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  1. Just heard (via somebody who should know, local blues singer and guitar player Cathy Ponton King) that Ledo has closed. Story she linked indicates there was an almost-sale in May which fell through, that Tommy Marcos is in bad health, and that they decided to close. Apparently the rest of the franchises will continue, as the franchise chain has been under different ownership for awhile. But this is curtains for a 65 year old establishment.
  2. My family moved to Warrenton in 1959 and this place apparently opened per its website in 1979, which is the year I left Virginia for Denver. I feel like there was a seafood place there before that, maybe going back to the mid 60s. It was a little rougher, more of a beer joint that served seafood. My father worked in Gainesville for a defense contractor, so he went to the predecessor a few times and hated it. So we never went. He and my mother went to this incarnation back in the 90s and pronounced it OK but nothing special. So in my frequent, but brief, trips back I’ve never been. (He’s from t
  3. Sometimes people don't know what their voices sound like, or how aggressive their body language can be, or even how repetitive the exchange has become, when they believe they are communicating calmly regarding a matter in dispute. Especially when they believe with some justification that they've been 'hard done by,' as the English say. That said, even in the face of some emotion, a host who has made an exception to a long standing rule and then denied that same exception to a party who was standing right there and witnessed said exception, should have more in his arsenal than "You know wh
  4. Kangaroo walks into a steakhouse, takes a seat at the bar. Orders a "Cauliflower Steak." Bartender says "That'll be $32, and you know, by the way, we don't see very many kangaroos in here." Kangaroo says...well, you know this part.
  5. oh god, i just read an article about this in the Bon Appetit in my surgeon's office that made me never ever want to eat or even see this again...
  6. I just want to say, the hidden jewel in this dusty ol' cowtown was, is, and will always be Potager at 11th & Ogden. This is their 20 th anniversary year. Spring menu just posted (Link). (The radishes, a small thing I guess, I have had over the years and when I saw the menu posted on the window on my morning stroll was very happy to see them back...just a plate of radishes with sea salt and butter, slightly smoked...simple, perfect.) Don't let the low prices fool you. Owner Teri Ripetto was doing farm-to-table before it was a thing around here, and everything has always been exec
  7. have more words ever been written on this site about a place that served so few meals? no insult intended to the principals, in whose shoes, though less publicly and dramatically, I have stood...
  8. LOL, and I read the post over 3x before posting, that was a line I could have done better with... I have had a lot of bad BBQ sauce in my time! "Not awful" is not as faint praise as it would seem...my own, and I have fiddled with it quite awhile, is only "not awful" in my opinion. BBQ shouldn't need more than a light toss w/ an eastern NC vinegar-and-pepper thing IMO, and the sauce usually is a distraction and a minus. But BBQ Country's dryness, in my experience, the last of which was admittedly over 2 years ago, requires some sauce for much needed moisture.
  9. I have friends who like this place but I have given it 3 tries when home and really regretted the second two, because of the way, the first time, the proprietor weighed my pulled pork (dry, like Mountainfried's) on a little scale before plopping it on the bread, so as to make sure he didn't give me a fraction of an ounce more than the (quite mean,IMO) 4 fucking ounces the establishment deemed appropriate for a sandwich. Sauce wasn't awful, in fact had a nice tangy-ness (my preference is tangy with low sweetness) but the smoke was low (and I prefer a subtle smoke, but this underwhelmed ev
  10. A friend posted a picture of members of the O'Bannon family (who owned the building before, next to their hardware store) seated at a table "celebrating the opening of Field & Main" on facebook so I assume the opening is imminent and this was some sort of friends and family thing... sincerely, your Denver-based Fauquier County correspondent.
  11. In Vail proper, for lunch or dinner, I like Mountain Standard. Good local beer list which means possibly more to me than many others. Years ago we liked Campo de Fiore if it's still there, but I haven't been in years. For breakfast I like Northside Kitchen in Avon, probably pretty good lunch too. But it possibly exemplifies the Yogi Berra line, "Nobody goes there anymore, it's always too crowded." Hip Vail-ites may have better options that haven't been over-run....
  12. another reason for me to make more frequent trips home. I was hoping for a Ben & Mary's renaissance but this will be a better building if I remember which one it is. and not all that much further from the house I grew up in. Certainly closer than Paris. Waiting with bated hreath...
  13. Per http://www.washingtonpost.com/local/beer-fueled-fight-in-fairfax-prompts-officials-to-look-at-state-farming-law/2015/05/09/af3c202e-ef7c-11e4-8abc-d6aa3bad79dd_story.html?hpid=z3 it looks like the owner your wife spoke to, who also owns Trattoria Villagio, has withdrawn his plans.
  14. comments to popville link suggest new place from Bardia coming to Vermont & U...per ANC agenda...
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