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  1. Too long since anyone's mentioned this place. Marvelous hot dogs and surprisingly good french fries from the brick-and-mortar location in downtown Leesburg; haven't sampled the wares from the truck but can confirm that it's still at Blue Mount Nursery, at least on weekends.
  2. Corduroy and Palena have both had soft shells on as dinner specials in the last couple of weeks; it's worth calling both to check.
  3. Also, it's Loudoun, and has been that way for a couple hundred years.
  4. For a lot of these records that aren't in perfect condition, they're having to make a choice between preserving as much of the original audio as possible when they're digitizing, and "remastering," which does technically involve choosing to remove some of that original audio. I asked the same question when I was out at NAVCC a while back, and they said that they're always going to choose to preserve more of the original audio, even if the finished product ends up with additional artifact as a result.
  5. There's definitely more on the way - including lots more from the 1920s, although I haven't heard specifics on what they're planning to include beyond that.
  6. Our Recorded Sound and Web Services folks are justifiably very proud of this launch; the interactive Book of Opera is especially impressive. Yay, team.
  7. Honestly, the only thing I thought was really worth returning for was the Singapore slaw, which is apparently Lee's signature dish; if that's an example of what he can create when he's on form, then there might possibly be something to the hype. The rest wasn't bad, it just wasn't particularly memorable (a couple of the maki, the veg dumplings, I think maybe the duck?)
  8. Picked up an NY Coney (standard dog with chili/onions/mustard) the other night and was favorably impressed; the dog has that great snap when you bite into it, and the chili's excellent. The bun was toasted, too, which was a nice touch. I saw several of the options at other tables, including a pretty good looking Chicago-style dog, so it's going to take several visits just to work through the menu. No problem with temperature on mine, but I'd agree that the service speed could use some work. I think that'll just take a few more weeks of settling in though.
  9. I'd have to agree that the local/sustainable revamp has helped; their food used to be really pretty awful, and it's improved considerably since the menu change. The blueberry pancakes are actually worth going there for, which is saying something since SD used to be on my "avoid unless there's no other alternative" list, and the Greenberry's coffee is a huge, huge improvement over their prior coffeelike substance.
  10. Hannah


    I have a very recent report (Sat. night) from the Oak Room at the Seelbach; maybe a little posher than you're looking for, but sounds like the kitchen's back on form after a year or so of staff changes.
  11. Thank you all for the calls, emails, and PMs offering support and good wishes - they're very much appreciated.
  12. A month or so on from the last post, sounds like they may have addressed some of their consistency issues. The crust on both the slices I got was appropriately chewy, the white pizza had plenty of roasted garlic flavor, and the sauce/crust/cheese ratio on the roasted tomato and mozzarella pizza seemed right on. I've been to Good Stuff once and haven't bothered returning despite the fact that I work a block and a half away, but We the Pizza is worth a return trip.
  13. That's great news - congratulations to Kathy!
  14. I got cupcakes from there the other day, and I'm not sure either, although there is in fact a coffee bean on top of the choco-mocha cupcake if you really have to find a bean someplace. As far as the cupcakes go, they're kind of small for the price; more your standard-size paper muffin cup size rather than the larger size that Curbside and Georgetown Cupcake use. The household verdict is that Curbside's are on the whole better, although if I happen to be over at the mall and in need of a snack I might grab a red velvet.
  15. Nope, that's very traditional serving style for a hefe in Germany. It has to be lemon, though; no substituting other citrus fruit for no apparent reason. As far as Euro Bistro goes, it's still open, but I have never once in all the years I've lived in and around Herndon seen anyone IN there, and I have made a point of looking. They must get business at some point or they wouldn't still be open. Maybe they're all retirees who eat at 5pm or something.
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