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  1. The Muscadet is a good choice! I always mean to write down the vineyard so I can find it at my local store. Do you recall what it is?
  2. We stopped by Saagar the other night...here are my thoughts. The menu as DonRocks said is very big and we ordered a variety of dishes, but all of the food was very good. I've been to Minerva a bunch of times and the food is almost identical in presentation and taste, but if I had to pick one over the other, I'd say that Saagar's was better (at least on this one trip). There seemed to be one person that was taking all the orders, and he wasn't writing anything down which resulted in our order and just about everyone else's getting screwed up. I wanted to hand him one of my son's crayons and the pad of paper he was drawing on the help him out. I liked that they have a kids menu, although the "mini" dosa that we ordered for our son was larger than my forearm and there was no way in hell he was ever going to finish it. I had the malai kofta which I liked but I found the sauce to be more of a Korma sauce than a typical tomato based curry that you normally see in this dish -- still very good though. The dosa's come with the same soup accompaniment that the dosa's at Minerva, except it's a little spicier. I'll probably give them some time to settle in before heading back. Hopefully the service is better next time, because we really liked everything we had to eat.
  3. In case any of you want a couple free tickets to this, we're having a contest/giveaway on DCFoodies.com for two tickets to your choice of session. All you have to do is answer a question, although you'd be surprised how many people get it wrong... Savor Beer Festival Ticket Giveaway
  4. I've been a number of times in the last few weeks, mostly on the weekends, and the pizzas are identical each time. I haven't been ordering the pizzas well done, but the crust comes out fine and the bottom has a decent amount of char on it. I find that I need to fold the crust because it's still considerably floppy, but that's pretty standard IMO.
  5. SBC Cafe in Herndon has a chicken pot pie that's is one of the best that I've had in a while...Nice flakey crust, thick creamy but not overly salted filling, plus it's HUGE! It's on the specials menu most of the time this time of year, but not on the menu permanently.
  6. I'm looking for food-loving writer's who'd like to contribute to DCFoodies.com. I think the only way to grow D.C. Foodies and start generating more ad revenue for it's monthly charities is to have other people writing. I also want to extend the web site's coverage to other areas outside of DC if possible: Baltimore, Annapolis, Philly, Richmond, etc. The writing doesn't just have to be about restaurants reviews either, you can write about cooking, working at a restaurant, whatever, as long as it has to do with food or wine. I wish I could offer fame and/or fortune for contributing to DCFoodies.com, but all I can offer is the satisfaction that you're doing something for the common good of the D.C. Metro area. If you'd like to get involved, send me a PM or email me at jason@dcfoodies.com, and I'll give you the full details. Thanks. Edited to add: Professional writing experience is NOT required...hell, it's not like I did any professional writing before I started the web site.
  7. I think of all the restaurants in DC, 2 Amys is the LAST place you need to worry about misbehaved children. Generally, my boy is very well behaved, but sometimes when we're there, he completely melts down, but due to the noise of the restaurant, no one ever hears him.
  8. The Margherita I had two Saturdays ago was crispier, exactly the way I like it...personally I don't like the crust as much when the it's soft and floppy...but all one has to do to guarantee that is to ask their server to tell the kitchen to cook it a little longer than usual.
  9. I wonder if those are the madelines that Circle Bistro used to have...were there any Nutella pastry puffs on the menu? They had them at Taste of the Nation and I'm really hoping they'll have them on the menu. I'm really looking forward to trying this place!
  10. Hmm, I don't know if there's a dress code. I'm wearing what I wore to work today since I don't have time to change (Dress slacks and dress shirt) but I'll probably throw on a sport coat as well. Last I heard, my wife is wearing a nice dress with heels but that's probably changed three or four times since then.
  11. I wonder how different the upstairs actually is. Like is it any different from the downstairs? Sorry I haven't been by in a little while so I don't know if the construction is done yet. Personally, I like sitting at the bar, even with my son in tow. -- stroller, car seat, backpack, whatever.
  12. I was at the 2 Amys bar a couple weeks ago talking to a pretty reliable source that said there were no plans to make the upstairs adults only. I guess it's possible that they're out of the loop, but that's unlikely.
  13. If they are making the upstairs space adults only, then I'll be a bit disappointed, especially if the bar downstairs will be decommissioned. I understand completely though. When it's crowded, I always feel bad for the people seated in the back by the bar with all the people waiting by the bar standing over them.
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