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  1. Marcel's it is ! Works perfectly ....
  2. I have clients coming for a road show and are looking for a high end restaurant for lunch that has a private dining room for 30...any thoughts ?
  3. please take my name off...need to be in London that weekend...DRAT
  4. Does anyone know what the corkage fee is ? Sound like a solution to the cost problem is go for 50% food dicount and bring a $ 50.00 Amarone from Calvert Woodley for which Roberto would charge $ 200.00...wouldd that be called wourking the System or just plain tacky.
  5. I stopped by to look at the menu last Friday. Nothing on it that looked that exciting. Mains $ 18 - 29. I think Tony was at Galileo as well. The manager or Maitre d' saw me looking at the menu and came out with a promotional peice and a chocolate coated biscotti for me. Don't know about the food, but the service seems to excel.
  6. Definitely Eastern Market
  7. Not only is Lauriol Plaza not good, it's NOT cheap.
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