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  1. Hi folks, I am glad that you all had a great time and enjoyed the food. I am sorry that I could not stay beyond the appetizer service. Also apologize that Eric did not enjoy the Crab as much as last time. Will have to change to more North Indian tasting food next time. Is it possible for those who took pictures to email them to us at "passagetoindia@comcast.net", of course wherever used I can give credits if you so desire. Until next time, hope it is soon Sudhir Seth
  2. Hi, sorry for the late reply, just got back from China in time to be rocked by an earthquake and to cope with a flooded basement, courtesy Ms. Irene. Have never had Sea Urchin in India. Clams are eaten in something like Bouillabaisse and even cooked with rice like Paella. Are you interested in Seafood primarily or anything goes so long as it is "far from Mundane".
  3. Bobby and Saree (sp) stopped by for dinner at SpiceXing and had a nice long chat with them. For some reason this part of Rockville Town Center has been really hit hard with this economic downturn; as per Bobby this area never really took off - a long promised Food store has not materialized till date. There is no anchor store. Spice Xing has received great reviews but still has its empty days. Hoping some kind of direction will emerge after today's elections and the sputtering government will JUMP start itself. God bless us all.
  4. has not set their status

  5. I am very happy to see Anil's cooking and business taking off. It gives me great satisfaction to see Anil grow in this profession and in his skills. He was always a quick study and he deserves the fame that he has received of late in his venture. I learnt quite a few of his native Andhra dishes while he was working at Passage to India. Best wishes and Good luck Anil.
  6. No, the list on the website is their 2007 Jan issue. They have to sell this upcoming issue and then sometime towards the end of Jan it will be posted on their website, quite understandably.
  7. NEW YEAR'S EVE THANKS FOR THE PATRONAGE AND ALL THE SUPPORT OVER THE YEAR TO THE DON ROCKWELL FAMILY, FROM ALL OF US AT THE "PASSAGE TO INDIA". This year we will be having the following Chef Specials in addition to our A la Carte menu for the 31st December dinner. The restaurant will be serving dinner from 5.00pm onwards. Please call 301 656 3373 for reservations and we look forward to having you dine with us. CHEF SPECIALS SEAFOOD CURRY $22.95 Scallops, lobster, shrimp, mussel and grouper in an onion and pepper gravy LOBSTER MALABAR
  8. Damn! I had to keep the Mirchi Pakora in the oven to keep it warm and that is why it got dried up - shouldn't have done that. Yes you are right about the Jalapeno not cooked through, should have used halved ones stuffed with the chili paste. Pork Vindaloo in this country I think will be more palatable if made with lean meat. Back in India with limited food resources and 1.2 billion mouths to feed the traditional recipes call for the pork, fat and the rind as well. But you are right, the fat would need to be trimmed off completely for it to be appreciated here. At last someone says that they
  9. I have emailed the photos to DKORN for posting on this thread. In the meantime I was successful in uploading them to my blog on the following link. Relive the spices. http://indianfoodblog.blogspot.com/
  10. Thanks to all who attended the dinner last night and hoping that all is well considering the amount of different spices that everyone consumed. Nowhere in India people eat so much spices over a single meal and I am grateful to last night's diners for being so supportive and encouraging. Reading the comments this morning and after talking with you all last night I am glad that everyone seems to have had an enjoyable evening. We missed just one participant Ms. Deborah Tang and hope to see her in our next culinary foray. Xcanucks comments are spot on and we will have to work on fine tuning the re
  11. Hi folks As we approach the SPICE NITE on October 7th may I please request all those coming for dinner that evening to PM me ref any dietary restrictions so that I can make some adjustments and offer them an alternative or two. I might not be able to replicate the dish being substituted but I could replace with something substantial atleast. Thanks
  12. Ladies and Gentlemen Would request all those on the fence to please decide and post your attendance on this thread. It will help me immensely and I can be better prepared since almost everything on the Spice menu is to be made from start and is not a spin-off from the regular menu. Thanks and see you on 10/07.
  13. We could start even earlier on a Sunday if that is what everybody wants so that people will not have trouble getting to work on Monday. I can be pretty flexible on the timing for Sunday. The only thing I would like to do in a hurry is to post up a notice and blocking that date for reservations. If we can fill up the house to fifty people I could even close the restaurant for anybody else and make it into a totally private DR affair. We have a large number of Sunday regulars and I would like them to know in advance of what is happening and some of them might become future DR members.
  14. All the dishes are spicy but accompanied with rice, bread and raita to cool off the effect. On their own each dish has a pronounced spice content since that is what the Event is about.
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