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  1. Peasant on Elizabeth street south of Houston is rustic Italian, awesome and reasonable considering the quality.
  2. Looks like a ballontine of game bird? Simple/rustic in presentaion. The vessel in whitch it is served looks to be cast iron of sorts, but very clean (think japanese minimalist). I like this game.
  3. Honestly, yes. I am hyper-aware of my surroundings when I go out to eat. Large paintings, unique light fixtures, dusty ledges, etc are ingrained in my head when I go out. Now that I think about it, I pay more attention to the operation (service, cleanliness, decor, efficiency with grace) than I do the food most times
  4. What does one wear in order to be deemed not an asshole? I guess I just dont like generalizations. I wear shorts that are baggy and sometimes, if the mood strikes me, I turn my hat backwards. Guess I'm an asshole. Or is it only if I'm at a bar in Columbia Heights?
  5. Why does the name of this topic remind me of John Candy, Daphne Zuniga, Joan Rivers, and here's the big hint, Bill Pullman? (Sorry to go way off topic. I think I went plaid. You can jam if me if you want)
  6. Maybe we could dispense with the "I told you so's" and wish the staff the best of luck. Please remember, people are out of jobs now. -Craig
  7. As a New Yorker to the bone ( when it comes to pizza ) I find the previous six or seven postings amusing. Only outside of these pizza AOC's (good one Waitman) do people argue about what is authentic and what is not. Where I grew up, it was pizza. Period. If it was made in a way that was not Joe's on 6th ave or Rocco's around the corner from my house, then it was just different pizza. C
  8. While some of you are taking shots at each other and calling names. Yes, calling names. This is like junior high-school but with better vocabularies. There are people, actual people, that will be affected by this review long after you all find something else that has no bearing on your everyday life to get worked up about. So if you care about this restaurant and the individuals who have been working like champs since day one, keep making reservations and keep supporting Inox. If you don't care what happens, shut your computer off and shut the fuck up. -Craig
  9. Definitely call and request that a birthday cake be brought out before your desserts. They will be happy to accomadate you.
  10. Careful, you might get "punched in your dick"head for that Seriously, one of the funnier things I have read in a long time. The vision of Nick Cho punching someone in the dick is side-splittingly hilarious.
  11. Yes the dining room is very large, why would they put you at the far end of the Bistro? Did you ask not to sit so far away?
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