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  1. Sad news for the Centreville dining scene. Park and Shop, the small Vietnamese grocery with excellent Banh Mi closed. It is relocating to a part of Manassas I'll never get to. Sad to see it go.
  2. There's a spot in a Centreville where restaurants go to die. After two Indian places met their maker comes a new contender. Frito Chicken. The place has an interesting story: Mar 15, 2018 - "Frito Chicken Gives Ashburn New Fried Chicken Option" by Chris Wadsworth on theburn.com My wife met the owner yesterday who invited us to give it a try. She was very nice and we didn't feel like making dinner tonight so we gave it a try. "Frito Chicken is the brain child of Amina Khan. She’s was born in Pakistan, raised in Canada and has collected a wealth of recipes. Over the years,
  3. I'm holed up in Burke this week at my parents house cramming for an exam. I've been treating myself to lunch and have three more to look forward to. Any recommendations of ones in Springfield that I must do? Probably going to do Thai Gaan Waan and Afghan Bistro again. What should I do for a third? It's not noted here but if you are in Springfield and need caffeine, you need to try Cervantes Coffee.
  4. Just went today. The beef shank I had was a 7/10 but the Leek and Scallion dumplings were a 13/10 so the whole experience worked out to be a 10/10. Thinking of going back this week. Any recommendations on what I should get?
  5. So Stumptown was bought a few years ago and their quality has been going downhill. Cafein has switched to Coava coffee from San Diego and the switch has been great. I always worry about small shops but Cafein is always packed whenever I go... which is almost everyday..... my coffee is often waiting for me by the time I get to the register..... don't judge me.... I can stop anytime I want to.
  6. Ribs and Dumplings are my go to choices here. If you are here for lunch though, you should go a few doors down and grab some coffee at Cafein right in the same shopping center.
  7. I'm a big fan of Marumen and when you live in the western suburbs its one of the best options out there that does not involve going into the city.
  8. Right around the corner from my parents. I am there.... Or will be.
  9. Can confirm. Their pie is is legit. I'd tell you my favorite one but then there may not be one left for me. If you really want to blow your diet, get a pie from here then grab something from Arno's.
  10. Here here. One of the best burgers in NOVA. Seating is a b*tch,. Best come during off peak hours.
  11. Have not tried Mission but I have heard good things. I want to try their Baby Backs at some point as I am a big fan of those. Back to Hammerdown though. Went back today. I've lived in NOVA most of my life. I've eaten BBQ in Texas, North Carolina, Kansas City and Alabama. I'll say it right now. Best ribs I've had in Northern Virginia. Hands down. Better than Dixie Bones. Better than Willard's. Absolutely incredible. Apparently the word is out about this place as they were mobbed.
  12. Opening in late November comes an exciting new entrant to the Loudoun County dining scene. Located near Lenah Run, west of Stone Ridge, this BBQ joint is one to keep an eye on. As far as I can tell, the owner used to have a successful food truck and leveraged that to open this store front location. I happened to be at Gilbert's Corner this weekend to pick up some pastries from Arno's. On my way back I saw this place had opened, and the parking lot had filled up. Intrigued, I dropped in to give it a try. They sell brisket, pulled pork, chicken, ribs and smoked sausage along wit
  13. By the way. While the Sterling location is closed, the Chantilly location that this is a topic for is still open and serving relatively solid food. Adjust your plans accordingly,
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