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  1. My brother works for them in Columbus. He's been sent to open/train the kitchen staff in many of the new cities: NYC, Philadelphia, Denver, LA, SF, Boston, Dallas, IIRC He told me the location of the DC spot at Christmas and I could only think it wasn't a great choice given all the other nearby steak houses. They seem to do ok with their model in other cities, though (at least they keep opening them!). Cameron Mitchell has some more unique offerings in Columbus that I like (The Pearl), but the OP location is in Columbus out in the burbs at a mall, so when I go back there, it doesn't make th
  2. We tried to go in late December but it was closed at that point. We favor the Fern Street location, although the Shirlington location has more space and a full bar if you don't want beer/wine.
  3. Just back from Chicago. Some pretty good chow. Very meat-centric, naturally. Side Door - classic little bar (part of Lawry's steak house) that has a separate menu - they call it a gastropub. Was out by myself with a big work meeting the next day, so I grabbed a bar stool and had a burger. It was a very nice burger, and they had a decent bourbon selection. I liked the atmosphere (low key) and the food. Fontera Grill - was told the wait would be an hour+, but was actually about 20 minutes. Wasn't bad, just wasn't as good as I remembered from last time. Started w/ the Guac, husband had the
  4. Had a really tasty seared scallops with fresh corn/tomato risotto special last night at Bastille.
  5. Just back from a short week in Charleston. Had some great food, really love this town for hospitality. Husk - dining solo, didn't have reservations - opted for the Bar at Husk, which is next door to Husk. Had the cheeseburger. Wonderful. Thought about it so often during my meetings that I had to go back for another the last night. It has been getting some pretty decent reviews lately. Bartenders are great, bourbon selection was quite nice. Poogan's Porch - had first brunch here. It was fairly quiet at 10 am, but they were much busier later. I had the chicken and waffles, and the husband
  6. Here is what was posted on their FB page - Hope to head there later this week. I have missed the lamb vindaloo... https://www.facebook.com/pages/Bombay-Curry-Company/155264524501930?fref=nf UPDATE We started service July 01st"¦"¦..finally ! It was supposed to be a very soft and quiet opening with new kitchen and service staff, still in training. Some folks posted online and we got slammed the first three days. There were service glitches but patrons reported that the food tasted the same as before. TAKE OUT was a major issue. Kitchen is not ready to handle takeout when busy. So we accep
  7. They posted a photo onFB this week. Hard to tell, but maybe making progress towards opening.
  8. What about Al's Steakhouse in Alexandria? 1956 according to their website. When we first moved to the area, a coworker raved about it (1990). Apparently it was quite the lunch/after school spot for the kids in her time. http://www.alssteak.com/ Also, relatives who grew up on the hill still fondly remember going to Mangialardos as kids. Did I miss seeing that? http://www.jonlhussey.com/blog/2011/02/05/mangialardos-57-years-on-capitol-hill/
  9. A bacon explosion. I am in awe. http://www.bbqaddicts.com/blog/recipes/bacon-explosion/
  10. To Kathleen, a concerned neighbor who spotted my stolen car and reported it, and the Alexandria Police for recovering it.
  11. I hope that bar goes non-smoking. Even when it was Hectors, the smoke drifted into the dining room to the point where I wouldn't return (that plust the food didn't merit a return).
  12. A friend brought over a new bloody mary mix that was quite tasty - good flavor and heat, although I add a bit more horseradish. Ultimate Tailgater mix from Tilted Palm. Doesn't look like I can get it around here though. I've ordered a few bottles online to get me through football season though.
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