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  1. Fallsgrove Montgomery County Liquor store has some. Also, I'm pretty sure that I bought some around Thanksgiving from Rodman's (upper Wisconsin Ave. DC). I'd call them to check. I also looked then at Total in Laurel and that was a bust.
  2. Have a lunch of the best fresh grilled fish at Ultimo Porto. It’s right on the waterfront sort of across from the Museu de Arte Antiga (also worth a visit). It’s a bit tricky to get to, but worth it!
  3. Pho Nom Nom, out Rockville Pike is a bit of a drive but so worth it. Best Pho around!
  4. We go to Sergio's once a year on my granddaughter's birthday (which was 2 weeks ago), and I always say, "I love this restaurant - must visit more often!" I love it because it seems to be of a different era, and because the staff is so welcoming and accommodating, and the food is really good. And prices are very reasonable. I had a branzino fillet which was moist and delicious - perfectly cooked. Everyone in our group was equally happy with his or her choices. We will be sure to go more regularly, and next time I'll ask Sergio if he remembers "Rockwell."
  5. Chef Geoff's restaurants - half price wine on Wednesday nights.
  6. We've eaten twice at Schmankerl Stube in Hagerstown and liked it a lot!
  7. My husband and I had a latish (8:30) dinner here on Monday night. There were only a smattering of other diners at that time, in the spacious, semi-industrial dining room. We were disappointed in the food. We sampled 5 orders: Scallion Bubble Pancake, Salt & Pepper Calamari, Cilantro Fish Roll, Hot & Numbing Fish in Clay Pot (3 red peppers), and Cumin Lamb Chops (3 red peppers). The Bubble Pancake was puffed and crispy, although pretty greasy (of course it is deep-fried). The accompanying curry dipping sauce was insipid. The calamari were crispy and tasty but also very greasy. The fish roll was fine but I didn't taste the cilantro and thought it was just bland. Clay Pot Fish was nicely cooked with some scallops and shrimp as well as pieces of fish, but in no way "hot and numbing." Once again it was pretty bland. The most interesting dish was the lamb chops. They were coated in tasty spice and cooked quite rare with a pleasant melange of vegetables. I did appreciate the fact that there is an inexpensive rose´ on the menu. The service was attentive and friendly - just fine. I always wonder when I'm unimpressed with restaurant food, that is supposed to be exceptional, whether I just ordered the wrong things. That could be. I'm sure we'll try it again. My husband really wanted to try the Peking Duck, which in fact is $16 for an appetizer serving for 2 people. We will also try some of the dishes which are labeled as more spicy.
  8. MMM


    http://www.elizabethminchilliinrome.com, http://katieparla.com Here are two good food-centric sites for Rome. I have used Katie Parla's Rome App on my iPad and found it very useful.
  9. This is a cute little place that opened last fall. My husband and I have stopped in for lunch several times (they have lunch specials), and have been very pleased with the experience. We've tried a variety of dishes and all have been excellent. Most recently, my husband had the Sushi special and I had Tuna Tataki. Everything was very fresh and tasty. They serve beer and wine. The space is bright, modern and attractive.
  10. If you do get to Baltimore, don't miss The American Visionary Art Museum. Or just go to Baltimore to see it, as it's fabulous!
  11. On a recent trip to Italy, we spent two nights in the Lake Como town of Mandello del Lario (so my husband could visit the Moto Guzzi Museum). We stayed in a charming B&B which is attached to a wonderful little restaurant, Osteria Sali e Tabacchi. While enjoying a pre-dinner aperetif with the chef/owner and his wife, we got to talking about Italian chefs and restaurants in Washington. It turns out that Matteo Venini is a native of their town and the son of their close friend, and nephew of a woman who helps out in their kitchen. So we promised to say hello when we returned home. We were going to the symphony last Thursday, so it seemed like the perfect opportunity to take advantage of Tosca's pre-theater dinner special and maybe meet Matteo. He did come to chat with us and brought an amazing amuse of raw salmon with wild black rice. What a charming guy, and talented chef! For the rest of our meal I had the asparagus soup with grilled calamari and crispy prosciutto, followed by a succulent piece of grilled fresh cod with a melange of vegetables, and ended with passion fruit sorbetto garnished with perfect fresh berries. My husband enjoyed fresh pasta with fish ragu and Manilla clams, then roasted octopus (that looked like an exotic bronzed sculpture on the plate, but was tender and delicious), and tiramisu for dessert. We hadn't been to Tosca since the days of Chef Cesare Lanfranconi, and were so pleased to find the food, presentation and service as wonderful as we remembered it from the past. Add to that, the 3-course pre-theater menu at $38 is an incredible bargain!
  12. In the city of Bordeaux last spring, after trooping around the city, we arrived at our dinner restaurant and the waitress suggested Lillet as an aperitif (it is produced nearby). We had the white served well chilled with a slice of orange - lovely! The rose is also delicious with a slice of grapefruit.
  13. We love Sergio's. Our granddaughter always requests to go there on her birthday. Then we say, "why don't we come here more often?" So, going on Wednesday for another family celebration!
  14. My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed dinner here last night. The ambiance is French in an understated way. I felt I could be sitting in a bistro in provincial France, or even in a quiet neighborhood in Paris. We tried some daily specials - Rillettes with warm crusty bread and cornichons as an appetizer and a main course of corned beef, sausage and potato with delicious German sauerkraut for me, which both hit the spot on a chilly, rainy night. My husband had the roast chicken which was simple and delicious. The service was quick and friendly. Two of the servers were Thai and we especially enjoyed chatting with them and comparing notes on favorite Thai restaurants and where to find the best Thai noodle soup. We plan to visit again soon and will try one of the dishes that is French but with a Thai twist. This is a charming restaurant.
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