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  1. I'm pretty sure they weren't using coal, but I could be mistaken. I thought the only 3 coal burning pizza shops close to here was in New York City at Grimaldi's (under the Brooklyn Bridge) and Lombardi's, because they were grandfathered in when they stop coal ovens. I could be mistaken though.. Coal oven pizza is the best from the texture to the taste.
  2. Come on in, Grist Mill is a smaller place but the crab cakes are always the same and yes I still use all jumbo Lump You can also try my shrimp and grits and if you don't like them I will glady pay for them . I am in the Hilton Garden Inn on 14th so we don't have any reservations but come in anytime..come in and try our lounge and Bar. website
  3. come down to my neck of the woods..Waldorf and Laplata plenty of crab trucks and wholesellers
  4. The best pizza joint that stays open until the am is BOP pizza in fells point, after hitting all the bars its a great place to soak up the alcohol, but I still have never tried it sober... I hope it works out in the late night cause there are tons of people out and about but its mostly club and bar hoppers..
  5. Antonio wanted to let you know that I sent 5 awesome looking women over there tonight for drinks and music, I told them to ask for you..
  6. yup none left but I'm trying to pull some strings..hopefully there will be some available..
  7. Big Company looking for Banquet chef in Wilmington Delaware at the new World cafe Please email me with resume
  8. http://news.yahoo.com/s/yblog_localdc/20110512/ts_yblog_localdc/spike-mendelsohn-there-is-nothing-secondary-about-d-c "he's got Free Hugs for everyone" What about a free burger.
  9. I have an opening for a full time breakfast server from 6am-12pm 5 days a week with benifits/vacation/and 401k. Please email me at chris.willis@hilton.com
  10. Ruh-roh! We're rolling out a lot of new beers and wines here, and sometimes we make a mistake. I would change the price lower today, but we sold out of our only keg in three days, and apparently demand has outstripped supply, and we cannot get any more for "a while". Wasn't trying to be greedy, or heaven forbid, "gang-rape", anyone! Just made a simple pricing error. If you were put-off by the price of the DC Brau last night, we have 11 bottles of wine priced at $20 and 13 at $30, so I hope you could have found some value there.
  11. We got it here $8 bucks a glass at grist Mill... Will will be running it the thru May Bar opens at 4pm..Go Caps
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