .
  2. Mostly I've been cooking myself, but we've gotten delivery from both Equinox and Rose's at Home. The food from both was excellent. The saffron fusilli with fennel sausage bolognese, baby carrots & broccoli rabe from Equinox was so good I'd consider paying their delivery fee again just to order several portions of that a la carte. We got the 3 menu option from Rose's. We ended up eating them in order listed on the card that came with them. The card had heating and serving instructions on it. The second menu -- with lychee salad, rigatoni alla vodka, and chocolate chip cookies -- tasted just like being in the restaurant. There was something familiar in the taste of the dishes that was nice. This was true for other items but that menu really hit a lot of the notes. Since I'm kind of neurotic with the sanitizing, Rose's exquisite attention to detail meant a lot of decisions about how feasible sanitizing was. Every component was in a separate container. It was very meticulously designed. Both restaurants used their own delivery. I haven't gotten anything yet using any 3rd party delivery services.
  3. Lunch today was tomato basil soup and more Bread Furst whole wheat bread and homemade ricotta. There's still half a cup of ricotta left and I need to find a way to preserve it just a little longer so we can finish it while it's still good. I'm planning to search around online to see if I can figure that out. I used coconut cream diluted with some water for the soup. Making this quick soup I usually use lite coconut milk but the cream was expired so I wanted to use that first. Now that's open and I still have half a can left. Have to figure out what to do with that too. (Maybe freeze?)
  4. Bread Furst whole wheat bread topped with fresh ricotta Caesarish salad with horseradish buttermilk ranch dressing Sausage cavatappi alla vodka (sun-dried tomato chicken sausages in Rao’s Vodka Sauce with added sun-dried tomatoes and roasted peppers) My husband tried out the Whole Foods senior hour yesterday morning and did our first real grocery shopping in more than a month. The whole wheat bread he bought turned out to be Bread Furst. In honor of having really good bread and needing to use the unopened milk from South Mountain Creamery I'd had for more than 2 weeks, I made fresh ricotta. I hadn't done that in a long time and couldn't recall what recipe I'd used, so I followed one from Smitten Kitchen and used all whole milk. It came out wonderfully. One quart of milk made a cup of ricotta. We're going to have to eat the rest of it quickly because it won't keep.
  5. Thanks. I knew it had to be there somewhere.
  6. I made a mason jar shaker of grapefruit margaritas* (about 1 1/2 cups worth). I poured myself one over crushed ice in a rocks glass this evening. I modeled it somewhat off an old Martha Stewart recipe that I first made many years ago and haven't had in a very long time. I haven't had a margarita in a very long time! *Freshly squeezed grapefruit and lime juices, cheap triple sec, silver tequila, and a splash of pink grapefruit juice drink (to add a little sugar). The proportions were 1:1 grapefruit juice and tequila and 1/2 that measure at 1:1 for lime juice and triple sec. Maybe 1/8 cup at most of commercial drink.
  7. Mayor Bowser has ordered changes to retail food sales. Farmers markets and fish markets are no longer essential and have to obtain waivers to be open. No arts or crafts or non-food sales allowed at farmers markets. There are a lot of regulations about grocery and convenience stores. Customers have to wear masks to enter retail food establishments. Employers should try to supply employees with gloves and masks if they're working in close contact situations. Employees must be screened for illness before beginning shifts. There's lots more (also a few other changes that aren't food related.) Maybe it's because I'm really tired, but I can't find the effective date of the order. Soon. This is the order.
  8. I picked them up on my very last time inside a store, March 17, when I stopped at the gourmet corner store. The smoked salmon and wine are gone but the crackers are still plentiful. Lunch today was more French Toast Casserole from the freezer plus bacon. My husband had a clementine and we split a warmed chocolate chip cookie that came with our Rose's order over the weekend.
  9. Sweet Potato and Feta Bourekas from the freezer Leftover quinoa and vegetables Extra steamed broccoli Cheesy peppery omelette The omelette had a sauteed chopped Fresno and (part of a) chopped orange bell pepper as filling. The cheese was pepper jack. The omelette was cut in half for serving and plated over the edge of the quinoa. This was really good. The bourekas had only been in the freezer for a little more than 3 months and, despite some ice crystals in the bag, held up quite well.
  10. I had more blueberries and yogurt for lunch. I usually don't eat breakfast or lunch or I have one sort of random bit of food late morning or early afternoon, but I've been trying to stick to a schedule of having lunch with my husband on his half hour lunch break. He had leftover rigatoni with vodka sauce from our Rose's delivery, a couple Brazilian cheese rolls (still have those!), half an apple, and a sandwich cookie created from two Carr's whole wheat crackers (which are effectively digestive biscuits) and Nutella for a filling. (I had an openfaced version of said cookie.) Neither one of us loves Nutella. I had some left from a recipe and it was languishing in the pantry until I discovered this creation a few weeks ago. Digestive biscuits and nutella complement each other really well.
  11. I found two bottles of a large format beer from Stone: Stochasticity Project Grapefruit Slam IPA. I think I may have bought both at the same time. The bottles are pretty dirty from sitting in the basement. I opened one bottle over the weekend. Since it's got an 8.2% ABV, I drank half one day and recapped it to finish the next. I could actually taste the grapefruit peel. We did open the Portuguese wine with dinner last night, to have with brisket and carrots from Rose's.
  12. I've been going back through some beer odds and ends: forgot how good Monocacy's Riot Rye is, and the last Left Hand Nitro Milk Stout I bought for the virtual beer tasting project in 2013 was still pretty decent. None of the old beers I've tried (also a Kona Pipeline Porter) have been skunky or have suffered any significant ill effects from being in the basement a long time. We have been drinking a 2017 Simonetti Montepulciano d'Abruzzo the past few nights that I picked up at a local corner store on my very last pre-quarantine stop for a few provisions. Our Rose's order last night came with three more reds (one local Virginia, one Loire, and one Portuguese). I'm not sure which is in the on-deck circle, but I believe Portugal.
  13. My husband finished the fettuccine and leftover salad and the second half of an apple. I ate the very last of the cooked Yellow Indian Woman beans. For some reason, I mixed them with some cottage cheese, which might not have been so weird if I hadn't heated the beans with what was left of their liquid beforehand. Very...curd-y. I added some sriracha and it was perfectly edible. It just looked strange.
  14. I have eaten them but cooked, mixed in with other greens. They stand out a little too much on their own.
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