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  1. I have had a complicated relationship with the new media landscape as it relates to restaurants. It has been both to my professional benefit (at times greatly to my benefit) and to my detriment. I am not unique in this regard as every good restaurant manager has an added component of his/her job that our predecessors could not even have imagined fifteen or twenty years ago. In the late 80s, the media landscape for restaurants had only the voices of the major critics to consider. Now a weekly Google search for blog posts and other references to his/her restaurant is de rigueur or should be. Th
  2. This is a rather common practice for them when they think that you may return soon... or that you're kinda hot.
  3. I had really good wings at Mark & Orlando's on Friday evening - buffalo and some Asian styled.
  4. Very nice meal at the bar at Cashion's with two friends on Saturday night. Warm serano ham with gorgonzola stuffed figs was the star of the evening in my mind (company excluded.) Several good to exceptional meals at Granville Moore's in the last several weeks. Teddy Folkman is cooking some great meat right now. West End Bar Crawl a couple of weeks ago (Hook, Mendocino Grille, West End Bistro, Hudson, Vidalia) all of them were great for a cocktail and app (I do wish that more places offered wines by the half glass though.) A train wreck of a bartender competition at Beacon Bar & Grill o
  5. A late-ish dinner at Coppi's last evening left me wondering why I had not been back to this place for so long. My guest and I shared the serviceable charcuterie plate (not because we expected it to be great but because we were both famished and knew it would emerge quickly.) Having staved off a hunger induced mania, we could set about reaching a mutually agreeable pizza decision. We settled on the pancetta. The crust struck a crispy, crunchy, chewy balance. The inarguably fresh vegetables (mushrooms and onions and something else) sang a seamless chorus with the generous portions of pancet
  6. I haven't been for dinner in quite some time so I am not sure if they are still having the Sunday special but I recall that entrees were half price on Sunday nights. In addition to good Bluegrass on some nights, the Blues on Sunday and the old school R&B/Funk on Monday's has been a consistently good time since they moved to the current location.
  7. As a big fan of the Tonic in Mt. Pleasant, I am eager to try this place. I do hope that they will garnish the bloody mary's with the deep fried bacon swizzle stick as the orginal does.
  8. Having had it as recently as last Monday - been meaning to post about that meal - I think that Cap Grille has the best "traditional" preparation of this dish in DC. But this raises an interesting question (to me at least) none of the high end restaurants/big name chefs would ever do this dish. Is the Grille's calamari the best because Richard, Power, Ruta, Monis, et al functionally cede this area to them? I also like their preparation too.
  9. This evening I shall raise a glass to Maj. General Robert Smalls. Washington Post Article about Gen. Smalls and the ship the Army has named for him
  10. I had the privilege of sitting with a veritable “Murderers Row” of DC bartenders last night – I will not name them as it is not my place to disclose the affairs of others. At one point, one of the members of our happy band of drink makers quipped “of the ten bartenders in DC that know how to make a proper sazerac, six are in this room and four of us aren’t behind a bar any more.” While there was certainly a touch of hyperbole in his statement, it wasn’t that far from the truth. We then set about lamenting the state of the bartending profession in DC. Next time you come across a truly great
  11. I had plans to meet someone at Café Napoleon on Saturday evening. I arrived a few minutes early and found a seat at the end of the bar next to the service station. I waited for ten minutes – I promise that is not an exaggeration – for the bartender to greet me and ask for my drink order. During that time I watched him flit about the bar making few drinks but mostly trying to make time with the two attractive women at the other end of this small bar. When he finally decides to grace me with the opportunity to order a drink, I ask for a Delirum Tremins (sp?) and hand him a credit card to sta
  12. has anybody else noticed the severe drop in the number of whims? I will be having a beer and a cigar at Cafe Berlin. Stop by if you are on the Hill.
  13. Speaking of first grown-up date - I was 16 and it was my first day with my first car, a white Fiat Spyder with a tan top. It was June 1st and weather for the evening was supposed to be the kind of late spring balminess that is the reward for bitter winters. Finally decided to ask out Toi Robertson*. I had been crushing on her from a distance for months but I couldn't ask her out until I could take her out properly - in a car that is. I get to her house, survive her old man's roasting and finally make it to the car. I am feeling like I have the tiger by the tail as the really pretty girl sett
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