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  1. 1. Thai Square 2. Elephant Jumps 3. Rabieng 4. Padaek and when in Maryland... 1. Kao Thai 2. Ruan Thai 3. Thai Taste by Kob
  2. Thanks to all for the recommendations. I ended up doing a pre-game brunch at Rye Street Tavern, with a taste of the AC's Famous Fried Chicken (Classic Southern Style) and a Dockside Royale cocktail. Winner-winner chicken dinner? Well, yes! I don't make a habit of eating fried chicken, but if I did this would be my go-to place. Note that the all-you-can eat chicken applies only to Sunday dinner. It is suggested to call ahead because sometimes they run out of birds. The property is beautiful inside and outside - transporting. Post-game meal went to Hersh's for a Miles Davis pizza pie
  3. Hello - looking for pre/post game restaurant recommendations for attending this Sunday's Ravens vs. Browns game. Does not need to be DC-fancy, just good, reliable and not a dive. Some recommendations put forth so far include pre-game brunch at Rye Street Tavern (heard they have excellent fried chicken) , or post-game dinner at either Hersch's (pizza, Italian) or Minnow (seafood), both neighborhood staples. Woodberry Kitchen out of the lineup this time. Thoughts and opinions appreciated. Thanks!
  4. A little further north in the Remington neighborhood I have heard very good things about Bar Clavel, Baltimore's version of Espita Mezcaleria, with mezcal-based cocktails and Mexican street food.
  5. Imbibe Magazine has a recent issue devoted to making a great G&T, along with many tonic suggestions: http://imbibemagazine.com/issue/no-63-julyaugust-2016/ I have tried making My Father's Gin and Tonic recipe with both Fever Tree and Fentimans tonic water and I slightly prefer Fentimans. Both are good however and can be purchased at Total Wine. I would like to try the Lurisia Acqua Tonica Di Chinotto next if anyone knows of a local source.
  6. Looking for a decent pizza delivery for area around Foogy Bottom, WDC. Thanks.
  7. My birthday falls on the night before Thanksgiving this year. For dining options, this could either be a blessing or a curse. I was thinking of going out to celebrate this Wednesday, but won't most chefs be absent on this evening preparing Thanksgiving day arangements? Or I could put the dinner off to a future date, say this Saturday. Anyway I need a recommendation for a (new) dining place in WDC to celebrate my birthday. Was thinking of eating Thai (Little Serow), or perhaps to go to a rising star, a sleeper, or something that is relatively new. Any ideas of what might be a good dining
  8. My wife surprised me this year with a wonderful birthday dinner at J&G Steakhouse and an overnight stay at the new W Hotel. Now is my turn to return the favor. I would like some suggestions for a elegant/romantic dinner for her birthday. Should be somewhere downtown WDC if possible. Open to try somewhere new as well, not just the usual suspects.
  9. My birthday dinner started off with a killer tasting margarita, one of the best I've had lately. My wife had the Seared Halibut and I had the Lamb Chops courtesy of TS WP recommendations. Roasted mushrooms as sides. A glass of the Juan Gil Monastrell from Jumilla. Everything was superb. We both loved the dining room - elegant and spacious, yet intimate and quiet. An oasis of calm. Service was excellent - responsive and non-obtrusive. Thoroughly enjoyed our dining experience there - a very pleasant surprise. We will return. -db
  10. My wife and I dined there last evening and were pleasantly surprised. We always liked the previous space and were glad that the owners had improved on the overall look. It really is a beautiful restaurant. The glass jeweled tree on the back wall is gorgeous. The food we ordered included the following: Appetizers: Tandoori wings - awesome in every way - meaty, spicy and delicious. Get this! "Baby" dosas - nothing infantile about this - very good Main-course: Balchao Shrimp - very tasty and spicy, another winner. Get this! Lamb Roganjosh - not as spicy as I would have liked it, bu
  11. Last night, my wife and I eat at Tabasco's in Rockville, on Norbeck Rd. It's a small, fairly new family-owned tex-mex restaurant located in a small strip shopping mall as you approach the Georgia Ave intersection. I tried their steak fajitas - they were excellent, waay better than Mi Rancho/Uncle Julio's variety. In fact, I thought they were better than the ones I've had at Guapo's, Austin Grill, and even El Mariachi. My wife had the shrimp and chicken fajitas - again both were delicious. Dessert was a surprise - very good tres leches - a huge portion, definitely to be shared. Downside i
  12. Found the answer to my question in Robert Shoffner's pasta article (October 2006 issue of the Washingtonian): Etrusco Trattoria (1606 20th St., NW; 202-667-0047). This is the only Washington restaurant that offers a reasonably authentic facsimile of Fettuccine all’Alfredo. Listed simply as “fettuccine with butter & cheese,” it is as close as you can get here to Rome’s fettuccine al triplo burro. The other pasta treasure at Etrusco is the bucatini alla pescatora, hollow spaghetti generously topped with an assortment of seafood quickly stewed with tomatoes. It is reminiscent of the dish as
  13. Thanks for the response. Now I have a more specific question. I heard of a place that has the best fettucine alfredo in WDC, possibly near Dupont Circle. It is supposed to be really authentic - just like they make it in Italy. I cannot remember the name of this place. Does anyone have knowledge of this Italian restaurant?
  14. I need some advice. Can anyone think of a nice place for dinner that has outdoor seating for this Saturday night? It’s a friends birthday and I’d like to go out somewhere that has patio seating. Alexandria, DC, and area in-between will be entertained. Someone mentioned Indigo Landing as a good choice.
  15. Looking for a great Italian restaurant in WDC where a vegetarian can get a gourmet dinner. A nice selection of vegetarian appetizers and pastas would be great. I heard Tosca was good, but there may be better choices. Thanks.
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