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  1. Toasted pain au levain Salad (Iceberg, tomato, cucumber, chickpeas, pepperoncini, kalamata olives, stuffed green olives, feta; vinaigrette) Leftover pot roast, carrots, and potatoes Roasted king oyster mushrooms Leftover squash casserole
  2. Leftover salad Garam masala roast chicken Indian-spiced cauliflower and roasted baby graffiti eggplant Yogurt
  3. Last night: Iceberg lettuce, heirloom tomato, radishes, and vinaigrette Pain au levain and butter Smoky Pork Pappardelle The pork sauce for the pasta took quite a while to make. Recipe from Food and Wine. It was pretty good, though I don't think I like it as much as the similar sauce for Mardi Gras Pasta. The flavor profile in this one is different, with the addition of such components as apple and vinegar. The recipe calls for straining the solids off from the sauce. I didn't want to discard them so I tinkered with the seasoning a bit and repurposed in a ramen soup for lunch t
  4. Still muddling along here . The turkey picadillo I made back a couple weeks ago turned out to be very versatile in different applications. I don't like serving the same thing again and again, but it doesn't seem like eating the same thing over and over when something can be reborn in several distinct dishes. That said -- and completely contradicting myself -- I've been relying on hotdogs much more than is usual, mostly since I've discovered A&H hotdogs. Boiled and served on a bun with French's mustard, these are apparently an old comfort food hitting a note. Vermont Bread Co. whole wh
  5. Tim Carman posted about this sandwich earlier on Twitter/Instagram. Really intriguing. At some point I will go off the Hill again...
  6. I spent a fair amount of time there, especially in the late 90s. Some days Tony would give me money to pick songs for the juke box. He talked about his plans to open The Pug for years before it happened. So much planning went into that. I hope he'll eventually be able to reopen. One of the odd things that came back to me when I saw The Lounge was closing was the time I took my late aunt there for brunch. I think we may have been coming back from the Mall or something. She only visited a few times. We had a good meal.
  7. I hate that, not just the going bad but happening so soon after purchase. Tonight was -- I don't know what to call it -- bar food night. I'm really running out of ideas and energy. Potato skins with colby jack cheese and scallions plus sour cream/horseradish for adorning; soy-glazed turkey wings; and, mini-pita pizzas with mashed creme fraiche cauliflower as the base, some topped with roasted beet slices and feta and others with turkey picadillo. There was also some chopped heirloom tomato to go on the potato skins and/or pizzas.
  8. Tonight we had the remaining slices of savory ham and cheese bread with butter; turkey picadillo; white rice; and, spinach au gratin. The picadillo came out great. I've never made it with turkey before.
  9. It's pretty quick to make. It would have been faster but I had to make more bread crumbs. The total time on the site says 45 minutes and that's probably fairly close to accurate.
  10. It looked quite a bit like that. The bread crumbs and creamy sauce made it look somewhat like carbonara. The halibut plus the linguine and scallops sounds great. Green beans have been looking good lately. I just bought more at the farmers market yesterday. Tonight: Italian wedding soup Baked chicken drumsticks Mashed cauliflower with herb butter and lemon creme fraiche Leftover green bean almondine I used turkey (plain ground and sausage) for the soup. It's basically Ina Garten's recipe except using turkey instead of two kinds of chicken. I used ditalini for the pasta.
  11. Roasted beet and baby arugula salad with crumbled feta; white balsamic vinaigrette Slices of savory ham and cheese bread with butter Chimichurri chicken thighs Cheesy scalloped potatoes Leftover corn Leftover roasted broccoli
  12. Tonight we had more of the savory ham and cheese bread (slices of it heat up really nicely in a 300F oven), along with this pasta recipe from Food 52, and green beans almondine. The combination of the three foods was an even better menu than I had anticipated. The pasta, with ricotta and milk as the base for a creamy sauce, was really good. I had some trouble with the bread crumbs clumping up, but otherwise, no problems. I added a little extra garlic and more than a pinch of lemon zest. Will definitely make again.
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