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  1. San Fran is a beautiful town now that you're there to greet me when I visit!

  2. Calvados and tonic on ice, slice of lemon...yummy!
  3. Yee of little faith. Ferhat got hold of one of these bottles a few years ago when we were both at corduroy. I think it is only a little less $$ than fermented juice (wine). I've not run across juice from other producers, but i'm sure it's out there. Bottled juice, cork and all. Ferhat, where'd you get the Navarro juice in DC? http://www.navarrowine.com/shop/productdetail.php?prodid=701 Most nicer restaurnats carry one or 2 N/A beers, I currenly carry Caulister, but they have a dark also, and Kaliber comes to mind. Dave
  4. Not quite, Mac 18 is VERY overpriced, WHOLESALES for about $115/bottle in SF. I was shocked too. It's I 'm dropping it from my list, value/price ratio not good at all. It'sjust as expensive as Remy XO now, jeez.
  5. Sizzler and Subway were in the neighborhood last year, Southwest Waterfront and 8th St SE Cap Hill, etc neighborhoods about 1 mile away, so walkable for a day game. Haven't heard of any openings in my old hood yet (SW), but the new park SHOULD have much better food options INSIDE than RFK. I hope someone else has the inside info and wants to share.
  6. Beleive it or not, tonic. It should be warmish outside, but not 85+ where G&T is appropiate. That idea was actually for just basic calvados, of course, and acurally came from a calvados rep. For the winter, an aromatic or lemon type tea...
  7. I'm almost afraid to wager a guess, but I think that with the Dollar so weak vs. the Euro, some of these Jammy Gems might be MORE than $15/bottle....
  8. Squirrel=Rats with good PR.
  9. Appartnetly Pichan is back at Corduroy...I knew he'd couldn't leave for good!!!
  10. A lot of people I know here refer to the WS as "Wine Dictator" , but the hotel owner still insists I provide him with a current "WS points" list. I am sometimes very suprised at what gets a 91 and what gets an 84. Sometimes I agree, sometimes I run away with horror! Quite often, many of the tasty neat wines I am trying haven't ever been reviewed. So I just rack up the Bi-Annual points project as a waste of time. Also, instead of "plonk", we use "schwag" dave
  11. Breadline...for sure. I don't think they close for August, do they? Anyone, buehler, buehler?
  12. I always ran to "Wine Lover's Companion", the sister book to "Food Lover's Companion". It's not colorful, it's a dictionary, paperback size, and chock full of tons and tons of cross-referenced basics, with kickin appendices in the back. Come to think of it, I need to buy one for myself since i'm not able to grap (and misplace) TP's from his desk anymore. I never lost it permanently, I swear!!!
  13. Disney wine? Strange but true, very PC...california politics vs. the evil empire? Disney drops rat wine promotion http://www.sciencedaily.com/upi/index.php?...-us-ratwine.xml
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