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  1. I'm rooting for Eric, but the previews of next week looked ominous 😮
  2. Very interested - If there are more than 15, it would be fine to do the option that would accommodate a larger group. Count us in for 2, unless scheduling conflicts. How soon? I'll just say now that April is bad for us, with two weddings in one weekend, 1500 miles apart!
  3. Thanks for the info! And by posting in this thread, I'm hoping I will at least get a notification from this website if there is another round of classes offered 😉
  4. And Sweet Leaf just opened a location in downtown DC. I've been twice in the past 2 days Very happy to have this place so close to my work.
  5. Where do you live? We donated many magazines to Friends of the Library (in Montgomery County.) There used to be a location in the basement of the Wheaton Library, but since that location it is now under construction they have found a much larger space in the old downtown Silver Spring Library. Cookbooks and cooking magazines are usually in high demand.
  6. Thanks! Just saw this on Sunday and was wondering about it. Same shopping center as the new Aldi's...
  7. I had a decaf americano this morning, and other than the fact that they only offer Stevia as a sugar substitute, it was quite good.
  8. Mr. S and I enjoyed the NYC location at Columbus Circle, and since I've been back home, I have trekked the one mile RT to the convention center location a few times, just to get the soup and petite sandwich, and coffee. IMO, the quality of ingredients and taste is far superior to anything else I've had in the DC area thus far.
  9. Ktmoomau, Sam's and Costco are not the same-can't quite tell you why, but give Costco some time to figure out what works for you before you decide it is not right for you. For us, the % back more than pays for the membership cost. We are a two-person household and do a majority of shopping at Costco. Here's my stream of thoughts on what we buy: We buy the romaine lettuce (5 per bag) and usually grill them for a dinner side. We almost always buy the large bag of broccoli, and use it to roast and eat as a dinner side, but then when we've had it a few too many days, we make soup to freeze. Sometimes we'll buy brussels sprouts or asparagus, and again add to soup what doesn't get eaten right away. We'll also sometimes buy mixed salad lettuce and carrots. We buy campari tomatoes, apples, bread (freeze the 2nd loaf) oranges, baby eggplants, mini potatoes, occasionally other fruits as recipes call for them, and bottled water, toilet paper and paper towels. What have I forgotten? Oh yes, deli turkey (we freeze what is not currently being used) same goes for the carver ham, which is quite good btw, sausages when on special purchase, and other oddities like jars of guava and mango (don't laugh, they are great for making smoothies) Also great for making smoothies are the frozen fruit and of course the fresh produce like carrots, kale, etc. I also purchase clothing, gloves and shoes, as well as books and sometimes DVD's. Cape Cod reduced fat kettle chips are often on sale, and that is our go-to brand. Nuts, as someone else mentioned, we keep in the freezer. Kirkland brand allergy meds (nasal spray and pills) are a great deal and seasonally on special, and even when not on sale are a great deal. Vitamins, Aspirin, Ibuprofen, Lawn bags, Gingerade Kombucha, which is my favorite, and of course the occasional impulse buys from the tasting stations. There are many more things we used to purchase but they have stopped carrying, but I still look out for them "just in case!" I'm sure I'm forgetting something...but if you have a FoodSaver, it helps for freezing extras, and if you don't, they do sell them there Oh yes, I did forget -- tires for our car!
  10. On Tuesdays, one of the specials at the cafeteria at National Geographic is Pho, and I've been meaning to try it, but haven't had the chance until today. It's very basic, but very good. The broth is incredibly rich, not fatty, and not sweet like I've had at a lot of other places. The quality of the meat is better than I've had at some places in the 'burbs--it was incredibly tender and flavorful. So if you find yourself stuck in midtown or golden triangle on a Tuesday, you might just want to give it a try.
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