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  1. Sorry to report that the abysmal service and substandard food has crept into the back patio as well. We stayed home this Memorial Weekend and decided to go for a nice bike ride with some friends, starting in Georgetown and stopping for lunch at Old Angeler's Inn. First, we called ahead to make sure they would still be serving lunch by the time we got there and we were told they were only serving their $28/per person brunch. We opted to ride there anyway, only to find out that they WERE in fact serving in the back patio, as usual. We had worked up quite the appetite and decided to eat there
  2. I guess Beckett's does it differently because the black & white pudding served at Beckett's was the blood sausage mixed with oats, so they did look like little hockey pucks but they had a bread texture to them. We didn't get any separate white sausage or blood sausage without oats.
  3. Boo...this place had become a ritual when we'd go up to Frederick to go hiking. Growing up in Miami, it brought back many culinary memories, but I also appreciated their own twist on some classics. Again, Boo
  4. On Friday night my husband and I wanted to go back to DC & see some friends for dinner (we just moved from DC to NoVa). Given that it was cold, last-minute and my friend who lives in Adams Morgan and has a baby was joining us too, I wanted to try and find a place in Adams Morgan where we could get a table for 6 on a Friday night, have really good food for reasonable prices & hear each other talk. Their website says "Come experience affordable fine dining in a casual atmosphere". Well I'm happy to say THEY ARE RIGHT!!! We hadn't heard of Savour and OpenTable listed it as "American,
  5. Being brand new residents of Virgina (lived in DC for over 11 years) we coaxed our Capitol Hill friends to join us for brunch yesterday in Shirlington at Beckett's. We've walked by it a few times and had been curious to try it. Ambiance - Beautiful upholstery and interior. My husband, who's worked & lived in Dublin said it looked very authentic. Looks like a nice, fun place to grab a pint. Food - Since it was brunch, we ordered the lamb burger, traditional Irish breakfast, salmon fritatta & Irish mueslix & fruit. The lamb burger was delicious, it didn't taste so lamb-y (and I
  6. Here's a video of the Biergarten Haus from the Washington Post (note the outdoor flat screen TVs): http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/video/2010/07/08/VI2010070802451.html Oh & GOOOOOO SPAIN!!!!
  7. Did anyone make it out to Meridian Pint's Grand Opening today? My friend & neighbor is part owner, but I wasn't able to attend, so was wondering how it went. Check out the photos of the table taps, restaurant/bar & visit by Founders of Sam Adams, Dogfish, etc.
  8. Great, Thank You!! Was beginning to feel like perhaps no one else had been to Hallowell before. Now if I could only get some new recommendations for Quebec City.
  9. Any recommendations for Quebec City or Shawinigan, Quebec?
  10. My boyfriend & I will be going to Hallowell, Maine (about 40 miles NE of Portland on 95) for this 4th of July & then to Moosehead Lake on our way to Quebec City. Any recommendations for these areas? [ETA: If you do have Quebec recs, please post them over here!]
  11. I've been a fan of the original HE, when it was in that tiny strip mall behind the GIANT. About 9 years ago, my former Asian roommate is the one who introduced me to it. We would drive from DC to Wheaton any time we craved Chinese food. We'd always feast on: shrimp with the head on, Chinese broccoli, noodles & pork dumplings, and some other entree & bubble tea. One of my favorites was the lightly fried Ling Fish with ginger, cilantro & a yummy brown sauce. We actually started getting our manicures & pedicures a few doors down & expanded it into GIRL SUNDAYS...mani/ped
  12. There are sort of 2 Beergardens. The 1st one has a very high open air ceiling with a tent top, but is open to the elements on one side & has the 2 giant projection TVs against the wall. Those TVs could perhaps just be for the World Cup. But the other beergarden is completely Al Fresco, with only HUGE table umbrellas & a Fig tree for shade, and that's where we saw the 3 permanently mounted (yet still empty) TV brackets on the wall. We even saw the HDMI cables hanging from the roof to the TV brackets. I think they are waiting to have the outdoor cabinet enclosures built & the mu
  13. We were looking for a place to watch today's World Cup game, when I read about a NEW place called Biergarten Haus on H Street, right next door to the Rock N Roll Hotel. Apparently they just opened a couple of weeks ago. Given the 99 degree weather, the outdoor BeerGarden didn't sound quite so appealing at 2pm, so we went elsewhere (Flanagan's Harp & Fiddle in Bethesda), but LATER (around 7pm) we decided to check it out. It's a 21+ only place, so it's not a kid friendly place to dine. Once you walk in, you feel as if you've walked into a nice, dark, cold bar in Germany, with oodles of Germ
  14. Really? Darn...and here I thought I came up with a cool new dessert idea...Doh! I've seen & had mini dessert shots/sundaes in restaurants, but had not seen or heard of cupcake tastings. I just experimented with one of the leftover Dark Chocolate, Candied Ginger & Walnut cupcake & dusted it with Chinese All-Spice (instead of Cinnamon)...and WOW was that good! I'll see if these leftovers are picture worthy and will post accordingly. ETA: Forgot to add that the above cupcake was topped with a rich Cream Cheese Frosting...a yummy contrast and base for the dusting of Chinese Al
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