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  1. Since I had seen a take out order filled at the bar last week, I was unaware of the rule (indeed, I believed the converse). In their defense the other transaction took place at 10:25pm rather than 6:30pm when I went in yesterday.
  2. You were seeing things. "Dr. Don Rockville, MD" might be my chiropractor. Then again, he might not.
  3. Heather will be "Live Online" tomorrow at 1pm at the Washington Post's Free Range chat spot. I think it will be here.
  4. We did not. Good idea, will try it next time. With our giant new pressure cooker/canner (my birthday present, aw), it was a good use of time - maybe an hour of labor and a couple hours of time for 6 quarts of veal stock.
  5. We ate there on Sunday. I love the ambience ("no bullsh*t, just burgers"), the burgers were great, the draft root beer was yummy. I do look forward to having a growed-up beer with my burger. My one complaint is that the burgers that we ordered medium-rare and medium all arrived rare (as in red and cool in the middle and falling apart). Yes, there's a sign on the wall reminding us that grilling burgers is an art not a science, so perhaps the artist that cooked our burgers needs a little more training. Overall, I loved it, and look forward to going back. I'm looking forward also to Son of
  6. Yum. If it's not actually illegal, I don't have to eat a plate of foie in front of city hall in protest.
  7. 6 sickened by poison soup in Gaithersburg
  8. From a science blog called The Frontal Cortext: Last Friday, in front of 4 million television viewers and a studio audience, the chef Jamie Oliver killed a chicken. Having recently obtained a United Kingdom slaughterman's license, Mr. Oliver staged a "gala dinner," in fact a kind of avian snuff film, to awaken British consumers to the high costs of cheap chicken. "A chicken is a living thing, an animal with a life cycle, and we shouldn't expect it will cost less than a pint of beer in a pub," he said Monday in an interview. "It only costs a bit more to give a chicken a natural life and a
  9. Okay, so the fact that ads don't look like the real thing is old news. Here's a nice blog tracking the food that wants to be eaten. My favorite is right on top.
  10. Very interesting set of pics, comparing the advertisement to the real thing.
  11. Some pictures from class (note these are all thumbnails to larger shots): MDT has completed the first major incision Meat porn "Too cool for school" Waitman is assisted by Mrs. B Production line (edit to add) Michael offering instruction
  12. As Heather mentioned, "Okay, we're entering the late Roman empire stage at this point." $1000 Brownie
  13. Article on pork in today's WP. If I'd known I could get pork cheeks at Cashion's, I might've saved myself some trouble. When Belly Meets Plate
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