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  1. It’s only been since last week for Nationals Park to be back at full capacity and mask-free for fully vaccinated fans. A spot of sunshine tonight is having Chef Jose Andres throw out the ceremonial first pitch. This is a return gig - his first outing was for the 5th Game of the World Series in 2019. To commemorate the event, a $ 50 bobblehead is available for pre-order. I didn’t get the Dr. Fauci bobble and will probably pass on this one too. https://www.foco.com/products/jose-andres-washington-nationals-first-pitch-bobblehead Edit to add: He seemed to have a good time!
  2. After failing to find a Chick & Ruth’s thread, I’ll leave this here. I hope this iconic Annapolis “delly” makes it through the double challenges of the pandemic and possibly unrelated death of its current owner. I admire Keith Jones’ career progression. The next time I recite the Pledge of Allegiance, I’ll remember my past breakfasts there. https://www.capitalgazette.com/maryland/annapolis/ac-cn-keith-jones-chick-ruths-20210204-20210205-tf43su7bzfdpvi7c34wizy6uz4-story.html
  3. Attman’s Cabin John location closed in March. They’ve signed a lease to take over the old Zoe’s location across from Harris Teeter in Rockville. It’s a five minute walk from Brooklyn’s Deli. What I found interesting about Market Reporter’s interview with the owner is his direct response to competition with Brooklyn’s Deli.
  4. Here’s how Wegmans adjusts to the pandemic. Interesting read from the Wall Street Journal compares Wegmans response to other large retailers.
  5. Because of Covid-19 related restaurant closures, gift certificate revenue helps with cash flow. Bethesda magazine published a Montgomery County focused list of restaurants' gift cert links. Unfortunately the link to buy gift certs from Parkway Deli is not secure www.theparkwaydeli.com/gift-cards.html Perhaps calling them directly for either gift cards or a Passover platter would be a safer way of supporting them, their long-time clientele, and the pickle bar.
  6. One of my favorite weekday early afternoon game lunches involves leaving Navy Yard Metro at Half Street and walking clockwise past restaurant row on First before entering Nationals Park. Sitting in my seat well before first pitch with sunshine, a bowl from Rasa, and a beer from District Drafts is heaven (don’t forget the garlic naan). Why wax nostalgic when Major League Baseball is in limbo because of the Covid-19 pandemic? Please consider buying a gift card now and using it during the baseball season or whenever your tastebuds would benefit from a thrill. The link embedded in their tweet is: bit.ly/2WsVr6p Na
  7. American health insurance is confusing and confounding. However, it beats not having health insurance at all. If you’re an uninsured Maryland resident, a special open season for enrollment starts Monday March 16th (although coverage doesn’t start until April first). www.marylandhealthconnection.gov/coronavirus-sep/
  8. Reality bites. As of Sunday, 800 workers out for an anticipated 8 - 12 weeks. https://www.cnn.com/travel/article/coronavirus-seattle-chef-closes-restaurants-trnd/index.html
  9. Another loss for Rockville Town Center (closely following Bar Louie's closure). If a location in a hopping neighborhood like Navy Yard closes - Craftworks Holdings/GB's bankruptcy filing was a bigger driver than any individual location. DCBeer had some nice things to say and highlighted local, successful GB Alums: dcbeer.com/2020/03/04/gordon-biersch-closes-four-area-locations/
  10. KUOW, the Seattle NPR station, posted a recipe for hand sanitizer - just in case you come across barren store shelves. They specify two-thirds 99% alcohol and discounted subbing cheap vodka (<50% alcohol). The one-third aloe vera gel or vegetable glycerin protects your skin from completely desiccating and flaking-off. https://www.kuow.org/stories/purell-is-low-in-seattle-how-to-make-your-own-hand-sanitizer
  11. It may take a while for Dog Haus to calm down. I caught the end of this 4-minute segment on today's WUSA Channel-9's Morning Show. Adam Gertler did a quick demo and gave details for a text-in contest with a weekly free meal grand prize.
  12. Changes in Maryland law affecting craft beer. The tap room limit went up July first and the wholesaler agreement changes go into effect New Year's Day 2020. Here's a 4-minute radio report from Esther Ciammachilli of WAMU on "two new laws — the Brewery Modernization Act and the Beer Franchise Law — will dramatically alter the craft beer industry. One law increases the amount of beer craft brewers can produce and sell. The other loosens provisions on contracts between brewers and wholesalers. The changes mean craft beer enthusiasts will see more of their favorite drinks in stores around the Washington region." https://wamu.org/story/19/12/20/new-beer-laws-in-maryland-mean-more-craft-beer-in-more-places/ Here's the Brewers Association of Maryland's press release. Their website has more technical information: https://marylandbeer.org/bam-announces-passage-of-the-brewery-modernization-act-of-2019-and-beer-franchise-law-reform/ Is there a Montgomery County law that affects these? Is the tap room limit going to be smaller than the rest of the state?
