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  1. Me too. When I'm at home. With plenty of cash. This was travel and on the credit card. Not like I can just lay it on the table and walk out. I should have just bugged out on my own and tried Bazin's on Church or something. Maybe tomorrow for lunch.
  2. We asked up front about separate checks and were told it was O.K. Maybe that's host/server/managment miscommunication. I fail to see how them writing one big receipt and then running separate receipts for each credit card anyway was easier than just running separate checks to start with. Exactly how does any of this equate to "cheap and stingy?" If you'd rather close your eyes to management that doesn't give a rat's backside about their customers, then stop at the part about "when the check came."
  3. Went to On The Border with coworkers (13 total) tonight (2/21). I had the Bandera Sirloin. It was fine, especially given the fact that this isn't a steakhouse. The avocado sauce played off the beef nicely. Everyone seemed to enjoy their meal. Then the check came...one check. We explained that we were in town on business and everyone was a separate party. We were told by our server and again by the manager that it would be too hard to split the checks. He suggested we just initial by whatever we ordered and he'd ring it up right. It took us 45 minutes to get processed out! (Right...this was much easier than separate checks. [/sarcasm off]) He still came around and asked each of us what we had and then rang up a receipt for each credit card customer. I fail to see how just doing that to begin with wouldn't have been easier all around. I've never seen a manager so unwilling to work with the customer. I guess we'll let our wallets do the talking when we're back in town. I'm sure there are plenty of places with better food and service around here.
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