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  1. Haven't been to Komi in years and would appreciate some updated info. How do the dietary restrictions/substitutions work? Something discussed while making a reservation or upon arrivalat the restaurant? Considering going for my birthday, but am also pregnant and staying away from raw/undercooked proteins, etc. Also, is there only one seating and time available per night? Thanks!
  2. Just had an enjoyable dinner here tonight. A disclaimer of sorts - I grew up in Hong Kong, but don't consider myself an expert on the food. Of our 3 appetizers, the dan dan noodles, cheung fun and kowloon buns - the last were definitely our favorite. I should have heeded the above review and not bothered with the cheung fun - these are one of my all time fave dim sum dishes, so it had a lot of living up to do. I found them kind of bland and the noodle was too thick. The dan dan wasn't sauce-y or nutty enough and strayed too far from the authentic - give me a bowl from A&Js over this versio
  3. We were there this past Friday night, and I totally agree, Lori. I'm very surprised they didn't give the new pricing more of a chance - but as others have said, their initial mistakes with the concept must have been too great to overcome. I was surprised at how few tables there were, maybe only 7 or so? There were only 2 other tables occupied when we were there, but we also had a 5:30 reservation,so I thought it was early.
  4. What a terrible loss. I remember my one dinner at Citronelle very fondly. I was dining in Central once, when chef walked in. As he passed our table, he sorta pinched my side and told me I needed to eat more - I was totally charmed.
  5. Thank you. I've looked at Bistro Bethem's site but haven't yet looked at Kybecca.
  6. Any suggestions for dinner on Saturday night in Fredricksburg? If it has a dedicated thread, I've missed it.
  7. The ferry is a fun idea! Unfortunately, I think that will be too much to schedule/worry about the night before and with the rehearsal at the venue that afternoon. Update - Landini Brothers is a $67/person minimum (exclusive of taxes and fees) on Fridays and Saturdays.
  8. Thank you both so much! We had dinner at Theismann's to check it out and while the food was better than I expected, I was disappointed that the space wasn't more private. I'm saving myself the added headache of planning a day after brunch! How many people will you have? I've now contacted Chart House and Landini Brothers - thanks for those recs! Blackwall Hitch recommended the Crow's Nest area which is not quite big enough for our group and also not private and therefore incredibly loud. Mason Social never responded to my request but I suspect they are too small anyway. Virtue a
  9. I did, thanks! Their food and beverage minimum is $5k for a Friday night - more than we're looking to spend.
  10. Hi all, Reaching out for some ideas after I've done some fairly extensive research. My best guess so far is that we'll have at least 50 people for a Friday night wedding rehearsal dinner. Mostly I've run into the issue of a restaurant's space not being large enough and another issue of the cost just being too expensive. 2 places that I'm considering are Carluccio's and Theismann's. I'm a bit wary of Carluccio's since they are new-ish and I'm not sure they have had much experience with private events. Though we have eaten there before and enjoyed our meals there. We are going to try T
  11. Where did this come from is exactly what I was thinking, Jonathan - that's what puzzled me more than anything. It's like they're almost creating some new category of dining - entree prices, shareable concept, but with portions too tiny for that.
  12. After dinner here last night, I walked away feeling that this place is really quite expensive for what you get. I feel like there'd been a decent amount of hype surrounding the restaurant and I'd read some articles about it, so it's not as if I walked into the place having heard nothing about it. Yet, I had no clue it was a share plates type of place. Yes, that is typical for many places nowadays, but I guess nothing I'd read or heard had make me think this was anything but a more traditional appetizer/entree place. As Sietsema noted in his review, there's no separation on the menu betwee
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