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  1. Apologies, I'm just coming back to the area after being away too long! Staying in the DuPont area and need to grab a bottle as a gift for a friend- who's got a decent scotch selection? I'm going to be all Metro and cab this trip, so close to metro is helpful. Thanks and I miss DC! J
  2. Louisville Probably too late for your trip, but we were there a few weeks ago. It was OK, but not the outstanding, overwhelming experience people have raved about. There's not much within walking distance for dining unless you want to go to Morton's. Brunch at Proof was better than dinner.
  3. One of the companies that I do marketing work for is looking for an "of the month" club to work with to turn your billing from an invoicing or manual credit card run to an internet based automated system. Please e-mail me if you're interested- jonathon@sproutbox.com. Hope all is well- I miss you all in DC!
  4. I've spent a tremendous amount of time studying Eve and their group from the outside. I actually used them as a model for a client I had, so this is where I'm coming from when I give this reasoning. I think the term Bistro is confusing in the case of Eve- it's maybe my one minor critique of the group. I think they used the term Bistro to define a certain set of dishes and set it in a different place than the tasting room from a marketing segmentation perspective. The problem, however, is in acquiring the majestic and in opening Eamonn's they find themselves stratifying basically every pric
  5. I know of more than a few iPhone developers, if this becomes something of interest let me know.
  6. I dunno, it feels like dolcetto season to me
  7. Within a short distance of crust is Piece which is awesome.
  8. It happens everywhere. Seriously- it happens to me at restaurants where I'm a regular and ones where I'm not. It's more of an issue that unfortunately hosts get distracted and either forget or enter seated parties names wrong.
  9. My guess is that they are making multiple accounts under multiple email addresses but similar names. If you have more than a certain number of no-shows, OT suspends your account.
  10. Crust = great idea, terrible execution. Food is generally crappy with a chance of yechy.
  11. This year was a pretty ho-hum year for restaurants, but a fantastic year for books.
  12. First day of cooking my way through every single alton brown episode. Pan-seared ribeye. Fan freaking tastic
  13. No, there are many underlying things that can keep a small going for a couple of years even when they have no control over their cash.
  14. As a side question- how many operators know what cash flow is and how to manage it in a sustainable way?
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