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  1. Contact me if looking for a solid Food and Bev job. Always growing, always looking for good people- who in this business isn’t.
  2. new owner taking over which probably means some cosmetic changes
  3. The restaurant formally known as Poste?
  4. My wife and I went to the parade yesterday and let me just say this, no matter the victory last Sunday, the team and it’s fans still think people don’t give them any respect. I am a native of the DC area, grew up in Arlington, went to Yorktown High School. Not having been raised in the Philly area I get it now. It’s in their bloodlines to Bleed Green. It’s like someone said to me a long time ago. Most families spend whatever savings the put away for the year on two things. Eagles season tickets and a week at the Jersey Shore. Eagles fans don’t believe that winning is owed to them but yet earned. Oddly enough my closest friends who are Skins fans have a very different mentality. They constantly talk about the Skins and how they seemingly feel that they are owed reverence or even victories.
  5. While an authentic restaurant of another worldly cuisine would be awesome it would most likely never merit enough foot traffic for what most landlords ask for in rent. A true Hoagie Hut would be awesome and family friendly, not sure how much lunch traffic could be generated but that would be someone else's issue.
  6. That's odd- I just saw an article in the WBJ which stated that the D.C. Population has been shrinking for about 6 months due to people leaving to go back to their hometowns now that the recession has subsided to many. That being said D.C. Can support good restaurants but the ones in the middle will struggle simply because there are so many of them.
  7. The bubble has already started to leak. Rents are going up, which in turn makes margins razor thin. Add to that the population at least within the city lines has started to decrease.
  8. I, as well, attended several rally in the alleys in the late 80's. Back then D.C. Had a wild bar scene. Loved it.
  9. The restaurant formally known as Poste, but don't know it's new name
  10. Typically Aglianico is a big style red, high tannins, black fruit, baking spice, ample acidity. A wine made for heavier foods, stews, heavier red meat dishes. Sounds like you had a great meal.
  11. Not surprised about the OT location. The reports I heard were 'solid' when it first opened to 'going downhill' shortly after it opened. Then again I am not sure with that rent and square footage that even a great place consistently could keep up the monthly rent.
  12. I believe they have not started menu service at the bar during dinner hours.
  13. You need acid and fruit, but be delicate. Stay away from Northern California at the moment. Think Burgundy like a Mercurey and maybe a touch up a Nuits-St-Georges. You could look towards California but head south towards Sta. Rita Hills or Santa Maria Valley. Or you could go towards Alsace for some beautiful whites. Just my two cents, but what do I know, I have to pair wines with Chicken Fingers and French Fries, along with Cobb Salads.
  14. Leave it alone. The guy was there as a member of small business association. Again I agree with the above, its not like Casey walked in with a Trump shirt on, but yet was trying to bring to light the regulations that often drag the little guy down.