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  1. I also haven't received a call (and my res was cancelled too), but just did a little poking around on Open Table -- seems like they are taking reservations up until September 16, and then don't start again until Oct 1. Maybe they are holding back those two weeks for people who had their reservations cancelled? I called but no one picked up, so clearly this is wild speculation...
  2. Have been to this place a few times since it opened, and the cocktail program seems to have changed substantially over the past few weeks -- they've begun making their own bitters, liqueurs and shrubs and making some interesting, delicious Definitely worth a second trip.
  3. Dropped into Hogo a few nights ago for dinner and continue to enjoy the food and the atmosphere. Mellow weekday meals are a real pleasure at this place. Two MD natives thought the crab cake was very, very good -- one said it was better than his mother's. Though I enjoyed the chicken-fried steak, I wish the gravy was a little thicker -- I found it a little soupy, and it quickly reduced the crispy breaking on the steak to something a little mushy. Also, their $30 punch bowls are a lot of fun.
  4. We've ended up with reservations at Sette Osteria -- walkable for everyone, including the older crowd, they can seat us at a single table, Italian is totally unobjectionable, etc. Dino was very high on the list, but I selfishly nixed it because I have plans to go there with a big group next week. On the hairy question of corkage and appropriate wine volume, my basic response is that relying on the good graces of a costumer to drive profitability is a lousy model, but I'll try to be more graceful going forward. And, yes, I was jesting about bringing a case of wine. I meant it as a comment on the nature of my family gatherings and sort of thought it was absurd on the face of it, but I guess I should have said three cases to really drive the point home. Alex
  5. Is that inappropriate? I thought the whole point of a corkage fee was to make that an appropriate thing to do. Sorry to be insensitive/unaware of restaurant protocol in this regard. Lemme know why this is so gauche. Alex
  6. Ha. That was perhaps a little flippant... We'll probably bring four bottles for twelve of us.
  7. I've been going 'round and 'round on this... we need something simple enough to appeal to ages 21 to 90, with good food and a reasonable corkage policy, because we'll have a case a couple bottles of wine with us. Less formal is better than more formal, and something in the world of American or European cuisine is gonna be go over best. Any ideas? Thanks so much. Alex
  8. Ethiopic? I have never been, but everything looks so nice/clean/new...
  9. Stachowski's? Last night we cooked up a duck breast from them that was fantastic, and I think I saw some of those lollipops in the case.
  10. Though it's very safe to assume that my disappointment at the closing of Suna is a pale, pale shadow of what anyone involved with the restaurant is going through, I'm still very bummed out by this. The one meal I had there was so excellent and so memorable that I'd put a reminder in my calendar to book a mid-April reservation, so I could check out the spring menu. This sucks.
  11. The oven at Urbana is definitely a significant factor, in that it's gas-fired, not wood-fired.
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