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  1. The original Post graphic on new food carts mentions there were 7 carts who had not yet received a location.. but it seems odd they would permit two korean carts right next to each other.. and there were already two carts permitted at that intersection. Is this cart permitted, or will it be gone when I try to go next week?
  2. Two words: Grease trucks. For the uninitiated: Wikipedia
  3. DC does not allow teenagers in bars. Some all-age nightclubs happen to serve alcohol, just like some restaurants happen to serve alcohol. As for the smoking ban, I haven't heard of any violations being handed out. I haven't seen people flouting it, either, but have only gone out a few times since it came into effect (However, I've only gone out in Philly a few times since their ban and have seen it violated on most occasions).
  4. If restaurants don't want to respond to email, they should not put an email address on the website.
  5. Pretty sure the weekend (well, Saturday) is just walk-ins. Closed Sunday and Monday, then Tues-Thurs next week is a reservations only benefit, according to a flyer we picked up. $75 all-you-can-eat a la carte (+$ for booze/tip/tax). [Edited to add that next week's event is a benefit]
  6. A very good question, imo. If the restaurant wants to charge us for no-shows, what about when they're only good at taking the reservation, but not holding the reservation? Admittedly, I don't think this has never happened to me.
  7. Ramsey Kinchley's! Ahh the memories. We used to go there after shows during high school and cause trouble. The staff hated us (I think they hated everyone), but they must have appreciated the generous tips in the end since we were always welcome (well, almost.. I think there was one year we were banned). Moved out of Bergen County before I really got into food.. so I don't know much past the chinese buffet or local pizza joint. As for strip clubs, you have to find the ones that don't serve booze. Booze and bush can't mix in NJ. Sometimes they're referred to as "juice bars".
  8. Another 'yes please' here. No preference tues vs. weds.
  9. Count me as a No for the whole carrying cash thing. I understand there's a fee for the establishment, but that's just the way the system is.
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