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  1. Things to come. Nice space. But then again most of the places in Del ray that are closing were refurbs of something old and tired. Catch on the Ave was created out of Caboose cafe. Charlies was created out of Fireflies. Bon Vivant was an old office space. All were upgrades to the previous spot. Again maybe that is not what that neighborhood wants. I hear often people say over and over "we want a place for families to stretch out.
  2. So the wife took me to Philly for my belated 50th birthday knowing how much I adore the city. Went to a Michael Schulson spot right around the corner from where we were staying called Harp and Crown. Back story on Michael Schulson is that he worked for Stephen Starr and went out on his own. Most of his places are one block off any main drag but to be quite honest in Philly main drags are gone and mostly everywhere has some sort of vibrancy. Let me just say this for those who don't know, Philadelphia is a walkable and eatable city that seems to continue to grow every year. Long story short, great food, great vibe and solid service. Small plates that really were not that small and prices that remained reasonable. For a 50 year old I never felt out of place and as well the company was wonderful.
  3. Its a funny thing about Del Ray- after living there for 20 years I have found that no one wants to do a straight up American Bistro. A high percentage of the restaurants follow a specific cuisine style. I have always thought what would work in Del Ray would be a really cool Bodega that sold great sandwiches, 2-3 salads, some main dishes and had a solid wine and beer program. Along with that a NYC style bodega store for essentials. I agree that late night is a struggle but some of that is through the agreement that bars in Del Ray have to close much earlier than say Clarendon. I believe its 12 am. Granted that does seem pretty late but as well the only real bar is at pork barrel and ESC. The others just seem like an after thought. Charlie's tried but every time I went in it seemed empty same with Catch on the Avenue.
  4. The good thing is that the Beer garden next door will stay open. That being said it will be quite difficult to lease the old Charlie's space out with a competing beer garden right next door. Cue the age old question "what is Del Ray lacking that could utilize that space?"
  5. The Gin component of New Heights started way back in the day with a former chef by the name of John Wabeck. Yup, a gin man with a taste for the DC punk scene and gin.
  6. I helped open the Bistro Bistro that was there in the late 90's. It was a Schlotski's deli prior. The factors I always contributed to Uncle Julio's success and demise of other restaurants across the way were this. A. Parking. While both restaurants have a sheer lack of street parking, Uncle Julio's had the garage on its side. As well the way traffic flows at night, the majority of dinner business saw Uncle Julio's first and could turn in quickly. Whereas everyone else by the time they noticed the other restaurant, they had already passed it, therefore making it a bitch to turn back around. Drive Fairfax Drive at 5-7 pm at night going towards I-66. You will see what I mean. B. Tex-Mex. For whatever reason people love it and that demographic in that area is primed for it. C. i was really hoping Willow would have been the one to outlast Uncle Julio's but I guess again the demographic just didn't support it because of prices. While Uncle Julio's is not cheap by any standard it gives off this vibe that its just 'chips, salsa and margarita's' so how could that be expensive? My two cents are this- I think if you put in a mix use store for that Willow space you might make it. Something like a Wine/Beer shop with sandwiches in the back, big bar for tasting flights of wine/beer and some limited seating- no more than 50 for L/D- it could work, possibly.
  7. That Clyde's mentality of making something off the menu is in line with what Country Club's do for their members. Clyde's has always made you feel like you are a part of that family.
  8. Well there is that weird strip mall on Wilson... which I have always thought needed something like a F&B establishment of merit. I agree with Dave- do what they are doing in DC but there, they will be fine. Do even better, they will crush it.
  9. What about down by Nats Park. The brick looks eerily similar to the yards development
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