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  1. "If this is referring to Shake Shack, it's $3.09 at my local outlet, and it's a substantial pile of fries. That and a burger is more than enough for a meal. " 3.09 is correct on the fries, I was there yesterday. And if I was to have them I would split them with another party. But I still find that at my local outlet the fries are skimpy. However I find it amusing that some one should tell me or anyone what makes "more than enough" for a proper meal.
  2. I have never forgotten having dinner in Savannah and they brought out sherbet as palate cleanser- a first for me. Not a fine dining experience but my mom and I loved the lunch rooms of the old department stores, especially Neiman's, Marshall Fields, Forty Carrots in Bloomingdales and lastly the Birdcage in Lord and Taylors where we ate lunch at least twice a month from when I was probably about 8 through my early fifties. In the early days it was a prix fix menu and it always came with a dessert from the dessert cart. My brother being a boy got 2!
  3. And Woodmoor stills holds up for the most part. Most of the items truly taste like they have real ingredients-i.e. butter, etc. While in this day and age there are more bakeries that specialize in using real ingredients and can be tasty (not Georgetown Cupcake) but in my opinion Woodmoor never stopped. Plus they make a Cronut and in the morning (they are usually gone pretty fast) and they are pretty damn good.
  4. I discovered Spindrift about a year ago at Cava. They were/are expensive- but Trader Joes has them - and Harris Teeter has put 2 eight packs for the price of one. Panera has them as well. The prices on Amazon were ridiculous last year when I first looked to see how I could my hands on them. Lemon is my favorite- I tried the Grapefruit it was pretty good as well.
  5. Can anyone update me on a good bowl of Pho. I am in Bethesda which is a Pho desert. No to Rice Paddies Grill. I thought I heard about a pop up in Bethesda- other wise send me relatively close to B. I don't want to go over the bridge. Thanks. --- R Family Kitchen & Bar (mtureck)
  6. very busy on Sunday with people walking out with big smiles on there faces. It does seem it would be wait for your product but watching them make the ice cream is pretty interesting.
  7. I work in the area and it is always busy- I thought the place would never make it surrounded by so many mediocre chains - (not the pizza)- but it does very well and the food is different, fresh and very good
  8. only been to Teds once- but one of my party got the tater tots- so I guess they were memorable to me although I did not have one- I guessed that you up charged them
  9. My girlfriend and I are 50 something and find ourselves suddenly single at the same time. We love good food, however now we are looking for happy hour places downtown where we can have a well crafted cocktail, maybe doing some chatting and then follow it up with a good meal. Any thoughts?
  10. The lack of thought to the older people in this world makes me ashamed of this website. People saying they have no problem becuase they are 55- 55! lucky you. Try 65, 75, 85 - oh yeah the elders should not beable to go out for dinner but should just stay home- maybe lock up all the elders in this city. I am sure the "greatest generation" appreciates your thoughts. By the way I am 55 as well. Milleniums suck.
  11. Any experts care to guess what the proportions would be to make this drink I have had at Kafe Leopold- the ingredients are grapefruit juice, bitters, vodka, sauvignon blanc
  12. I have had several good meals here. The bolognese is delicious. They have changed the menu quite a bit in the last year- but still good.
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