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  1. The Link: relais & chateau I could probably use a good editor, I know.
  2. Sorry it has taken me a bit to respond. The ambience was EXACTLY what I expected. Kitschy, but fun kitschy. So much so that I found myself looking around the room and remarking, "Wow. Finally a place that makes Wagon Wheel Chandeliers WORK. I always knew it could be done." And I mean that, sincerely. A solid "A". The service was impressive old-school service. From the rote-but-well-played greetings, the coat-check, the long walk to a table by an obsequiously kind manager, to the mandatory check-back after every course, to the glances from the suited managers prowling the room looking for eld
  3. Millie's Diner, at the bottom of Church Hill, is really the only restaurant in richmond worth a damn, as far as food goes. Tiny, funky and always attempting something yummy. The wine list is damn good, too. As for atmosphere, Can Can Brasserie, which modeled itself on Balthazar in NY, which modeled itself on any number of actual French brasseries, has a the longest zinc bar I've seen anywhere and a straight French wine list put together by the most knowledgable wine guy in town, Bob Talcott. The food is hit or miss, but it's still fun. For sushi and an excellent sake selection, i'd recommend O
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