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  1. Most people dislike Scott Boras, but he's damn good at his job. His media friends hint at the fact that the Yankees offered Gerrit Cole 7 years, $245M (which isn't true). Magically a few days later his other client (Stephen Strasburg) signs for 7 years, $245M because the market had been set by that other fake offer. And now Boras can use Strasburg's offer as a starting point for any offer to Cole. Cole will get $300M, you can book it.
  2. I was at games 3 and 4. It was awesome! But, to be clear, I'm a Yankees fan from birth. And, the primary reason why I bought tickets, and went to the games, was so I could more easily buy World Series tickets if the Yankees (hopefully) make it. And, even though I'm a Yankees fan, I love baseball and commonly will find myself watching random Mariners vs. A's games deep into the night for no reason at all. So, being at games 3 and 4 was satisfying for a lot of reasons.
  3. My friend recently purchased four bottles of Pappy Van Winkle. Instead of us just sitting around the house and drinking it (and eating cheez-its), we would like the ability to bring our bottles to a restaurant and eat some great food while drinking our bourbon. I have reached out to some restaurants and got a quick "no" because of "laws" or something silly like that. So, I was hoping that someone on this board would see my post, take pity on us, and invite us to your fine establishment. There are 8 of us (4 couples). The husbands will be drinking the bourbon, our wives will drink copious
  4. Completely true story. The first time that I went to Santini's (many years ago in Oakton), the guy at the counter in front of me order a "hot Jersey boy." While it likely only took me a split second to figure out what was happening, when I look back on it, I feel as though it played in slow motion in my head for several minutes before I understood what the hell was going on. I like Santini's. I have been to three locations (Oakton, Herndon, Chantilly). It has always been solid, although there is inconsistency from location to location, day to day (sometimes it is great, sometimes it isn'
  5. Went with a large group on Monday night. We got there early (5:30 PM) and it was President's Day and there was snow on the ground, so we had the run of the restaurant for a while. Service was great, I would say it was nearly perfect. Food was close to that level as well, particularly the sweetbreads, duck confit and pecan shortbread. Bar was limited, but had good choices. Limited selection on the wine list as well, but again, pretty good choices (although I always want a larger wine list). When it comes down to it, this is the best restaurant that I have been to all year at this point.
  6. I don't like Nina or Nick, as I stated earlier, but I think that this decision clearly came down to which judge has the most pull (in this case, Tom Collicchio). When it comes down to a close decision, someone is going to get their way, and Tom got his way. I don't think this is particularly good or bad, that is the way it is when the vote is that close.
  7. Man, people really hate on Pinotage! I know that I've had it, likely several times, but I have no opinion of it one way or another.
  8. My life is pretty much an open book (not just on this forum where no one knows me, but in my real life as well). I am able to do this, for the most part, because I have pretty much done very little in my life that would be considered "wrong." I'm a goodie-two-shoes, not sure where the hell that came from in my family tree.
  9. I am probably the most judgmental person in the world and I simply cannot get past some of the comments that Nina made early in the season. I am likely exaggerating the exact amount of times she said this, but I swear that three or four episodes in a row she blurted out "suck a d*ck" or suck my d*ck" or some version of that. While I am shocked that they didn't bleep it out on TV, I am just personally freaked out hearing that from someone on TV (particularly a woman). And, yes, call me sexist from saying that it is worse hearing that from a woman as opposed to a man, but it just is (accordin
  10. The commercials were a particularly bad crop this year because I don't remember many of the ones that you have mentioned upthread. The one that I liked the most was the Carmax slow clap commerical (mostly because the guy's kid fell off his bike because he started to slow clap). My friends loved the Radio Shack commerical, I was less impressed. From an advertisers point of view, and I am not one, I think that the Sodastream commerical was good because they showed how easy the product is to use. Finally, lots of people raved about the Esurance commercial that was on right after the game end
  11. The chefs this season, for the most part, seem pretty good, but two of my least favorite contestants are in the finale. It's like if the Red Sux and the Patriots somehow ended up in the NBA Finals against each other. I would say that if I were a chef, this season would have been a good one to be on because I feel like they had a lot more "social time" than in past seasons.
  12. I never stole anything from a restaurant, but I had a friend that did it a lot when we were in college and for a bit once we graduated. The crap he stole was terrible and, if I were him, I would have been embarassed to open my kitchen cabinet and have 50 random glasses from random restaurants. Once I seriously considered stealing a sign from Denny's that said "Mom's Cherry Pie." It was a big sign that stood on it's own (pop-out style). I decided against it because I couldn't deal with the thought of my mother wacking me upside the head if I got arrested for doing it.
  13. My dry cleaner of choice used to be $1.75 DryClean. When they changed their pricess to $1.99, and didn't change their name accordingly, I stopped going there. They did a pretty crappy job on the clothes (which is why I really left), but I couldn't get over the fact that the name no longer corresponded to the price. I would be wary with the name of this restaurant if it does, in fact, coincide with the price point.
  14. Of the big three - Papa John's, Domino's, Pizza Hut - I like Papa John's the most. I also like it better than the wide variety of other pizza delivery that I have gotten over the years at my house - Vocelli, Angelico, Pizza Boli's, Paisano's, etc. That isn't saying much though, as evidenced by the fact that we last ordered pizza to our house, I think, five years ago.
  15. That's too bad. There are other Thai places that we go to close to our house, but if we ever wanted to eat outside, we often went to Cee (maybe four or five times a year). Their food and service have always been good and, for a while, their wine list was light years ahead of most suburban Asian restaurants. The wine list got worse every time I went there, but it was still much better than other competitors.
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