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  1. Wanted to give these guys a quick plug for running a great special for delivery on Caviar right now. It's a Fried Chicken Feast ($40) and comes with 2 enormous breasts, 2 thighs, 2 wings, a side of mashed potatoes, 2 biscuits, gravy, and a salad. We ordered this with a side of Truffled Mac & Cheese ($12) and Crab Hush Puppies ($12) and it was delicious and enough food to feed 6+ people easily. Chicken was moist and well spiced, the gravy with the potatoes rocked, and my kids loved the mac & cheese. Would definitely recommend if you're looking for something good for the family that won't break the bank.
  2. Hit this place on Sunday morning as it is right across from where my kids go to swim class. We got two platters with burnt ends, moist brisket, and chicken with sides of Texas Caviar, mac and cheese (jalapeno for us and reg for the kids) and potato salad. I would not get the burnt ends again; they were not worth the upcharge and overseasoned with brown sugar, but every other thing was solid to very good and my kids could have eaten 10 sides of either mac and cheese (the jalapeno is not spicy at all). All this for $30? Nice recommendation once again from dr.com, thanks all!
  3. My wife and I, despite living a mere 2 miles away, had yet to get here until early January of this year, and we are kicking ourselves for not making it that long after having been here a few times. We have tried a total of 12-15 dishes and had nothing that was less than 'very good', with a few things venturing into the 'excellent' category. If they ever have the Sourdough Scallion Pancakes, do yourself a favor and order them, they are superior to anything I have had in this area, even better than Joe's Noodle House back when it was still good. The Wok Fried Noodles is one of my favorite vegetarian dishes in DC right now, this is what I'm always hoping for when we order carryout from the myriad of middling Asian restaurants in the area and almost never get. Oodles of fresh mushrooms, green onions, chilis, fried onions, there's no point in getting the pork add-on ($10 upcharge!), this dish is so flavorful it absolutely does not need it. Staying vegetarian we have not gone on one visit without ordering the Mushroom and Leek Bao, which is a pleasantly doughy bun packed with stewed vegetables and sitting next to a smear of a spicy hoisin paste that takes the dish up to the next level for me. Also, you can eat well here for 2 people (with drinks) for well under $100, which is next to impossible these days in DC. Last night we had 4 appetizers, 2 cocktails, a beer, and the wok fried noodles for $79 before tip. A great deal for a great meal.
  4. We made it out there last night, nice big space that was more than half empty so we saddled up to the bar. My wife and I love artichokes, so the Carciofini Fritti was a no brainer as an app. I have to say, while we enjoyed this dish, it was startlingly simple and a grip at $16 for a plate of about 10-12 hearts. The highlight of the meal by a long bit was the Malfatti Al Maialino, which was a dish of perfectly cooked pasta shaped like leaves and a generous portion of unctuous pork sitting under a covering of appropriately bitter arugula, which danced nicely with the richness of the lemony sauce. I'd be hard pressed not to order this again if I ever come back here. The Fettucine Con Gamberetti was well cooked but a bit bland, a sprinkle of crushed red pepper really punched this dish up a notch and made it lovely. My one minor quibble was that I was hoping to get "gamberetti" like you get on the Amalfi Coast in this dish; tiny, ruby red shrimp with the shell still on that are addictive to eat like potato chips. The shrimp in this dish were of a good quality, but no different that what one might get out of the seafood window at Whole Foods. For the main we split the Pollo Alla Diavola, which was well prepared but a little boring and not as spicy as I would have hoped and overall not that interesting, which was the theme for the night. Well executed food that just was not exciting enough for me to be thinking about my next trip here.
  5. You didn't like it? It was a little mixed when we went (I wasn't enamored by the gnocchi), but I thought the Consumme, Duck Breast, and Chicken were all outstanding. What did you get?
  6. Great post as usual, Pool Boy, I think you might be an even bigger Frank fanboy than Don šŸ˜‹ Can't wait to give this place a try.
  7. I gotta say, I look at the menu again every time I read a good comment or review about the place, and none of the food appeals to me. Seems like people are trying to mimic the success that Orsa & Winston has had in LA, but when I ate there it felt much more like a Japanese restaurant that simply borrowed some Italian ingredients, as opposed to here where they are really trying to mash things up and it just doesn't sound right.
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