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  1. I don't have the issue in front of me, but my biggest complaint was Zaytinya ahead of Palena
  2. Just picked up the new issue. I'll wait for others to get it before I make comments. Was surprised to see a new restaurant debuting at #4
  3. I'm pretty sure Casey came in 2nd that year and Dale got 3rd. I remember Casey making such a big deal about Hung winning and how she was robbed.
  4. I find it odd (though not for Carole Greenwood) for someone to open a restaurant in DC and chose who to serve based on their political affiliation.
  5. I go to Palena EXPECTING to get poor service (it makes the evening much easier to deal with when things actually DO go wrong). If I had chosen to stop going after my first experience there (easily in the top 10 for worst experiences I've had in my life!), I would've never come to appreciate the genius of Chef Ruta's culinary mastery! Over the years, I've experienced great service. During those visits, I write down the server's name and request them every time I go. When they are not available, I know my evening will be unpredictable. But that doesn't stop me from coming down from Howard C
  6. The best FO soup I've had in a LONG time was at Victoria's Gastro Pub in Columbia (have you tried that place yet Rocks?). A rich, flavorful stock with a hint of madeira and little bits of veal confit.
  7. Same her. Last year's relay was easily my favorite quickfire done in any of the four seasons! This last episode was probably my favorite of the season so far. My favorite line was when one of the judges told Spike that they liked his fish and Dale chimed in with a "You should have, it took him three and a half hours to make it!"
  8. What makes these tasty sandwiches so great is that they slice them to order. I take mine medium rare and sliced paper thin with horseradish and mayo. Just bring cash because they don't accept credit cards. They have one of those no-name portable ATMs there. But to save on the service charges, come prepared.
  9. Asparagus risotto with shrimp and drizzled brown butter.
  10. My wife and I have celebrated all of our four anniversaries at Eve. This past June (our last anniversary) was the first time we had spent it in the bistro. Overall, I prefer the tasting room to the bistro for our anniversary. The anticipation of each course (and sharing each course with each other) gave us something to look forward to and it made the evening a litte more special. That being said, if you can't get into the tasting room, I doubt you'll find a better 3-course meal in the DC area, nor will you find better service then at Eve.
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