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  1. The Jerry's spot on Gibbs Street still remains vacant, albeit the Federal Realty brass has decided to keep the ugly yellow lights on since a couple of weeks. thank God for small mercies
  2. Hi folks, I am glad that you all had a great time and enjoyed the food. I am sorry that I could not stay beyond the appetizer service. Also apologize that Eric did not enjoy the Crab as much as last time. Will have to change to more North Indian tasting food next time. Is it possible for those who took pictures to email them to us at "passagetoindia@comcast.net", of course wherever used I can give credits if you so desire. Until next time, hope it is soon Sudhir Seth
  3. Hi, sorry for the late reply, just got back from China in time to be rocked by an earthquake and to cope with a flooded basement, courtesy Ms. Irene. Have never had Sea Urchin in India. Clams are eaten in something like Bouillabaisse and even cooked with rice like Paella. Are you interested in Seafood primarily or anything goes so long as it is "far from Mundane".
  4. Bobby and Saree (sp) stopped by for dinner at SpiceXing and had a nice long chat with them. For some reason this part of Rockville Town Center has been really hit hard with this economic downturn; as per Bobby this area never really took off - a long promised Food store has not materialized till date. There is no anchor store. Spice Xing has received great reviews but still has its empty days. Hoping some kind of direction will emerge after today's elections and the sputtering government will JUMP start itself. God bless us all.
  5. A shameless plug.......Spice Xing is very favorably reviewed in WaPo's weekly Going out Guide coming out this weekend. A link to their online page is here. A big thanks to the DR gang and all our patrons who have stood by us and encouraged us by their continued patronage.
  6. Thanks Gennaro, the DR members and my staff for putting up with the Fire alarm disruption last evening during the dinner. I am sorry that I could not stay to say bye and thanks to all who attended since I had to rush to my Bethesda store where I had a crew working overnight and had to coordinate with them. I would really appreciate if some of you folks were kind enough to take pictures and will be posting them soon. Also it would be helpful for me to get any feedback on how we can further enhance the taste / spicing / presentation of the dishes. Once again THANKS to all.
  7. Hi Don, "ULTA", literally translates as "opposite", and in this case means "UPSIDE DOWN". The normal tawa (an iron griddle, round with a handle) has a depression in the center. If you flip it and if it is large enough one can make a Roomali Roti (bread as thin as a handkerchief) on it, which is made by flipping it hand over hand & then tossed in the air just like Pizza. Well, as usual I digress from the main topic at hand. Basically the Paratha must have been cooked on an Upside down Tawa. It is used in the city of Lucknow the place where Avadhi cuisine flourished. From a practical poin
  8. Thanks Gennaro for coordinating tonite's dinner, I am glad that I could get out of my two stores to enjoy the hospitality of Atul and the great cooking of Chef Surinder. You have done a pretty good synopsis of the dinner spread here. Guess one would need to make another trip to Masala Art to sample the Kadhi and the Baghare Baingan which did not get to us. For now I am still euphoric after a GREAT dinner in lively company. Cheers
  9. has not set their status

  10. Hi Atul, What are you feeding us? I intend fasting the whole day tomorrow; haven't eaten Surinder's cooking in 7 years. Is Rashmi going to be in attendance too? See you tomorrow. Best
  11. Hello DR comrades It has been a while since I actively participated on this Forum. I thank you all for the support, encouragement and unabashed critique that we receive thru this Board. I will be able to take care of most, if not all that has been posted here in the past couple of weeks. However, I would just like to emphasize that the name Spice Xing (Crossing) in no way implies that the food is CHILI HOT SPICY as a lot of our patrons think. It is more a matter of marrying the right spices in harmony, an art which I profess I merely copy from our traditional recipes that I have gathered over
  12. Count me in, and maybe add my S.O. Would love to know when it is getting confirmed for. All the support for the people who worked with me and have their own enterprise going now.
  13. An evening full of fun starting with dinner from 5:30pm - 7:30pm, followed by live performance by Ayesha and Shafiq Rahman. They will be accompanied by Tabla, Dholak and Keyboard players. Their collection includes old and new Bollywood songs, ghazals (Urdu poetry) & qawalis (devotional songs). Seats are limited, please Call the restaurant at 301 610 0303 to make your reservation. For details check the following links. on the website http://spicexing.com/special_event.php?record=NA== or on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=147665942912&ref=nf
  14. Great opportunity at the newly opened SpiceXing for EVENING Bartending position. One year of work experience a plus. Will train for exotic drinks. PM me or email us at SPICEXING@COMCAST.NET; you may call and ask for HARRY at 301 610 0303. Chef Sudhir Seth
  15. A big thank you to all the DonRockwellians who braved their way thru cracking shells and all. An even bigger thank you to DanielK who was of immense help in coordinating the entire affair. Good luck to Monica with her future writing endeavors. Last but not the least, I think we owe a lot to Eric whose first mention of a Crab dinner in early June sparked this entire thing and though we missed him on Sunday evening he is scheduled for a Crab dinner one of these days at Passage to India. Cheers
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