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  1. Kinda. I'm not sure that thing will be the same if it's not coming out of the precise kitchen that Frank runs. Can't wait for Annabelle to open up, I've been devoid of a high end celebration place in DC since he left Mirabelle
  2. FYI they stopped free corkage here and are now charging $50/bottle, making this a considerably more expensive experience for someone who prefers to bring their own bottle in like myself.
  3. I love that they do the salmon medium rare, to be honest, its how I prepare it at home. St Anselm's continues to be one of our favorite regular spots.
  4. This is driving me nuts because I have eaten those wings a number times (years ago) and remember that sauce distinctly, but can't place where it is
  5. I loved the Miami location when I went in 2015, it was the kind of experience that I"m always hoping to get when I go to Southern, fried chicken joints but rarely get. Hopefully they can bring some of that magic and this franchise doesn't overexpand itself into mediocrity like so many have.....
  6. Great pics. I feel like these two have really fallen off since basically a year after Top Chef. I had one really good meal at VOLT, one solid meal at Range, and a great meal at Ink back many years now but everything since has been absolutely middling. I'll wait to read more reviews before shelling out for this place, the Voltaggios need to earn my trust back..... 😏
  7. I can't understand why the landlord wouldn't be up for that idea, it would have to be better than the $0 they have collected for that space since Palena closed 6 or 7 years ago....
  8. I'm surprised to read this. I ordered takeout from there a couple months back and we must have ordered different menu items. I found the wings to be gloppy and fried to complete submission and the cheesesteak greasy and odd in that the steak was a whole piece rather than the lovely chopped steaks you find at Jim's or Tony Luke's back in the day. I have always been of the mind that when you are eating something greasy/unhealthy, it should be good enough that it is hard to not eat every single bite. I left half of my cheesesteak and had just 2 wings. I have never gotten the Kwame food hype; he seems like a great guy and definitely the ambitious young chef that you would like to see succeed, but in the restaurant business you must yield results, and I'm just not seeing them here or the Wing Fry.
  9. To get back to the food, my wife and I returned on Saturday and the duck was even better this round. I retract my previous statement; I remember the late Mark Kuller (RIP) once tell me when I was complaining about the food prices at The Source that you could boil down most things in life to their simplest form (clothing, wine, art, etc) and pick any luxury thing apart as not being worth the things that made it up, but that's not what you're paying for at the top end; you're paying for the talent of the person creating it. We all know this, but it's good to remind yourself of it sometimes, and the thought, effort, and creativity combined with ingredient costs are certainly worth every penny of the $100 that you pay for it. The skin is tacky from the beet juice and licorice that the duck is brined in, giving it a lovely stick to go with that fatty and unctuous flavor that we enjoy so much. The medium rare (bordering on rare) meat on the breast is brimming with flavor, bolstered by the nice layer of fat surrounding it. This combined with the 96 Volnay that we brought were enough to leave smiles plastered on our faces on a cold, wet night. The other dishes that we had, however, did not hit on the same notes. The Mushroom dish didn't resonate at all with me, it was somewhat devoid of flavor outside of a hint of smoke and sweetness of the egg yolk "fudge". I didn't get the appeal or thinking behind this dish, and the same went for the Beef Tartare, which was nicely chopped and plated but the whole dish was overwhelmed by the farro tamari sauce that was dotted throughout the plate, again sweet and not to my taste. I have been twice now, and while I love chatting with Johnny and really enjoy the vibe at the counter, I can't say that I have loved any of the other dishes I have tried apart from the duck.
  10. The Duck really is very good, but about $30 more than it should be given what you get. I really liked this place overall, especially the free corkage on the first bottle of wine. Definitely rooting for Johnny here, I think this place will do well. Btw I saw the Tortilla come out and someone would have to explain to me why it was $150. Same with the $100 steak.
  11. I'm going on Saturday, I'm buying into the hype. Agree that the menu does look startlingly simple/boring, but the Palena Cafe menu back in the day did as well, and you know how everyone felt about that place....
  12. With a hankering for Peking Duck and bored of going to the same 4-5 places that we always go, my wife and I decided to venture out to Bethesda for a late dinner on Saturday. Wary about what we might come upon based on the reviews we read here, we decided to order "wide" in the hopes that at least two of the things, and most importantly the duck, would be hits. Lucky for us, everything we ordered we loved, and we will certainly be moving this place firmly into our rotation. To start, we got one of our favorite dishes from Arlington, the Dry-fried Eggplant and the Half Duck. The eggplant was fried and spiced to perfection, this would be an awesome snack to have at my Super Bowl party this weekend. The duck was what we were hoping it would be and far superior to the one that I had at Peking Gourmet Inn. Well prepared and plated, this was unctuous without being fatty and greasy, served with lovely light pancakes and fresh, crisp cucumbers and green onions alongside 2 sauces. This is up there with The Source's preparation, leaning more to the traditional, and really delicious if a bit expensive. Already feeling a bit full and satisfied, we realized we over ordered even prior to the huge portions of Double Cooked Pork Belly, Grandma's Country Style Chili Chicken, and Stir Fried Snow Pea Tips arriving. The pork belly has been a favorite in the past in visits to Arlington, and while this version didn't disappoint, it didn't have the level of heat that it has had in the past. I would still order this again, but it was the least popular dish at the table. My wife loved the chicken, which came with a 4 pepper rating on the menu and was way too spicy for my taste. The snow pea tips, which were initially ordered as just a way to add some green to the table, might have been my favorite dish all night. Garlicky, bitter, and well cooked, these were soft but still had bite in their spines and complemented everything that we had perfectly. A lovely dish that I left wanting to make for myself at home. This wasn't a cheap meal and has to be one of, if not the most, expensive Chinese restaurants in the area, but it was right in our wheelhouse.
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