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  1. This is Brew Birds (coffee, beer, wine, food) now. I tried it out a few times when the first opened, but then they stopped accepting reusable cups, so I stopped going. I'm in the area a fair amount so I gave them another chance and on the most recent visit they accepted my reusable cup. I still haven't tried the food, but from what I've seen, it looks good. Service is hit or miss, but it still remains a good option if you're in the area. (Alternatively, if you're headed east, Cafein in Sully Plaza has coffee, sandwiches and pastries.) https://www.northernvirginiamag.com/food/foo
  2. ARLnow reports that a bowling alley is moving into the space: Bowlero will move into a space once occupied by the tech company GDIT, and the Queen Amannisa Uyghur restaurant. The fate of the restaurant is a bit murky, however — a sign on the door says it will be relocating to a space next to Legal Sea Food, just down 23rd Street S., but a staff member would only tell ARLnow that the restaurant is currently undergoing renovations, and would not confirm the move. Additional information from WBJ.
  3. Went early (I thought) on a Sunday evening, just before 6. Our party of two was seated at what we were told was the last available table, a tall six top, near the door and host stand. When no one had come by our table after about 10 minutes, I asked the hostess, who had just returned to the stand, if we needed to order at the counter. (There is a large takeout counter on the right.) She assured me we had a server. It was another few minutes before he came to the table. I tried to order one of the frozen cocktails (a whiskey sour slushie…because why not?) but was told the machines weren’t
  4. Headed to a not sold out event at the Anthem on weeknight, I didn't think restaurants at The Wharf would be too crowded. I was wrong. We tried to go to Hank's, but the packed bar and hour-long wait for a table forced us elsewhere. We ended up at Del Mar. The hostess let us know that they were "fully committed" until 8:15, but that the bar served the full menu. We were able to squeeze in, after having to ask a patron - who had no food or drinks yet - to move over one seat so two of us could sit together. I note the other patron really only because she seemed so put out by the fact that we
  5. ORD It's been discussed here before, but Tortas Fronteras is still good. Had the Milanesa which was a chicken cutlet with a mashed black bean spread and green crema sauce. It came with a charred tomatillo salsa (not sure why, it didn't need it.) Not sure if it was just my sandwich, or if they're meant to be like this, but my sandwich came out HOT!
  6. Black Mountain My Father’s Pizza - Our table of three adults had: a small order of bruschetta, a Caesar salad, a Greek salad, an order of meatballs, a white garlic pizza and a custom pizza (with vegan cheese.) The bruschetta was good, but the bread was not grilled or toasted so got a little soggy under the tomatoes. The meatballs were not as tender as I was expecting and the tomato sauce need a little something to cut the acidity a bit. Salads and pizzas were good, but nothing to go out of your way for. Louise’s - Crowded during Saturday brunch. (It is an old house, so tables are placed i
  7. +3 for Cuban Burger. Went in hoping for croquettas (none), but shared the aforementioned chicharones (awesome), Cubano, and frita with egg and cheese. Interesting, mostly local beer list and some cocktails.
  8. Several recent(ish) trips led me to the Middle Keys. Islamorada MA's Fish Camp - MM 81.5 Oceanside Went in around 8:30 or 9pm on a Sunday night. Not too many people and we were afraid we had taken a chance on a place that wasn't going to be that good. I had a blackened fresh catch with vegetables. Nothing mind blowing, but good ingredients, simply prepared will always be good. (For the life of me, I cannot remember what my friend had, but probably would have if she had complained about, so I'm going to go ahead and assume it was good.) We shared an excellent piece of Key lime pie topped wi
  9. From a recent trip to the Charlottesville area: Barbecue Exchange (Gordonsville) Two of us had: BBQ Lovers 4 Meat platter with ribs, pulled pork, chopped brisket, sausage, collards and mac and cheese. We also got an order of hush puppies, which come six per order. This was almost too much for two of us. But we managed... The pulled pork was the best of the meats. I would describe the "chopped" brisket more as pulled and it came pre-sauced with a tangy, tomato based sauce, which I wasn't expecting. The ribs were good and I would probably think more highly of them if the ribs and the dry r
  10. Went to SER shortly after 7 on a Monday night. It was cooling off, so we chose to sit outside on the wide patio area that is set far enough back from Glebe Road to make it enjoyable to sit outside. After deciding on a liter of the sparkling sangria, the +1 and I began looking at the food menu. The sparkling sangria was not "sparkling" and if I didn't know it was supposed to be, would have thought it was a normal white sangria. (Maybe there was a mix up?) It tasted good and they're all the same price, so it didn't seem worth bring up to our server. We ended up ordering small plates and
  11. (I really thought I had written something after my first visit back in 2012, but am not seeing it here...) I agree with your impressions of Nassau and the food. I can't remember the name of the Bahamian place across Marlborough street from the Hilton, but it's fine. Conch fritters, blackened fish, peas and rice, cold Kaliks. It may be better than I think it its, but I think it's just that I am not a huge fan of Bahamian cuisine. (It might be cash only. Or their CC machine wasn't working most of the times I've been in.) There is a Greek place past (past coming from the Hilton) the Straw M
  12. There aren't that many options near the station in Sanford, but I am partial to a Publix sub for eating during the ride north. (I do not experience any of the aforementioned motion sickness on the train.) And although there is a bar car in the train, it is not always the most convenient, so I like to take a small cooler with drinks. There are coolers of ice available for passengers located (usually) near the stairs or water station. (I'm going to be honest here: I have no idea what the rules are about bringing alcohol for consumption on the train are...) Last trip north I got a pear cider call
  13. A recent stopover in Orlando led to FishBones, a Talk of the Town restaurant. For reference, I'm going to go ahead and say Talk of the Town is the Great American of Orlando, which means that all of their restaurants are basically the same, but themed differently. But it also means you know what you're getting into and likely to get good, efficient service. (I have also been to Charley's and have had Johnnie's Hideaway recommended to me.) Shortly after 9 on a Monday night, it seems we missed the dinner rush and according to our waiter, a group of 20 (from a Microsoft conference at the OCCC) wit
  14. Weeki Wachee An hour north of Tampa and about an hour and a half west of Orlando is one of the most Floridian places I've ever experienced. In/near Weeki Wachee is the state park with included water park and mermaid show (seriously), kayaking the Weeki Wachee River and beaches. (I can vouch for Pine Island Park. Not much beach space, but nice for an hour or so. No rentals, so make sure you have a towel, blanket or chair.) In Crystal River (about 30 miles to the north) we used Crystal River Watersports to snorkel with manatees and Three Sisters Springs. But this is about the food... Gree
  15. Most of the restaurants on the 17th Street Causeway are a (slightly ambitious) walk, trolley, cab or Uber away from there. When in the area, I'm partial to the rather dive-y Southport Raw Bar. It's on a canal so outdoor seating is by the water where I've seen several manatees. Inside is less nice. Service is spotty. The peel and eat shrimp swimming in Old Bay butter are my favorite, but the blackened fish sandwich is also good. Siam House is not great by my standards (Sawatdee and Thai Square are my Thai standards to beat) but will do in a pinch when I'm craving Thai. I like the Panang (be
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