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  1. So a thing may have happened last night with DC’s beloved Jose Andres. Based upon his own twitter account. Haven’t seen it reported in a news outlet yet, so leaving under the restaurant but feel free to move to news and media.
  2. Seafood and gluten-free options/easy accommodations? Can be high-end.
  3. Thanks everyone. These are great suggestions. And I just realized this topic is in the dining guide.
  4. I searched the forums, but most greek restaurant references were related to location etc, not necessarily 'the best.' Hi-end is okay, but please include middle-road options, if they are worth it. So where in DC did you eat your best greek food? Prefer downtown DC areas, but if there is to-die-for in the burbs to, feel free to include. If there is a Greek forum in DC I missed, feel free to move to that thread. Thanks!
  5. I didn't see Fireflies in Del Ray (Alexandria) listed in 'child-friendly', but they have a nice separate play area, with TONS of toys. It's not supervised, except that you can watch your child from your table, while enjoying your food and drink, quite easily. I'd love to hear about any restaurants with play-areas, unsupervised or not, the only other in the area I am familiar with is Joe's Crab Shack in Fairfax.
  6. Ate here Sunday night and had a terrific experience. We did get a couple great deals, Savored 30%, 2 mojitos drink tkts from Zoofari, and comp appetizer (from friend on staff). Top items were EdamameXO, Shrimp Tacos which (I wasn't sure I would like since they were fried, plus crema, but they) were pleasantly rich and crispy; and the Black Cod (buttery, simple) which was the star. Close second (and excellent) was the Mexican Tart with a dense fudge-y center, crisp (if a little thick for my liking) pastry shell, but the combo of the cinnamon whip and ancho anglaise was the kicker. Right behind the tart (and still great) were the scalllop ceviche, bright, clean, and the empanadas. Tuna tacos were good-plus(?) considering the flavorful char on the tuna, but I preferred the shrimp tacos. Falling in the category of good/solid was the special, a lobster and chorizo curry. Everything alone on the dish was good, but the combination didn't make anything much better, so just okay by me - maybe the plating wasn't the best, the curry and protein came on a long flat dish, with rice in bowl on the side - hard to mix well (lots of sauce left on the plate, despite trying not to). Mojitos were great - I'm no afficionado on mojitos, but fresh, not too sweet, rum not prominent flavor etc. If you like sake, skip the flight and go straight for the "genbai san no oni koroshi ‘demon slayer’" and get the bottle. Was considered better than 3 other flight selections, also very dry. We were informed 1 bottle holds 4 served glasses, and a glass was $10, but the bottle only $16 (it was a little bottle, but I don't know anything about sizes - 15/16% alcohol). Enjoyed the Sav Blanc by the glass as well. Service - awesome. Ask for Luis/Louis if you can - clever, entertaining, timely (except for the check but perhaps due to Savored and drink tkts!). We will def go back.
  7. Ris was the perfect place (so I'm told). Best were the Lamb and the Mustard Salmon but all were very pleased and enjoyed the dinner immensely. I can't wait to go myself. Thank you all for the suggestions (I won the good daughter award of the day)!
  8. Thanks I"ll check it out...(ETA) bummer they were booked. I also realize that Ris is nearby, that's a popular DR place right?
  9. Anyone have a good suggestion for a group of 15 for dinner from 6-7 pm on a Monday eve (tonight) price point is max 100pp including tip/tax and beverage. Would like to be closer to 50 for food prior to bev/tax/tip. I'm told "they always want something new interesting when they can." Near FB area (Park Hyatt but want to venture out of Blue Duck Tavern) but can taxi if need be. I'm thinking Central, Proof, Brasserie Beck, Vidalia (assuming they are available) but are those too pricey? If you have a suggestion please let me know! (Just did Zengo - which was awesome last night - will write up later, so that's out.) Thanks!
  10. This is a good one from Living Social today for Sou'Wester: https://www.livingsocial.com/deals/271182?ref=conf-jp&rpi=56222364
  11. It doesn't look like anyone has been here in a while. Made it there for my bday Sat and found some good things, and some things to avoid. The caesar salad was a highlight, due largely to the dressing. The prosciutto was a nice touch but so mild in comparison that was a little lost. Fantastically rich duck/grand mariner manicotti was the better entree. Not so good: getting entrees presented to us twice before we were halfway through a 'second' course. Out of the dessert wine list, having none of the white dessert wines, I think only 1 port out of 7-8 options. The brie and black truffle: where the caesar was big, the brie was tiny. I'm not sure it was even 1 oz of cheese on three crostinis, it looked so odd being so tiny. Also, with the black truffle and brie it needed something to brighten/sweeten it, perhaps, but disappointing because it read so well on the menu. Generally okay: Drinks, wine list (what was available), crab cakes (underseasoned, so meh flavor wise, tasted fresh though). Crab gazpacho, I liked the flavor, although crab not needed at all - husband though it was mediocre. I'm going to give another try for Brunch as it's a good location, can use the savored discount, and I think there is some potential. I wish they could execute better on what appears at first glance an exciting menu.
  12. Good point about the health content, there are many students in the Foggy-Bottom area that are taken in by the 'healthy' advertising, but the minute you add all of your ingredients you are easily over 1k calories for lunch. Don't know why people are so easily taken in by advertising, but it is nice that their nutrition calculator is so available. I do like their inexpensive breakfast options.
  13. Help! Need suggestion for an almost 21 y.o. birthday dinner. She's a lovely lovely employee, who is also finishing ROTC training, so can finally eat what she wants. I asked what food she likes and she said steak and burgers "we're thinking Gordon Biersch." So I want to suggest something in that price range - $18-27 steaks and $7-13 apps. Maybe near Adams Morgan? Thought of JPauls and Matchbox of the top of head so other suggestions would be very very welcome.
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