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  1. That Clyde's mentality of making something off the menu is in line with what Country Club's do for their members. Clyde's has always made you feel like you are a part of that family.
  2. Well there is that weird strip mall on Wilson... which I have always thought needed something like a F&B establishment of merit. I agree with Dave- do what they are doing in DC but there, they will be fine. Do even better, they will crush it.
  3. What about down by Nats Park. The brick looks eerily similar to the yards development
  4. One of my former bosses used to say to me "what I think looks great in a dining room is a bottle of wine on each table." And so he decided a long time ago that the best way to make that happen was through an aggressive pricing structure. He took his wine from the wine shop next door, which had the retail mark up, and added $10 to that price for the restaurant pricing. So, yes, it isn't in line with the typical 300% markup for 20% cost as Mark mentioned earlier, but it allowed his restaurant that look and appeal. It was almost stupid not to order a bottle. Question is simple- would you rather have a restaurant that is half full, but making those margins, or a restaurant in demand that is busy all the time but at higher cost of doing business?
  5. I agree with Mark. From a consumer stand point smaller but just as equally complete is easier to navigate. You don't have to choose between 10 different Napa Cabs, but let the wine director/ GM/ beverage geek make a wine list that has maybe 3-4 but different styles as Napa can offer that much like Oregon Pinot's , Central Coast Syrah's. Better yet grab 3-4 Syrah's globally and make that your statement. From an operator stand point smaller is easier to control. Which in turn you can change your list more frequently which I believe is attractive to your regulars.
  6. My wife and I went to the parade yesterday and let me just say this, no matter the victory last Sunday, the team and it’s fans still think people don’t give them any respect. I am a native of the DC area, grew up in Arlington, went to Yorktown High School. Not having been raised in the Philly area I get it now. It’s in their bloodlines to Bleed Green. It’s like someone said to me a long time ago. Most families spend whatever savings the put away for the year on two things. Eagles season tickets and a week at the Jersey Shore. Eagles fans don’t believe that winning is owed to them but yet earned. Oddly enough my closest friends who are Skins fans have a very different mentality. They constantly talk about the Skins and how they seemingly feel that they are owed reverence or even victories.
  7. While an authentic restaurant of another worldly cuisine would be awesome it would most likely never merit enough foot traffic for what most landlords ask for in rent. A true Hoagie Hut would be awesome and family friendly, not sure how much lunch traffic could be generated but that would be someone else's issue.
  8. That's odd- I just saw an article in the WBJ which stated that the D.C. Population has been shrinking for about 6 months due to people leaving to go back to their hometowns now that the recession has subsided to many. That being said D.C. Can support good restaurants but the ones in the middle will struggle simply because there are so many of them.
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