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  1. I saw it at Costco in Gaithersburg this afternoon. If I had read this earlier would’ve tried it!
  2. The poke at the Gaithersburg Costco is the most similar I've found in this area to Hawaiian poke. They actually list kukui nut as an ingredient!
  3. I hope I'm not too late! In addition to the dishes already mentioned above I would add thousand layer pancake and cucumber salad, both customer favorites. The cigar-shaped fried dumplings are listed as pan-fried pork potstickers on the menu. The pan-fried beef bun flies under the radar but is also delicious. I've heard it described as an "exploding Chinese hamburger" because it's juicy and filled with soup. The spicy beef & tendon noodle soup (szechuan style) and for adventurous eaters- the sliced pig ears and vegetarian delight with rice. Happy eating!
  4. They are not used interchangeably in Chinese cooking. For example, a classic dumpling filling is pork with Chinese chives. You would use the flat kind, not the one with the bulb. Most Chinese grocery stores sell both.
  5. Thanks porcupine! Would you prefer more or less beef in the roll? What do you guys think we should name the noodle dish? Everything we've been thinking about ends up too close to spicy beef noodle and I worry people will confuse it with the noodle soup.
  6. My family sincerely appreciates all the response thus far. I consider myself lucky to be a part of this warm and supportive Don Rockwell community. Thanks for all you do, Don!
  7. Thanks everyone! I prefer the new noodle dish with beef but please note even without the sliced beef, the sauce includes beef broth so it's not vegetarian.
  8. Both dishes are hot. The roll/wrap is a little crispy on the outside. Also thicker and not soft like a traditional Peking duck pancake.
  9. We are testing two new menu items and I would love to get feedback from the good folks of Don Rockwell. Neither is on the menu yet but the first we're thinking of calling a Peking Beef Roll. The flavor profiles are similar to Peking Duck but with beef instead. The next item is a spicy noodle dish, you can get it with or without sliced beef. If you ask the waitresses for the new menu items they will know what you're talking about. Thanks in advance for any feedback, positive or negative!
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