  13. This will be Frank Pepe’s 12th location. I went to the Yonkers location and later the New Haven original with a nearly identical experience. This wonderful news was also reported by the Prince of Petworth.
  14. Went for lunch today. It’s behind Habit Burger and three doors from Halal Guys. Inside, it’s dollhouse cute. They say the Bethesda location is staying in-place and this is a different, fast casual vibe. Here’s their opening menu including a not-so-secret menu. Dishes have a choice of protein (chicken, pork, tofu, veg) with an upcharge for beef, shrimp, or duck. Will be returning to explore more. BKRockville_NOV2019 - Nov 11 2019 - 14-21.pdf
  15. Bangkok Garden now has a more casual offshoot. Just opened in Rockville’s Wintergreen Plaza shopping center. H/t to StoreReporter.com - a good source for retail and restaurant comings and goings in Montgomery County, MD.
  16. Here’s today’s pricing. Nothing seems much higher than regular season although there is a clear, hard plastic WS cup for $20 (including beer) at most of the beer stands.
  17. World Series Game One: The space where the Kosher stand is usually located is occupied by La Casita tonight (Friday) and probably tomorrow night too. There are some new lobster roll stands, but the lines aren’t appealing. The Family Picnic Area is now filled with temporary work bleachers and cordoned-off as an Auxiliary Press Box.
  18. Lunch this week included Beef Rice Crepes and Mayo Shrimp. The Rice Crepe was scored, but not cut through, and hearty with a spiced ground beef patty inside. The Mayo Shrimp had a frilly and crisp outer shell. Inside, it was densely packed with large pieces of shrimp and barely a hint of mayo. It reminded me of entree #78 on their full menu so much that I want to bring chopped walnuts next time to add to the dipping dish of additional mayo (first saw Shrimp Walnut Mayo at Good Fortune in Gaithersburg). I also had a black sesame ball with a rich, inky-black, sweet, and creamy filling (but it isn't photogenic). I picked up a copy of their quad folded full menu, scanned it, and posted it below the photo. I've always enjoyed seeing menus posted here and on Chowhound. VinhKeeFullMenu_MAR2019.pdf
  19. Here's a scan of their Dim Sum picture menu. Their website seems to be still under construction with its Dim Sum section not yet started. Vinh Kee was larger inside than I'd imagined. There are several 4-tops, but remarkably 12 lazy-Susan equipped tables split between 8-tops and 12-tops. My late lunch today was relaxing with plates of BBQ Pork Buns and Snowpea/Shrimp dumplings. VinhKee_DimSumMAR2019.pdf
  20. Yesterday, Pizza CS hosted their first pizza and wine tasting featuring Davide Megna from Impero wine distributors. About 25 diners went through a slice and taste of five pizzas and Italian wine pairing. It was a good group, recruited via FB, and we tasted a variety of pizzas from their menu while Mr. Megna provided tasting notes on the wines. As I left, I thanked Ankur and mentioned this felt like a fun DR group Dim Sum meal. Pizzas we ate (wine paring): Poppi (Grigio Trebbiano, Impero) - Parmesan Cream, Ricotta, Mozzarella, Spinach, Artichoke, Roasted Peppers Encore (Gragnano, Tenuda Matilde Zasso) - Tomato, Smoked mozzarella, Sausage, Red Onion, Oregano Margherita (Sangiovese, Impero) - Tomato, Buffalo mozzarella, Basil Capri (Nero D’Avola, Montani) - Tomato, Ham, Mushroom, Olive, Artichoke, Basil Quattro (Roma Rosso, San Marco) - Mozzarella, Smoked Mozzarella, Ricotta, Gorgonzola, Garlic, Oregano The wines were well paired with the Pinot Grigio/Trebbiano blend being the biggest surprise. After having avoided Pinot Grigio for years, this blend had enough body to support the light, white Poppi pizza. To me, Gragnano is usually just fizzy and plain. My table commented that this one was a winner and several thought they’d purchase a bottle later. Nero D’Avola sometimes resembles a peppery Zin, but this one was smoother and more like a Rhone wine. Mr. Megna helpfully mentioned the newly opened Rockville Pike Craft Beer store just south of CS carried his wines. It would be great if we could muster a DR group and replicate this.
  21. SD's bison huevos rancheros are tasty. The second time I had them, I wanted to sub warmed tortillas for the fried tortilla triangles. I was told the chips came to their location ALREADY fried and could not accommodate my request. Since then (last year), it's been hard to return because this was so contrary to SD's fresh, local, and healthy marketing image. In 2012, SD posted a youtube video of this dish being prepared by Chef Ype.
  22. Although this isn't exactly food related - it might affect your food carrying plans. Most of us were braced for the Nationals to follow the football and soccer stadiums' example and ban all bags except transparent, plastic ones. This season may be the half-step in that direction with backpacks being banned (exceptions with permission: diaper bags & ADA/medical equipment). Announcement here / Detailed policy here
  23. From WaPo's Fritz Hahn's recent article, it's about two blocks away. This is how he describes the food:
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