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  1. I have no idea what happened to Chickpea but I stopped to try the burgers last night- great brioche buns, prices, milkshakes, pickles and fries. Burger patty was a little dry. Basic toppings are free and included, the single burger is under 5 bucks. The cheese is extra. You can get bacon, grilled mushroomsnor onions and other toppings for extra too. They have beer and seem to be doing pretty busy business.
  2. I went to the opening night party for work last Monday. Super crowded with 'beautiful people' I haven't seen that much television makeup in a while! As for the food offered: I had a bite of their risotto verde on a tasting spoon. It was creamy and well-done, with strong pesto flavor. I'm super critical when it comes to risotto! I also had a bite of their housemade prosciutto tortellini which was absolutely standard. Nice bite. Well done. There was a cheese station that had varieties I've never heard of but really happy to eat. A guy carving slices of prosciutto off a giant leg like a Jamon. Nduja or salami paste spread. Lardo, out of a bowl that was untouched by everyone but me. Foccacia and crackers. All fine. The other side of the restaurant (it's a pretty large space) had a raw bar that featured Madagascar tiger prawns that each took up over half a cocktail plate. These shrimp looked like mutant experiments, they were so big. Tasted like a normal shrimp though. On the menu they go for 15 dollars but I'm not sure if that's just one prawn. Also, basil aioli or horseradish cocktail sauce. Oysters with a fennel mignonette. Crab leg and lobster tail sections. The platter on the menu features these plus scallops for 130. The menu also offers spaghetti and meatballs for 24 dollars. Eggplant parm for 21. Short ribs and polenta for 34. Overall I get the feeling that big law firms and lobby shops will be jockeying to have their holiday parties here. Seems more like an event space than a 'let's go here because I'm in the mood for Italian and it's a Wednesday' type place.
  3. I only ever went to Cafe Asia for the events the progressive Asian American community held there. Endless happy hours at the DC and Rosslyn locations. Receptions and networking and rallies. Went for a final lunch yesterday and remembered why I didn't go for the food. Sushi rice was terrible. However my standard order of Gway Tio (wide flat rice noodles slicked with a sweet soy sauce, scrambled eggs, bean sprouts and chilies) was as yummy as ever. Here's hoping we get a place with good food at good prices AND the fabulous meeting and event space soon.
  4. Chickpea Mediterranean Grill soft-opened a couple months ago and I have been pleased each time I have been able to eat there. (The hours were a little wacky. Late-night dining is only available some nights and they do close early and unexpectedly when they run out of food) Imagine a Chipotle but with hummus and falafel. They have bases of different rices, pita, salad greens or quinoa. The protein options are a rotating mix of chicken, steak, lamb, pork or meatballs and falafel. (I would stick with pork or lamb but others have really liked the spicy chicken) The toppings are standard but the house made sesame slaw is really tasty. I could eat a dish of that alone. They top it off with dressings and sauces of your choosing and off you go to eat! I also recommend washing it down with housemade lemonade that you can add mint to. Best thing is the special Greek fries but it's hard to dispute the genius of hot fresh fries tossed with herbs and feta cheese.
  5. My favorites from dinner last night: foraged mushrooms, eggplant red curry, duck confit, scallops with basil ice cream, mussels in coconut sausage broth. Offal salad. Loved the sea bass crudo but the cilantro was pervasive. Matcha pavlova for dessert. The rabbit was forgettable. Service was fine and friendly, nice beverage selection although I was not into the pickle juice cocktails. It gets louder and louder and the concrete interior doesn't muffle anything. Chef Ma seems like a sweetheart.
  6. Brooklyn Fare chef Cesar Ramirez and Moe Issa are getting sued by former employees.
  7. Featured this week on dcist.com - looks like I'm not the only one obsessed with this soup right now!
  8. The Khao Soi at Doi Moi is fine but a smaller portion than a full meal -- better order it as a starter. Very little broth, and kinda stingy with the soft egg noodles. I have also heard that DC Noodle has it and will be checking it out next.
  9. I found lotus paste double-yolk mooncakes this year at the Costco in Pentagon City! They are large, come in packages of two, four to a tin metal box, suitable for gift giving. They are made in Taiwan and the bakery is called "Joy Luck Bakery" - this isn't going to stop me from getting more at Great Wall or Eden Center, but I am comforted to know that these are available.
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