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  1. Aussie Sangiovese! Yum! Hugh Hamilton's "The Mongrel" 85% Sangiovese, 10% Cab, 5% Merlot from McLaren Vale. Used to import it, but now I just drink old samples. :-)
  2. I LOVED Mini bar...... It was a gift to myself & Mark when we realized we'd have to leave DC (my job, alas!) Regardless - I have no experience with food-writing/reviewing, but I will say that having an undergrad degree in Art and an MS in Art Education, this was a stunning, outstanding, artistic experience. Baroque (wow how can the colors and flavors really work without being tacky? - "Fois Gras Cotton Candy") Neo - Classicism (Classic, yet new - "Deconstructed Philly Steak & Cheese") Impressionism (pretty, comforting, soft, yet artful - "Olive Oil Bonbon") Surrealism (did
  3. Rob Gibson's Barossavale 1999 Shiraz - it is B-Eau-Ti-Ful...... Wowie!
  4. Ahhhh in the comfort of my own home - after travelling through Tennessee this past week, and a downright scarring experience outside of Knoxville (see my post about the hot tub - I don't dare think of the germs!) AND a hell of a flight from Atlanta tonight, I opened a bottle of Elderton Shiraz 2002 - actually quite delicious - and I am certain I will sleep well! I will have sugar plums, black cherries, raspberries, tobacco, eucalypt and spice dancing through my head!
  5. I am hoping for a little pity here - After travelling to the food and wine Mecca of Knoxville Tennesse, and struggling to find a room to sleep, I am in the "Honeymoon Suite" (did I mention ALONE?) at the Comfort Suites here by the airport. $100/night and worth every slimy penny since I have a delightful "SearsPaintSale-Red" colored HEART SHAPED (translate: spare no expense on ambiance) jaccuzzi in the middle of my room. I shudder to think of the blissful-romantic nights out here on rte 129N outside of the airport in the "Honeymoon Suite" of Comfort Suites.... So with that, I set the mood:
  6. 2004 Gilbert PICQ & ses Fils Chablis Yum! After being in the Aussie wine biz for a while, I love me some white Burgundy!
  7. Coffee right now, but has anyone else here ever tried a Bloody Mary with Aquvavit (Danish spirit made with Caraway)?????? Delicious! I highly recommend.......
  8. I like Tempo a lot - the owners are very genuine and nice - the place is ok on ambience, but the food is clean, well done, and whille maybe not innovative, definitely yummy. I haven't been there in over a year though - maybe things have changed?
  9. Providence Bistro in Ballentyne (sp?) area - a newer area outside of downtown Charlotte, but delicious none-the-less. Also, check out Brixx Pizza (great wine list!) downtown. Arpa is good too - for tapas a la Jaleo. The menu is almost identical to Jaleo, in fact - but a hot restaurant with great wines too!
  10. I love this place! I was there (accidentally) on opening night - and despite being a first-night, the service and food was spot-on. Great antipasto platter, delicious hummus, outstanding portobello mushroom/goat cheese sandwich - and the wines weren't too bad either. I wish I were still in DC so I could catch some of the entertainment there! I did buy a few books though - I guess that means I got my entertainment "to-go" tee hee..... This place should be well-supported, as it is a great new place for an up-and-coming neighborhood!
  11. I just can't get past the farting dogs...... sorry!
  12. And which are you bringing to the Oct 2 picnic?
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